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Everything You Should Know Before Visiting Qatar


Exploring Qatar – Truly The Heart of Arabian World

Most people think that visiting Gulf Nations are known for Arabic nightlife, camel rides, desert safaris, big architectural buildings and lavish lifestyle. Yes to some extent these are true especially in case of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Another Arab country which left its imprints across the globe is Qatar. Glittering skyline, dozens of luxury hotels and malls, range of attractive museums and galleries, desert safaris by the sensational Inland Sea and architectural epitome- Al Zubarah Fort all this you can have at Qatar – A Middle Eastern Country.

Qatar is a wonderful country, so planning a trip to this gulf country is an excellent way to explore the untouched aspects of the Middle East. Let’s Start –

Discover Popular Attractions of Qatar

The suburbs of Qatar offer views of the sea, sandy beaches, the shopping, exhibition areas and restaurants that represent this small state’s rich diversity.

The Pearl – Qatar

The Pearl – Qatar is a man-made island located on the locality of one of the ancient pearl diving beds of Qatar. This island offers luxury buildings, extravagant villas, high-end shopping malls, hotels with all amenities and exquisite dining options for all kind of travellers.

The Pearl Qatar / Image Credit: clement-systems.detries

There is another option for travellers to enjoy on this island and it is via superyachts along with the marine. The Pearl-Qatar provides its visitors with enough adventure opportunities to experience in the tranquil water of the Arabian sea like enjoying boat rides or paddle boarding, sunbathing, surfing or simply rejuvenating yourself on one shore.

Visit Instagram Worthy Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier is definitely one of the best sights to behold in Qatar and it totally this inspired by Venice. Just like Venice, Qanat Quartier also has stunning turquoise canals surrounded by beautifully arched bridges and buildings.

Qanat Quartier / Image Credit:

Hence making it popular among youngsters for having Instagram-worthy vistas. Travellers can take a leisurely walk down through the broad avenues and cafés along the canals. It is a must-visit destination in Qatar.

Al Zubarah Fort

Discover Qatar’s cultural heritage at the restored Al Zubarah fort, Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and surrounding archaeological works. Although the ruins remain here date back to the 1700s, the youngest feature is the fort, which was built in 1938.

Al Zubarah Fort / Image Credit:

It overlooks the old booming pearl fishing town of Al Zubarah which was sailed to some 200 years ago by merchants from China to Britain. It is now deserted, a ghost city, but still charming.

Al Wakrah

The old fishing town of Al Wakrah is undergoing continuous redevelopment. The 4 km coastline stretches from the hills to the fishing harbour. The beachfront traditional village called Souq Waqif, Al Wakrah is a replica of life, lived by people in Qatar 200 years ago.

Al Wakrah / Image Credit:

The Al Wakrah family beach in the Al Jabal area has volleyball and football courts, showers and all facilities. The water is shallow but with lots of rocks, and children should be supervised. Solar power is being utilised to provide lighting.

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Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is the most loved standing market of Doha, Qatar. It is listed in the most popular attraction of Doha due to its beautiful building. It is the oldest buildings established which depict the old Qatari village style of Qatar.

Souq Waqif / Image Credit:

It has numerous shops for enjoying shopping, restaurants for dining, and cafes where you can hang out with your family members. Tourists can walk around the alleys, admire the architectural marvels, shop for embroideries, spices, perfumes and more.

Explore Art & Cultural Sides of Qatar

Stroll through the museums and galleries of Qatar that take guests through a thousand years of Islamic art and loaded with Arab history.

Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art constructed on a standalone island and dwelled at Corniche. The museum looks like it’s floating on water from some angles. Museums’ large collection is made up of calligraphy, Islamic styles, accessories and fabrics, some of which date from the 7th to the 19th centuries.

Museum of Islamic Art / Image Credit:

For art enthusiasts, the museum also holds spectacular exhibits annually. If you want to get the best view of Doha then must reach the terrace of this museum.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Cultural Village is Doha’s destination for culture and entertainment. It is a perfect blend of art galleries, workshops, theatres and performances venues, and important features is its restaurants which are set on a waterfront promenade.

Katara Cultural Village / Image Credit:

It has a central amphitheatre stands against a backdrop of traditional architecture and cobbled streets and is the site of many cultural performances. Adjoining to this Cultural Village, there is a spacious public beach which offers many water sports and other luxurious facilities.

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Fanar – Islamic Cultural Centre

The Doha Islamic Cultural Center, also known as Fanar, is situated within the spiral mosque close to Souq Waqif.

Fanar – Islamic Cultural Centre / Image Credit:

This cultural centre acts as a nonprofit foundation aimed at helping non-Muslims get better informed about Islam and its culture through various activities such as exhibitions, centre tours and even Arabic curricula. One of the best places to meet families in Qatar.

Visit Family Friendly Beaches of Qatar

You knew Qatar is a peninsula whose coastline stretches around 560 km, so there are plenty of gleaming beaches to choose from. Mesaieed is the most popular beach destination because it is the only place in Qatar where the sand dunes meet the water. Some, like the Inland Sea and Al Wakra, can only be reached via car drives. Swimming in the Arab sea is another relaxing experience. You can dive in the gulf to explore the coral reefs.

Beaches in Qatar / Image Credit:

Some popular beaches of Qatar are listed below.

Al Ghariya Beach

Al Ruwais Beach

Al Mafjar

Al Maroona

Al Ruwais

Al Khor

Simaisma Beach

Ras Abrouq beach

Experience Some Adventure Activities at Qatar

Qatar offers promising experiences that allow visitors to connect with nature, and enjoy the thrill of the desert, inspiring awe and relaxing away.

Try Dune Bashing

If you left with some time after watching skylines and museums then do some adventure in the desert of Qatar. A trip to the city of deserts is worthless without enjoying desert safari and dune bashing at high sand dunes and drive quad bikes from the desert to the sea which is an extremely breathtaking experience.

Dune Bashing in Qatar / Image Credit:

You can have a night at beautiful Arab tents or sleep under the stars, eat local food and sleep under your own tents. Many providers in Qatar offer a trip along the dunes, which is an exciting journey. Join trained drivers who can take you from the hotel to the desert.

Enjoy Kayaking at Thakira Mangroves

Al Thakira mangroves, located just north of the seaside city of Al Khor, present a large expanse of natural greenery. A great way to explore the mangroves is by kayak, available from several tour operators and specialised companies.

Qatar is Special for Shopaholics

If you are a shopaholic, then definitely you will love swiping your credit cards in Qatar. It has numerous world-class shopping centres and malls.

Villaggio Mall Qatar / Image Credit:

Some of the most famous shopping malls in Doha include Villaggio Mall, Hyatt Plaza, Landmark Shopping Mall, Lagoona Mall, City Center, Mirqaab Mall, Mall of Qatar and Doha Festival City.

Savouring Cuisine of Qatar

Qatari cuisine is almost the made up traditional Arab cuisines which highly influenced from India, Persia and Lebanon, and other gulf cookery style. When you are in Qatar, trying its authentic food is a must. You must try Machboos which is the royal dish in Qatar. Apart from it, savour Harees which is highly served during the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid. Luqaimat and Balaleet are delightful desserts to taste in Qatar.

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