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An Unlikely Tourist Destination – Salalah


A trip to the Muslim region of the world is different altogether. The first thing that comes into is the super yummy food, architectural style and vast landscapes. And today we are going to walk on the streets of Salalah and shop from the famous souqs. Salalah is also known for its archeological sites and debris.

About Salalah

Salalah Waterfall
Salalah Waterfall / Image credit:

Salalah is the capital of Oman’s Dhofar province. It is a small city but very beautiful in terms of the tourism point of view. The best part is that all the famous tourist spots and destinations are quite close to each other. And this you don’t have to give a hard time to your feet! However, during summer times it is not at all recommended to walk along the streets, better hire a cab!
During Khareef, a monsoon time is a miracle, if you are present there, you can witness a radical change in the sandy desert touring into lush green scenery.

Let’s chalk out at India imagine Top ten places that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Salalah

Sumhuram Archaeological Park

Sumhuram archeological park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is quite a distance from the center of the city and it is almost 25 miles from Salalah and heads towards a hilltop. This park has a very prominent place in the archeological world, a continuous work around the ruins by some famous archeologists.

Sumhuram Archaeological Park
Sumhuram Archaeological Park / Image credit:

This place was once a magnificent trading port Khor Rori, which is almost 2000 years old. There is a small Museum connected to the park that explicit the old age trading of the place. So, being a history lover, I place this place on the top of my list!

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Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Mosque
Sultan Qaboos Mosque / Image credit:

Sultan Qaboos Mosque is the largest and an excellent example of Arabic and Modern architecture. It is considered one of the most sacred places in the city. When we walk towards the interiors, there is a succulent peace all over us. Such is the peace instilled inside the mosque. Them is Mosque is named after Sultan Qaboos, the sultan of Oman. And if you ask me what is my favorite part about this serene place, non-Muslims are also allowed here, which is a unique decision for an ardent religious and cultural lover like me.

Jebel Samhan

Jebel Samhan
Jebel Samhan Wilderness / Image credit:

Jebel Samhan is for those who love to visit the wild part of the city! Ik, what I meant was the hilly area, enclosed with ranges and wildlife. This sanctuary is a safe house for many endangered species like Arabian leopards. There is a vast variety of flora and fauna, which would give us a wonderful feeling about the place. It is a permission-based visit to this place, so make to get your permit and visit this fabulous place of nature’s wonder.

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Al Baleed Archaeological Park

Al Baleed Archaeological Park
Al Baleed Archaeological Park / Image credit:

As we all know by now that Salalah has some beautiful archeological sites and we discuss one in our earlier point as well. Al Baleed is one such park that is quite popular among tourists and locals. People come here to watch and learn the history or past that we are ensured for. This site is also listed on the top UNESCO world heritage site. What makes it worth a visit? It is an open-air archeological site that allows us to spend time the best time in our life.

Museum of the Land of Frankincense

If you are keen to know the Omani culture, the Land of Frankincense, a museum at the heart of the city is the perfect spot for you. A UNESCO heritage site by name, This museum is also a part of much popular Al Baleed Archaeological Park. This park is a must-visit for those who are history buffs and are looking for an education perspective.

Taqah Castle

Taqah Castle
Taqah Castle / Image credit:

Castle are people pullers, and the Taqah Castle of Oman is a unique and different one to visit. It is the most popular tourist destination in Oman. Not to mention the architectural uniqueness of the Castle. All this makes it a famous landmark in the city. This castle lies close to the white sandy beach of a beautiful fishing village. It is a 19th-century miracle standing tall on the Omania soil.

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Al Husn Souq

A gem of a place for those who are on a shopping spree. You can get anything and everything here, from clothes to antique pieces to take home as a souvenir. Situated at the main Sultan Palace is mostly dependent on the locals as a source of their earning. And by the way, nurture your bargaining talents before you come here!


Salalah Plantation
Salalah Plantation / Image credit:

Salalah has a different soil and fertility of its own, and the result is the finest plantations of various tropical trees and fruits. Coconut, banana and papaya grow here in abundant throughout the Salalah region. The plantation makes the landscapes lush green and vibrantly colored. To add to the beauty, they are grown alongside the beautiful white sandy beaches of Salalah.

Gun Souq

Gun Souq Market
Gun Souq Market / Image credit:

A completely different and unique market that you have ever visited. Have you ever seen a Gun market? NO right! Well, then welcome to Gun Souq of Salalah. This bizarre local market also sells souvenirs and antiques apart from guns and weapons. However, remember they are not selling the original weapons here, they are just a replica and showpieces. They are antique knife pieces if you love collecting antique weaponry. This is an open-air market, and you will love to stroll across, purchase or not window shop for sure!

Palmyra 7D Simulator

Palmyra 7D Simulator
Palmyra 7D Simulator / Image credit:

Bring your family especially kids to the Palmyra 7D. It is a theater that offers you a high-end experience for both your eyes and senses. This theater is filled with the latest technology and ensures the visitors an ever enthralling live experience. Imagine watching some holly adventure flicks on the 7d effect. Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting!

Salalah is a small place in comparison to the highly developed cosmopolitan city across the world. But not less in terms of fame and popularity. I have already added Salalah to my travel bucket list. Till you decide, it’s a Bon voyage from me!

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