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Destinations You Should Know Before Visiting South Korea


Splendid dense forests, rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, nightlife and flavourful local cuisine are just a few of the great things about South Korea. This East Asian nation is widely acclaimed for Cosmetic Industry, K Pop (culture and cinema) but it is also identified for its green, hilly countryside which is dotted with cherry trees and ancient Buddhist temples. This place is acknowledged for its coastal fishing villages, sub-tropical islands and high-tech cities. South Korea is an amazing and incredible country to explore.

So if you are interested in spending quality time at South Korea holiday trip, then you need to know about its cities first. Take a look below at the best places in South Korea to visit. Have the best trip ever!

Seoul – Largest Metropolis of South Korea

The capital city of South Korea, Seoul is a major East Asian destination. It is a sprawling city, in which modern buildings, high technology subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and road markets. There are many tourist attractions but if you really want to visit this city properly start with visiting renowned Palaces.

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Afterwards, you can visit some of the renowned destinations which include Gyeongbokgung Palace which has more than 7000 rooms, and the Changdeokgung which belongs to the 15th century. You’ll also find ancient temples and shrines such as Jogyesa Temple, stunning public parks, state of the art architecture, futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza, luxury loaded shopping malls and best cuisine to taste in Seoul.

Gyeongju – Museum Without Walls

Gyeongju is one of the best places in South Korea to visit if you love history. It is a coastal city in the province of North Gyeongsang. Because of the presence of many cultural and archaeological sites, it is often referred to as the ‘Museum without Walls’. You’ll find various temples and folk villages listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are several resorts and theme parks attracting people who want to relax and enjoy themselves.

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Start with visiting Bulguksa Temple that belongs to the 8th Century, Seokguram Grotto for viewing monumental Buddha. After that visit Gyeongju National Museum which has a treasure-trove of history inside and at the same time stroll at Gyeongju National Park which gives perfect views and landscape of mother nature. Discover and make the most of the attractions of Gyeongju.

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Unwind Yourself on Jeju Island

Jeju island is the largest island located at the southern coast of South Korea. It is the country’s only Special Province. Travellers can explore the island’s west coast, including the bonsai trees at Hallim Park, explore the nature trails of Seolbong Park, and the beautiful Cheonjiyeon Falls.

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Learn about Jeju’s famous female pearl divers at Seongeup Folk Village, hike the crater at Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and explore the Manjanggul Lava Tube. You can stay in Jeju City and enjoy the beaches and fresh seafood. In addition to beautiful beaches, lava tubes and lush green scenery, Jeju boasts a long list of tourist attractions and amusement parks.

Andong – Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture

Andong is that destination of South Korea which provides visitors with the unique opportunity to experience Joseon-era rural life. This city offers incredible preserved cultural heritage, spiritual and traditional attractions. The main attraction in the city is the Andong Hahoe Folk Village which is popular for local cultural heritage. This city is popular as the birthplace of soju which is a special kind of alcohol, Wolyeong Bridge and Confucianism in Korea showcase the history of Andong City.

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You can participate in the regional specialities such as traditional dances of Korean culture. Another thing special here is the Andong-Jjimdak (Steamed Chicken Dish) is a variety of jjim, which originated in the city of Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. When you are in Andong you must savour Jjimdak before you depart the city.

Hike Through Seoraksan National Park

If you want to go hiking, see the best-known mountain range in South Korea or just get some epic photos, then make sure you visit the Seoraksan National Park. Within the park, you’ll find pine forests, jagged and rocky mountain peaks, crystal clear streams and stunning lakes.

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Seoraksan National Park is also home to over 2,000 animal species. Start your trip from National Park Visitor Centre, where you can pick up free maps in English and Korean. Then, enjoy the miles and miles of signposted hiking trails that crisscross the entire park.

Admire the Beaches of Busan

For a coastal city vibe, spend your Korean vacation in Busan. It’s also a major port, and it is known for boasting beautiful beaches as well as hot springs and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Busan’s Gamcheon Cultural Village, known as the Santorini of Korea, is a stunningly colourful hillside city overlooking the water.

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During your visit to Busan, you will also have the opportunity to hit several temples. While the town has many shopping and museums as can be expected of its size from an urban area, Haeundae Beach, Taejongdae Park and the beautiful Nakdong River Migratory Bird Sanctuary are one of the most popular attractions.

Chuncheon – Popular for Soap Opera

In Chuncheon, the city’s capital, the Province of Gangwon is surrounded by scenic lakes and towering mountains. Chuncheon is located at Winter Sonata, Korea’s famous soap opera, and numerous city visitors visit some of the most common film venues. Other travellers come to eat as Chuncheon is known as a paradise for eating.

Statue of Soyanggang Maid- Chuncheon / Image Credit:

Take Dakgalbi Street after touring the main attractions including Soyang Dam, Statue Park where you will get to witness the statue of Soyanggang Maid located at Soyang river and don’t forget to visit Cheongpyeong-sa Temple. This street features the dish dak galbi, a grilled chicken meal with spicy vegetables and rice. Dozens of restaurants on the street offer the same iconic dish, each offering slight variations on the recipe.

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