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Explore The Land Of Rising Sun – Japan


Are you planning a trip to Japan? Then better arrive with a stunning plan. Japan is undisputedly one of the happening places for vacation. Plan it with your family or go for a solo trip, the place would never fail to surprise you. Japan is an “around the year visit” place, hence you can plan it according to your plan and taste anytime of the year. There are many events and festivals, beaches, art museums, theme parks, and many more places for endless fun and joy!

Let’s chalk out some best possible plan for your trip to Japan and chalk them out according to your interest.

Know the history and get more close to the place.

Japanese are known for fearless warriors, castles and deeply rooted traditions. There will be sufficient sites that will take us back to the samurai warriors. The historical are World Heritage sites also embedded in the heart of the country, like the village of Shirakawa – Go and the famous Gokayama installs the history of the place into a traveler from another world.

Visit places that are the center of Attraction.

Japan Attractions
Japan Attractions / Image credit:

Japan is a land of versatility, you can never get full out of it. Cultural heritage, the latest architectural buildings and design, exquisite beaches and mountain terrain are embedded all over the place. There are scenic spots for you to hang out like Senmaida Rice Fields, Hell Peek points, Kiyomixudera Temple and Imperial Palace Outer Gardens. Get a list of places that you wish to visit before going on a run.

Art and designs that would take your breath away.

Walking through the streets of Japan’s well-known cities and it almost similar to walking across a contemporary museum. The place is erected with the world’s most beautiful architectural skillset.

Japan Art and Design
Japan Art and Design / Image credit:

The capital city Tokyo has some magnificent buildings touching the skies making it one of the best places on earth. Some must-visit places to feast your eye are 21st Century Museum in the city of Kanazawa, Hokusaikan Museum.

Don’t forget to mix in outdoor adventure and fun

Japan is not all about contemporary art and skyscrapers, there are indefinite natural beauty and scenic views. If you are yearning for outdoor adventures grab a trip to the famous Fuji Q Highland for an enthralling rollercoaster experience.

Japan Adventure
Japan Adventure / Image credit:

Japan also has some perfect spots for skiing and snowboarding, especially during the winter visits. If you are with kids you can track down some famous National parks and Snorkeling beaches.

Visit Japan during the festivals to take home memories.

Japan festivals
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Japan consists of several temples and shrines that are scared and close to the people residing there. Hence most of the festivals and events are celebrated at the temples. People clad in traditional attire, that looks colorful and attractive celebrates the event with great enthusiasm and joy. Famous festivals like Matsuri are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and tradition. Japanese festival carries around the year, from summer to fall, so grab the opportunity to be a part of it any time of the year!

Shop like a King while you are in Japan

Shopping Japan
Shopping Japan / Image credit:

Japan is as we have discussed deeply rooted in their culture and tradition. That can be seen in abundance particularly in their craftsmanship. Japanese craft is world-famous, for their quality and the zeal with which they are built. The tourist can shop from the neighbouring shops, street markets, local craft shops, or can go an errand to the huge extravagant shopping centres.

Try not to spill your food: food and drinks

Food can be a little tricky issue for the tourists who are new to the place. Japanese believe their food habit to be art, the food is both highly tasteful and extremely photogenic. I bet you know “Sushi” as Japanese most famous food, and it is, but your tastebuds are going to trick you while you binge on to ramen and Kobe beef.

Japan Food
Japan Food / Image credit:

For drinks nothing like exotic Japanese whiskeys and craft gins. Some several restaurants and cafes offer you a wide range of food and drinks that you can probably list out.

Places where you can go about indulging in the above activities: Top destinations

  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • Nagano
  • Hakone
  • Kyoto
  • Okinawa
  • Chiba

Some etiquettes to follow while visiting place around Japan.

Japanese strongly believe in etiquettes and they stick to it. Tourists visiting the place have to be more sensitive towards following certain rules and beliefs. Go through the do’s and don’ts before traveling in and make sure to stick to it to make the journey effortless.

The moment you visit Japan there is no looking back. The land has such an attractive history, culture, cuisines that you are bound to come back here every year. That what Japan is all about!

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