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Kadavu Island: Explore the Pacific Marine Reserve of Fiji


Fiji is renowned worldwide with more than 300 islands hopping destinations variety of other tropical attractions. In our previous blogs, you have read about them a romantic location to explore and other sites such as Mamanuca Islands which are the most popular in Fiji. Just like that, we are going to explore about Kadavu island which is the pacific marine reserve and the fourth largest island in Fiji. With untouched rainforests, pictorial coral reefs Kadavu Island is the perfect way to get off the beaten track and a true remedy to Fiji’s bustling tourist hotspots.

Let’s unfold this incredible island of Fiji

Perfect Offbeat Destination of Fiji

Kadavu is the most visited island after the Mamanuca islands at Fiji. Located around 100 km south of Viti Levu, this island is well known among nature lovers and scuba divers for its rich diversity of underwater sea life, terrestrial flora and fauna. Ample marine life, volcanic peaks, mesmerizing coral reefs, highly dense rainforest and enchanting waterfalls are highlights of this island.

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It is the largest island in the Kadavu Group, a volcanic archipelago consisting of Kadavu, Ono, Galoa and a number of smaller islands situated along in the Great Astrolabe Reef. The colourful Kadavu Parrot, Velvet Dove, and Crimson Shining Parrot which are now a protected species can be easily observed there.

It’s one of the minimal-developed regions of Fiji so it provides both hardships and exciting opportunities to travellers. So those who are willing to let go of their comforts zone and love exploring untouched nature and deep-water life must visit Kadavu.

This beautiful island has captivating Great Astrolabe Reef, which is the largest and most abundant coral reef in the world. This makes Kadavu Island a spectacular diving spot among travellers.

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Yes, Kadavu is a spectacular diving destination, but there is plenty to explore above sea level too. The island is characterized by a defined landscape with many coves, several of which are so large that the island is almost cut into two halves. This makes some magnificent bays. And these the bays fringed by coral reefs and a mangrove forest, they provide protection to many wildlife species and birds. Apparently, the beauty of Kadavu is untouched by many people.

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Discover why should include Kadavu with some of the best things to see and do on Kadavu.

Snorkel at Great Astrolabe Reef

The Great Astrolabe Reef is one of the most abundant & biggest barrier reefs in the world spread in an area of 65 km long. This reef is the best spot for marine lovers as they can witness Tuna, Marlin, Giant Trevally and Sharks here. As the exposure is good, even the non-divers with simple marks and snorkel kit phenomenal manta ray ballet can be seen at Manta Reef.

Manta Reef, Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu Island / Image Credit:

The water temperature is ideal for snorkelling. Divers come here to submerge themselves in underwater wonders of caverns, tunnels, extremes, drop-offs, soft corals and for viewing tropical aquatic life. Most of the dive sites are easily accessible by boat from the southern shores of Kadavu as the visibility ranges from 10 to 40meter. This reef is known for its abundance of billfish species, as well as tuna, mahi-mahi, and giant trevally.

Visit Dravuni Island

Dravuni is kind of like the tropical island where travellers will enjoy strolling barefoot on the white beaches, can climb a baby volcano, hop. They can spend a memorable time staying nearby villages where they can enjoy traditional foods like fresh fish, coconut and taro, and learn about village life.

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It is one of the Pacific’s most hidden destinations. Due to the white sandy beaches; a cruise ship tender dock and stop sometimes stop here on this island which is near the northern tip of Kadavu. Yachts find the area appealing but must first get a permit to stop there. Just south of Dravuni is Yakuve Island on which Kokomo Island Resort, an exclusive property, is located.

Enjoy Watching Birds

Kadavu is also recognized as bird island for its breathtaking array of winged wonders, including four endemic birds: the rainbow-coloured shining musk Parrot, drab Kadavu Honeyeater, petite Kadavu Fantail and Kadavu whistling Dove. Plenty of these birds can be seen without having to venture out too far.

View Shining Parrot at Kadavu Island / Image Credit:

Take guide with you to discover best of the reserve. You can also take cruise from Ono to the uninhabited island of Yabu, which is one of Fiji’s biggest nesting sites for red-footed and brown Boobies.

Take Game Fishing Charters

If travellers want to spend some quality time with the marine species away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Kavadu is the most favourable travel spot from them. Kadavu is well-known for its game fishing which organised by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA). Fishing in the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef is awaiting you with excellent blue water sports.

Kadavu Game Fishing Charter / Image Credit:

There is a run of Pacific sea fish during winter and massive wahoo packages hang over the edges of the reef. Other species such as mahimahi, giant trevally and blue marlin occurs during the year. Matava Lodge located on the south-east coast of Kadavu Bite Me Game Fishing Charter at all times of year provides visitors with adequate fishing experience.

Staying at Kadavu Island

Tourist infrastructure is practically non-existent, except for a few friendly eco-resorts along the coast, some with organic gardens and pretty beaches. Matava and Papageno Resort are two of the favourites.

Other Activities at Kadavu Island

Kayaking is another way of exploring the Kadavu coastline, You can also pay a visit to some of the local villages near the island for learning authentic Fijian culture. This is one of the world’s rare places, where you can drop off the grid and immerse yourself in pristine natural beauty, both on land and in the water.

How To Reach Kadavu: From flight mode, in an hour you can reach Kadavu island but fairy ride will take almost 6 hours from the capital of Suva.

Climatic Conditions: The climate in Kadavu is tropical and appropriate for everyone. You can also explore much on the coastline of the island which is 58 km long and 14 km wide.

Definitely, the untouched Kadavu group of islands are must-visit.

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