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Know Why You Should Travel Kyrgyzstan Once in Your Lifetime


Have you ever heard of any traveller vlogging or inspiring about Kyrgyzstan when they are telling you about Asian destinations? Because many travel enthusiasts and backpackers are still not aware of this beautiful Asian country. But now this charming nation is gaining a lot of popularity each year due to its plethora of tourist attractions, less crime rates and amazing hospitality offered by residential citizens.

Here in India Imagine post, travellers know everything you need to know about travelling in Kyrgyzstan, from how to plan to the best places for visiting, to top things to do here in the country.

An Introduction to Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic itself recognised as Kyrgyzstan. This central Asian landlocked country is renowned for its magnificent mountain gorges, fascinating horse riding grassy landscape, Tien Shan mountain range, charming villages and numerous transparent alpine lakes. Here travellers will get to witness the taste of the actual nomadic culture and tradition.

Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Mountains of Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

On contrary, some cities are quite diverse like Bishkek which comprises modern buildings and cafes, museums etc.  Thus these variations make Kyrgyzstan a pleasant destination for travellers. Talking about Nomadic Culture, Kyrgyzstan is home to nomads who hold on to their centuries-old nomadic traditions.

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Popular Destinations & Things to do at Kyrgyzstan

Visit the Issyk Kul Lake

Issyk Kul is one of the top destinations to visit in Kyrgyzstan. The speciality about this salty and mineral-rich lake that tempts travellers is that it does not freeze even in the coldest weather also. Located at the height of 1607m, this lake is the 2nd largest mountain lake in the world. The views of Issyk Kul are so enticing as it is enclosed by the Ala-Too Mountains. Even though over a hundred rivers flow into the lake, none of them flows out.

Issyk Kul Lake Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

The lake’s crystal clear blue waters are warm enough to swim in during the summer and the shores have sandy beaches where you can relax and take in the breathtaking views of the lake and the UNESCO-listed Tian Shan mountain range ahead.

Discover the Capital City Bishkek

Being the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek offers a lot of interesting things to do and visit for its travellers. It a complete destination where everything is available. This city has many dining options available from traditional Central Asian dishes to international cuisine and fast food. A city tour of Bishkek will show the nomad, Soviet and modern influences on the country’s growth.

Bishkek Square Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek Square Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

As you travel around the city, you can take a walk down many of the city’s green laneways, shop for local produce in bazaars and marvel at the city’s many sculptures like Ala-Too Square, Opera and Ballet Theater and other things will you will read below further.

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Hike the Ala Archa National Park

For reaching the magnificent Ala Archa National Park you have to start hiking from Bishkek’s suburbs. Slowly when you start heading towards the park, you will notice the amazing backdrop to the city as well as the forest land. Nestled in the Tian Shan Mountains so the Ala Archa range contains more than fifty peaks.

Ala Archa National Park Kyrgyzstan
Ala Archa National Park Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

It is surrounded by alpine vegetation, offering striking terrain, wildlife trails, mountain treks, nature walks etc. Thus it has become a famous picnic spot in the area, as well as popular among adventure seekers as well.

Pay a Visit to Ancient Burana Tower

Burana Tower is one of the best places to admire in Kyrgystan. Constructed in the 11th century, Burana was once a prosperous Silk Road city known as Balasaghun. Originally, the tower was a minaret that stood over 40 m and was the first of its kind in Central Asia. However, the top of the tower was demolished in a 15th-century earthquake.

Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan
Burana Tower Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

It now stands just over 20 m in height and visitors can even explore it from the top Near the tower, there is also a small museum where you can see some ancient stone carvings known as Balbals. They are placed in such a way with a view of the mountains behind the tower, that creates a captivating landscape for travellers.

Admire the Natural Allure of Song Kul Lake

Song Kul Lake is a huge summer meadow that travellers can access via enjoying the horse trek. It is open only from June to September. This freshwater lake is located at an altitude of 3016 m surrounded by flat peaks. Travellers can enjoy horse riding here or we can say trekking to reach the lake over the mountain pass en route to Song Kul Lake.

Song Kul lake
Song Kul lake / Image Credit:

You can also stay overnight in the shepherd family’s yurt and learn about the nomadic culture. As nomads grazing their livestock here for centuries. A horse riding event is also organised here. The Song Kul landscape and culture meet in such a way that it is one of the most unforgettable encounters many travels.

Unfold the Pages of Oldest city Osh

Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s oldest town, is situated in the fertile Ferghana Valley. Sulaiman-Too is in the centre of the town. For centuries, this has been a holy mountain that has been protected. This is one of the rare Silk Road holy sites that incorporate prehistoric, pre-Islamic, Islamic and local beliefs into a single holy site.

Sulayman mosque, Osh Kyrgyzstan
Sulayman mosque, Osh Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

It is thought that Solomon’s throne once stood on this mountain and some legends also say that he was laid nearby. Thus it was a place of Muslim pilgrimage for a long time One of Central Asia’s best markets is the big Jayma Bazaar also located here.

Experience Different Shades of Kyrgyzstan at Karakol

Karakol is renowned as one of the major tourist attractions to visit in Kyrgyzstan. This destination describes the country’s true culture and traditional norms. Here voyagers can enjoy hiking and trekking to sunset cruises, take food tours and opt for city walks also. The area has it all to make your vacation worthwhile and exciting.

The Famous Cathedral of Karakol, Kyrgyzstan
The Famous Cathedral of Karakol, Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

There are cafes and bars where you can unwind, as well as sprawling local markets where you can indulge in some good window shopping. During your trip to the Karakol don’t forget to visit the Animal Market, which is a nice experience for all travellers to understand the barter system live.

Explore the Historic Tash Rabat

Kyrgyzstan’s ancient inn is Tash Rabat. It is a historic monument made of stone by Caravans. On the ancient Silk Road, merchants and their caravans used these locations. It is one of Central Asia’s best-preserved such sites. You can stay in nearby tents or go horseback riding.

Tash Rabat Kyrgyzstan
Tash Rabat Kyrgyzstan / Image Credit:

It was founded as a Nestorian monastery before being converted into a caravanserai. The location is so serene that you don’t want to leave from here.

Savour Traditional Kyrgyz Cuisine

Kyrgyz cuisine is strongly influenced by the country’s nomadic history. Each restaurant has tastefully decorated halls with national ornaments, as well as a large selection of delectable national cuisine. Mutton, beef, horse meat and dairy products are staples in Kyrgyz cuisine. Don’t forget to taste Beshbarmak which is the national dish of Kazakhstan, also the Shashlik on skewers and fried Lagman is a must-try delicacy here. Other cuisines that are unusually commonly savoured in Kyrgyzstan include Uyghur, Dungan and Uzbek.

Beshbarmak With Naan
Beshbarmak With Naan / Image Credit:

If you enjoy being in nature and want to learn more about Central Asia’s nomadic lifestyle, mountain landscape and trekking, culture and culinary experience, urban adventure and retreats you must visit Kyrgyzstan once in your lifetime.

Travellers till then keep reading our fresh travel blogs and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates.

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