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Explore the Land of Fire Azerbaijan, a Perfect Mingle of Asian and European Culture


Azerbaijan is a most popular country packed with stunning places situated in between Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan is a captivating blend of ocean-side enjoyment, untainted nature, and the absolute most unfathomable ancient monuments on the planet.

Azerbaijan tourism
Azerbaijan tourism / Image credit:

You can experience an amazing fusion of Eastern Europe and western Asia right on the land of this country. I have assembled the interesting places in Azerbaijan for arranging your excursion with numerous brilliant and fascinating spots to visit.

Here is a quick view of the places covered in this post:

  • Baku
  • Icheri Sheher
  • Gobustan National Park
  • Gabala
  • Astara
  • Quba
  • Sheki
  • Naftalan
  • Lankaran
  • Khinalug

1. Baku

Let’s start with the capital city Baku of Azerbaijan, located along the Caspian Sea. Baku, otherwise called ‘City on the Hills’, is one of the strange cities where the fascinating past and the cosmopolitan present, makes a perfect blend that draws in tourists from everywhere in the world.

Baku Tourism Beach Russia Arrivals
Baku Tourism Beach Russia Arrivals / Image credit:

At the outskirts of Baku visit Fire Mountain Yanar Dag, which is a mysterious slope that ceaselessly consuming regular fire. Don’t miss the chance to explore Marvel where amazing structural diamonds are found near midtown seafront.

Significantly, Baku is known for its social, logical and industrial center of Azerbaijan along with an incredible spot for shopping, eating and nightlife. Baku is unquestionably in the top listed spots to visit in Azerbaijan.

2. Icheri Sheher

Icheri Sheher is known as the Old Town or the Inner City of which is located in the core of Azerbaijan. The structure was beautifully built out of limestone, slice locally and cleaned to a smooth surface and streets are limited and winding, causing Icheri Sheher to feel somewhat like a labyrinth. In 2000, this place was announced on UNESCO World Heritage List for its stunning design and historical significance.

Icheri Sheher, Baku
Icheri Sheher, Baku / Image credit:

The city unfolds, alongside the predominant Azerbaijani component, proof of Arabic, Shirvani, Russian, Ottoman, Zoroastrian, Sassanian presence in social congruity. Different verifiable compositional landmarks of the middle age time frame like mosques, hammams (shower homes), caravanserais are present from the eighteenth to twentieth hundreds of years situated at this place.

3. Gobustan National Park

Gobustan National Park is a prominent region of the world’s mud volcanoes. Here you can find the foaming mud of Yellowstone, the sights, scents, and sounds which are hitting the land of Azerbaijan.

Gobustan is a shelter to a variety of rock petroglyphs, relics, carvings, and mud volcanoes. According to analysts, Gobustan is a place that a return to the dystopian period. Also, the baffling petroglyphs that date to 10,000 B.C., and you have the opportunity to see the most stunning public historical places nearby this park. Gobustan’s petroglyphs are viewed as among the most conserved heritage in the country.

Gobustan National Park and Mud Volcanoes
Gobustan National Park and Mud Volcanoes / Image credit:

Gobustan park holds the identity of archeological landmarks, and hence possesses this UNESCO-World Heritage Site. The natural beauty of caverns, entombments and other human settlements from soon after the last Ice Age through to the Middle Ages makes this national park unique in Azerbaijan.

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4. Gabala

Gabala is 2,000 years the antiquated city of Azerbaijan which was the old capital of Caucasian Albania. Albania referenced underway of antique students of the history of the first century. In the later section, in the Arabian sources, it was referenced as Khazar.

Qafqaz resort hotel, Gabala
Qafqaz resort hotel, Gabala / Image credit:

Gabala areas have various authentic and structural landmarks to visit. The modern Gabala city is situated in the region of Sheki, Zakatala zone on the line of Dagestan and Georgia. The place is famous for its 500-year-old nut and chestnut woodlands. In springtime, Sprouting chestnuts are an exceptional attraction for visitors.

5. Astara

At the south-east of Azerbaijan, a beautiful little city namely Astra is present bordering the country, Iran. The view of Astra became remarkable along the side of the Caspian Sea. Astra is full of natural landscapes having wonderful places to visit like  Hirkan National Park and the Talysh Mountains.

Maricel Astara Resort Hotel, Astara
Maricel Astara Resort Hotel, Astara / Image credit:

Your visit to Astra is incomplete if you haven’t tasted at the Chaikhana’s (teahouses) along with the Historic Museum. Since Astra is located nearby to Iran, so these local people also follow some Irani culture and cuisines. Interacting with local people will give more details about the mix of two countries cultures in terms of food, clothing and many more.

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6. Quba

Encounter flawless scenes of Quba through old mountain towns and Caucasus culture is another important city of Azerbaijan. Quba is situated 1,969 feet above the ocean level at the side of the Shahdag Mountain. Another magnificence is present in the Greater Caucasus Mountains scenes and Tenghi Canyon is making Quba a natural destination to explore.

Shahdag resort opens winter season
Shahdag resort opens winter season / Image credit:

Are you an apple lover? , so the Quba is the place where you can taste the best apple variety in the world. One of the biggest all-Jewish settlements outside of Israel around 2,500 years old present in Quba only. Since Quba is nearby to Russia, so most of the people here follow Russian traditions in their lives.

7. Sheki

Azerbaijan is full of historical places, so the city Sheki is almost 2,500 years old and one of the most established towns in the Caucasus.

Sheki is the final stop of  Silk Road, famous for its trade market in Sheki’s silk, weaving and materials in Azerbaijan. Sheki’s silk is worldwide famous and exported to other countries through the Silk road only.

Sheki, Azerbaijan
Sheki, Azerbaijan / Image credit:

The historical significance of Sheki can be noticed through old mosques, mansions and surprisingly old bathhouses since the eighteenth century famous as the Palace of Seki Khans. For adventure lovers, head straight away from Sheki and discover streams, cascades and chasms alongside a few chances to hike in the mountains.

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8. Naftalan

Naftalan is incredibly famous for its oil massage therapy. This is one of the remarkable retreat towns that have a global significance. The place is unique for its uncommon oil presence with naphthenic qualities for restorative purposes. Naftalan is also known as the place of “Dark God” has been capitalizing on its abundant supplies across Azerbaijan.

Naftalan resorts
Naftalan resorts / Image credit:

Around 15,000 people come here to experience the showers of warm oil and absorbing “the thick blood of the Earth.” local people say for this place. Naftalan treatment the feature like pain-relieving, mitigating, vasodilator, and property enacting the power of trophic capacities and metabolic cycles and many more. For health medication purposes Naftalan is the best-suited place in Azerbaijan.

9. Lankaran

Lankaran is another wonderful city in Azerbaijan which is located at the bank of the Caspian Sea close to the southern line with Iran. If you want to experience the urban city of Azerbaijan, Lankaran is the best-suited choice for travelers. If you step seven miles west of the Lankaran there are warm mineral springs which is the center point for tourist attractions.

Lankaran, Azerbaijan
Lankaran, Azerbaijan / Image credit:

At Ballabur you can enjoy the amazing beaches on family vacations. Relax with your loved ones on this beach with chilled breezes and admire the natural beauty.

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10. Khinalug

Khinalug is a high mountain town which is situated at the height of 7,710 feet above sea level. Khinalug is beautifully canvassed with a northern slant of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, in Azerbaijan.

Khinalug village image by Oleksandr Rupeta and Nur Photo
Khinalug village image by Oleksandr Rupeta and Nur Photo:

Khinalug is one the oldest town in Azerbaijan, more than 5,000 years of age. This place is blessed with the immese beauty of nature, mountains, holy people, caverns, archeological destinations. Must visit Museum of Khinalug, where you can find the facts about conventional life of nearby residents which is beautifully displayed and preserved.

At last, I conclude by saying that, Azerbaijan is a wonderful country brimming with natural and ancient magnificence. The country is outstanding as per any traveler’s passion.

Azerbaijan / Image credit:

Millennia of history join with profoundly established customs here at this place. The amazing places in Azerbaijan offer variety in scenes, culture, natural life and encounters. If you want to experience Europe and Asia on a single plate, so Azerbaijan is the best choice for you to visit once in a lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed the article on Azerbaijan.

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