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Plan Family Trip to Hiroshima – A Thriving City of Japan


In western Japan, Hiroshima is a major mainland town. Many people know Hiroshima as the tragic city where the world’s first nuclear attack happened. Thus from past years, it is still considered as the radioactive wasteland. But many are not aware of that after many years of explosion, this city became the great tourist destination of Japan. From the site of the atomic bomb memorial and park to the magical Torii gate floating outside Itsukushima Shrine or Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima is a complete family holiday package. Today this thriving city of Japan is visited by millions of sightseers.

Let’s uncover the incredible attractions of Hiroshima from Japan.

Most Attractive Travel Spots of Hiroshima

During your trip to Hiroshima, you have to walk around the city so be ready for with a good pair of shoes and make the most of your visit to Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Castle

Also known as the Castle of Carp, the Hiroshima Castle is located in the heart of Hiroshima, coated in black colour and ornate wood. It was constructed in 1593 as the residence of local nobleman Fukushima Masanori. The castle’s lovely five-story main tower contains a Samurai museum where you learn the history of the city and the castle. When you reach the top, you will get amazing views of the city, the harbour, and the island of Miyakojima.

Hiroshima Castle / Image Credit:

There are 3 special trees Willow, Eucalyptus and Holy in the vicinity of the castle and it is believed that these trees survived the atomic bomb blast of 1945. Visiting Hiroshima castle at night has its own perks as this castle is lit up in the night with colourful light making it look more beautiful. You can enjoy the Samurai performances right outside the castle walls which are organized weekly.

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This vibrant city has made an incredible effort to commemorate the victims of the world’s first nuclear attack in 1945. This Peace Memorial Park symbolizes the need for everlasting peace of Hiroshima. Located at the core of the atomic blast in which was once a bustling part of the city. Now, this pleasant green park offers it, visitors, numerous important sights of attractions.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park / Image Credit:

Such as the Cemetery Museum, the Memorial Cenotaph, and the Flame of Peace which is another well-recognized symbol of Hiroshima. Thus it attracts a million tourists every year. The grounds and gardens make this park more panoramic with their vibrant cherry blossoms.

The Island Shrine of Itsukushima

Shrine Island of Itsukushima is one of the most important and most visited coastal sites of Japan. The island is renowned for a magnificent Itsukushima shrine, which occupies approximately 30 sq km of Hiroshima Bay and is dedicated to the Susanoo Shinto wind-daughters god’s Ichikishimahime, Tagorihime and Tagitsu-home princesses.

Itsukushima Shrine / Image Credit:

The buildings of the shrine rise from the waters of a small bay backed by piles and appear to float on the water at high tide. This whole view looks magical. This sight particularly looks attractive at nigh presenting a picturesque and colourful blemish with its red timber frame and white walls. Be sure to spend time exploring the island via a boat ride. Stroll on its exquisite gardens and met wild, yet friendly deer and click pictures with them.

Atomic Bomb Dome

The notable Atomic Bomb Dome is the most famous location in the region. This World Heritage Site represents a sign of the prayers of the people for world peace. The Atom Bomb Dome, which contains the remains of the former Chamber of Industry and Commerce, was the centre point of the blast. Take some time to enjoy this heartbreaking sight.

Atomic Bomb Dome / Image Credit:

It focuses on the significance of peace and the horrific event of the destruction of the bomb. The nuclear bomb is the first thing people think about when talking about Hiroshima, so it’s a must for you to visit this site. In memory of the more than 200,000 people who died that day the park features many memorials, a museum, and structures. From there when you cross the nearby Motoyasu-Bashi Bridge over the Motoyasu-Ogawa River and you will reach the Peace Memorial Park.

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Mitakidera & Fudoin Temples

There are many historic temples in Hiroshima, but one of the most attractive after Hiroshima Castle and Itsukushima Shrine is Mitakidera. It initially constructed in AD 809 and is for its magnificent temple and its captivating grounds. It is also popular as the Three Falls Temple it is located on the foot of Mount Mitaki. It has a red lacquered pagoda, Tahoe, and magnificent waterfalls in the vicinity.

Mitaki Dera Temple / Image Credit:

The Fudoin Temple is also worth visiting. This temple is a fine example of the architecture of the Muromachi era between the 14th and 16th centuries. It is popular for its main hall containing a decorated statue listed as a national treasure

Ride on the Ropeway to Mount Misen

Now it is the time to head towards the highest spot on the island and that is Mount Misen. It is the religious mountain of 535m and the highest mountain on the island located within the Itsukushima Shrine World Heritage Area. The Floating Torii Gate is the best way to climb this mountain.

Reach Hiroshima to Miyajima via Mount Misen Ropeway / Image Credit: GaijinPot Travel

Mount Misen provides broad views of the islands and bay surrounding it. For panoramic views of Hiroshima and Miyajima, you can literally catch a trip on the ropeway. With each ride taking just about 15 minutes, cable cars carry people up and down the mountains. You’ll probably find deer as you walk the paths to the city.

Fun for the Kids:

  • The Children’s Museum of Hiroshima is a great place to welcome children. A variety of enjoyable interactive exhibits and installations dealing with technology and science and the planetarium are highlighted.
  • The seafront shopping mall Marina Hop, with a children’s section, offers fun games and attractions, is another choice.
  • The Children’s Peace Memorial, featuring a little girl with a paper bird spectacle, and a concrete arch from which you can see the Atomic Dome, are also of interest.

Shopping, Dining and Drink!!

You will find numerous shopping centre, restaurants and cafeterias during your trip. Savour Hiroshima specials like Okonomiyaki and Tsukemen Ramen along with some tasty local desserts. Explore the famous Peace Park for shopping arcades of downtown Hiroshima. In the central region of Hiroshima, you will reach the Tokaichimachi where you will find a wide selection of locations to shop and eat.

Savour Okonomiyaki / Image Credit:

In the evening, many of the area cocktail bars start opening their doors. As your night winds down, there are several stations in the area that can take you directly back to the Hiroshima Station. In just a single day, you’ve explored the most important landmarks in the city and hopefully got to taste most of the local cuisine!

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Where to Stay in Hiroshima

You will find many affordable accommodation options near attractive sites according to your budget but some convenient we are listing here check them out too!! They are all luxury loaded hotels situated at excellent locations offer, pools and have dining options.

  • Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • Daiwa Roynet Hote
  • Rihga Royal Hotel
  • Candeo Hotels
  • Hotel Granvia
  • Urbain Hiroshima Executive

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