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Take Soul Satisfying Vacation at Picturesque Beaches of Iran


Iran is that country which mostly tops the international news headlines due to nuclear activity and its conflicts with the United States. And though many people are not aware of its tourism and cultural aspects of Iran. But do you know that the culture of Iran is renowned as one of the most influential cultures in the world?

Yes, this is true that Iran is in rich in history, culture, nature and it is home to a wealth of attractions. There are many places in Iran but its centre of attraction are its gleaming beaches which are so soul-satisfying for every traveller. And the reason is its incredibly diverse coastline.

From the most cherished Ladies’ Beach in the southern island of Kish to up north to the Gisoom Beach in the Gilan province, there are numerous beaches to choose from this friendliest country. For now, check out some amazing beaches of Iran and soon add them in your travel bucket list.

Kish Beach

Kish Beach is the most remarkable beach in Iran, which gives the feel of Hawaii right in this Persian Gulf. It is a popular sunny beach destination that offers travellers a leisurely experience under the white palm trees and admiring the wonderful views of the blue Persian Gulf. Due to the gleaming crystal clear water, you can also witness abundant marine life as this beach is adorned with coral reefs with vibrant fishes.

Kish Beach – Iran / Image Credit:

Aside the shimmering blue water, Kish beach in Iran offers an array of great sights which you can behold in its vicinity which include Mysteries of the World Zoo, Kish Dolphin & Crocodile Park, The Greek Ship, Giant Bird Sculpture, Green Tree Park, etc. If you love adventure sports then try your hand in snorkelling to discover marine life, jet-skiing, parasailing to get a view of the beach from the top, sailing, fishing, boating etc.

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Gisoom Beach

Gisoom Beach is lined with lush beaches and is situated in the Gilan province of Iran. It’s very popular for those Iranians who want a rejuvenating holiday and get away from the hustle of city life. Gisoom Beach is also popular for water sports that allows you to indulge yourself in various activities at beach coast like, camping near beachfront, jet skiing and boating.

Gisoom Beach / Image Credit:

Apart from strolling at sides of the beach, you can also explore the surrounding nature of the region, especially the centred Gisoom Jungle with trees. Don’t forget to pay a visit to 1000-year-old White Mosque which is situated at the edge of the jungle.

Ramsar Beach

Ramsar is a small town and a hidden jewel located near the Caspian coast. Nestled in the lap of nature Ramsar is surrounded by forest at one side and sea at the other. Visited and loved by most of the tourists, this town is home to one of the fun-packed beaches in Iran. The sandy shore, salty sea and shining sun against the blue backdrop make this place a perfect holiday destination.

Ramsar Beach Iran / Image Credit:

You can also see the passing cable cars from the Caspian coast beach. Ramsar Palace Museum, Markuh Castle, Casino Boulevard, Javaher Deh Village Boating, parasailing, and the Ramsar cable car ride from the mountain top that treats you with 360-degree panoramic views of the farmland, forest, and the sea.

Bandar Anzali Beach

Anzali beach is quite unique from other coastal beaches of the Caspian Sea. It is situated in in the Bandar Anzali town of the Gilan Province. Bandar means port and the Bandar Anzali is the largest port in the Caspian coast of Iran. In summer, Anzali beach offers tranquil ambience for enjoying with families with a lot of amenities.

Bandar Anzali Beach / Image Credit:

It is an apt holiday retreat enveloped in clean sand, saline water, and epic sunrise and sunset views. Besides this, if you are done from beach outing then you can explore Anzali Palace Military Museum, Menoreh, Anzali Pasdaran Park and Anzali Wetland. On this beach also you can try many water sports and fun activities. If you love snorkelling then this beach can be the best option for you.

Ladies’ Beach

Ladies’ Beach is located on Kish Island and as its name indicates this beach is renowned especially among females. Here women are free to enter the water, which isn’t always the case with other beaches in the country. This coastal site provides an interesting insight into beach life in Iran.

Ladies Beach Iran / Image Credit: Youtube

With clear water, women can enjoy going into the sea while they discover the vibrant coral reefs. Lines of sunbathers can be seen relaxing and you can have a massage on the beach. Note: Remember that clicking pictures on this beach is prohibited. So take your ladies gang and head towards this amazing beach.

Hormuz Island Beach

When you head towards the Hormoz Island you will observe the blend of red soil with the blue sea which gives amazing views to its visitors. Its is located in the Persian Gulf and renowned due to its serene ambience, volcanic eruptions and sedimentary rock which gives this island beach as an amazing view. This island and its beautiful beaches attract more foreign tourists than the local ones.

Hormuz Island Beach / Image Credit:

The reason behind the red colour of soil is the presence of its rich mineral compounds and though it is also utilized by many manufacturers. You can chill and sunbathe in the vicinities of the beach as well as explore the island. Apart from this pay a visit to Hormuz village located nearby, huge salt mountain and explore salt caves, hire bikes to explore Silence valley and many other attractions.

Zeitoon Beach

Zeitoon Beach is a great water sports beach in Qeshm, particularly for scuba divers. There are plenty of restaurants scattered around the region that serve fish dishes that you would not expect to find in Iran, such as octopus and shrimp seasoned with local turmeric spices, cloves and dried rose petals for a refreshing alternative. Many places to listen have live music, and you can have an even more unforgettable dining experience by lying on the beachfront.

Silver Beach

Call it Silver Beach or Hengam Beach, the beauty of this south Iranian beach won’t fade. It is one of the most beautiful Iran beaches located on the Hengam Island. The reason behind its name Silver Beach is plankton which creates a special view of the sea when the wave reaches the shore and the sun shines on them.

Silver Beach Iran / Image Credit:

This beach is also renowned as the spectacle of the Persian Gulf. This beach is the best way to observe dolphins in the sea between Hengam Island and Qeshm. Also, you can relish delicious seafood at the souvenir shop and cafes.

Chamkhaleh Beach

Chamkhaleh is located in the centre of Langeroud town in Iran is and recognised as one of the touristic regions of Gilan province. Chamkhaleh beach is the most beautiful beach in the north of the country among all Iranian beaches. In 2011, this beach was also selected as the best beach of Gilan province by the Ministry of Interior. The best attractions of Chamkhaleh beach is the enormously beautiful sand beach and the large river of Chamkhaleh. It comes at number one position in Iran due to its beautiful shoreline. The unblemished sand stretches are long and beautiful, stay on the sunkissed beaches in front of clear water and do participate in snorkelling.

Chamkhaleh Beach / Image Credit:

Visit these serene Iranian beaches and enjoy to the fullest. Lets us know which beach is your favourite one. Till then keep reading my blogs at

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