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Tel Aviv – Rustic Old City Of Israel


Israel is a hub to historical sites, museums, beaches, resorts and archaeological sightseeing. Do you know Israel has the biggest number of museums in the entire world? yes, it does! However we are going to take a closer look at Tel Aviv, a small city in the heart of Israel.

Tel Aviv is one of the cities in Israel and our destination for today, let’s figure out a lot more about the city at India Imagine.

Maybe Tel Aviv is comparatively small to fit into the popular tourist destination. But if you think that makes the place less sought for, then you are completely wrong. Tel Aviv is full of feast for the travel enthusiast. Power-packed with historical significance, cultural and traditional stature, the place is one in thousands!

Places that are most visited

  • Jaffa Port

    An old city in Tel Aviv that is popular for boating and fishing. A yacht harbour is located in the center of the city. The place ensures visitors a fabulous cultural treat and yummy food options.

  • Carmel Market

    Carmel Market is not like any other market place. Filled with fruits, berries and vegetables of rare and exotic varieties are spread across the market stalls. The color looks vibrant and never fail to tempt your tastebuds.

    Carmel Market Tel Aviv
    Carmel Market Tel Aviv / Image credit:
  • Tel Aviv Museum

    Tel Aviv Museum is a hub to contemporary and modern art. A variety of art and sculpture that touches the Israeli essence are exhibited in the Museum. It is one of the most visited places in the city.

  • Jerusalem Beach

    People come here to relax and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Some take a keen interest in playing volleyball and try hands-on kite surfing.

Places that are a hidden gem

  • Ilana Goor Museum

    A historic place that explicit an artwork and artifacts to ensure a place to keep them safe and secure.

  • Levinski Street

    Famous street that is an urban chic feel. People, particularly youngsters club here to enjoy time with friends. The street is usually busy all day long.

  • Hilton Beach

    Hilton Beach is popularly known for white-sand beaches and sunset bars. The restaurant around the beaches is a bit expensive.

    Hilton Beach Tel Aviv
    Hilton Beach Tel Aviv / Image credit:
  • Gutman Museum

    This Museum is completely dedicated to the artist of Tel Aviv Gutman’s life and experience.

Places that are kids friendly

  • Yarkon Park

    The best place to be with your kids. Basically, it is a kids park but with a section dedicated to botanical gardens, it becomes a favorite among all. The garden becomes more beautiful with a mesmerizing green pond in between.

    Yarkon Park Tel Aviv, Israel
    Yarkon Park Tel Aviv, Israel / Image credit:
  • Kiryat Sefer Park

    With a lily pond and a park that gives you an urban feel is the uniqueness of this kid’s favorite play zone.

  • Meymadion

    Parents and kids have a blast at Meymadion which is a water park. Kids are seen sliding through the pool tunnels and swimming.

  • Island Park

    A place perfect for parents and kids. On top of the famous mall is the island park. While the parents are shopping kids can opt to enjoy in the water park.

Places dedicated to Art, Culture and Museums

  • Museum of Art

    Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a famous landmark of the city. The Museum is a hub to both traditional, cultural, modern and contemporary art of the place.

  • Herzliya Museum Of Contemporary Art

    Another Museum that is a hub to all contemporary and modern art. People who love art and culture go to the place to know more about the place.

  • Gutman Museum

    Tel Aviv is inspired by famous artists Gutman. And to keep his work floating for years, Gutman Museum was constructed with his life and work showcase.

    Gutman Museum Tel Aviv
    Gutman Museum Tel Aviv / Image credit:

The next time you visit Israel, don’t forget to visit the little city Tel Aviv and enjoy the rustic towns, beaches, museums and to know the artistic people. Travel safe and be assured for the best experience!

Bon Voyage!

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