World TravelTrip To Phuket -An Ultimate Beach Holiday Destination

Trip To Phuket -An Ultimate Beach Holiday Destination


If you want to experience the tranquil sea, fine white sand, drooping palm trees with the fresh breeze blowing everywhere, then Phuket is the ultimate option for you. Phuket is listed among the best beach destinations in the world for its beautiful historic old towns and mesmerizing viewpoints. Phuket is blessed with more than 30 iconic beaches. Patong Beach, Karon, Kata and Kamala are the hidden gems for beach lovers searching for a romantic atmosphere. Phang Na Bay and Phi Phi islands are some world famous islands in Phuket. Your travel trip is incomplete without them.

So for your bucket list, we have chosen the most famous beaches and attractions in Phuket. Let’s start!

1. Phang Na Bay, Trip To Phuket

Phang Na Bay is famous in Thailand and all over the world for its uniqueness. The reason behind its popularity is the big limestone rock formations emerging out of the emerald green sea. One more reason for the popularity is the James Bond Island situated on this bay.

Phang Na Bay, Trip To Phuket
James Bond Island- Phang Na Bay, Via:

Famous for its starring role in the James Bond movie -Man with the Golden Gun. You can also trek to the Ice Cream and Diamond Caves. Also, visit the Panak islands and Hong islands. Enjoy swimming and Kayaking at Lawa and Naka islands.

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2. Phi Phi Islands

Koh Phi Phi is the most breathtaking island in Thailand situated in Phuket. Surrounded by picturesque bays and rocky cliffs. Its most prominent and extraordinary wonder is Maya Bay, a majestic green lagoon surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Sailing along the majestic green lagoons at Phi Phi Island, Via:

Sail along with Phi Phi’s prettiest scenery like Monkey Beach, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. Snorkel in the emerald-green water and explore the vibrant corals and diverse marine life of Phi Phi Island.

3. Patong Beach

Patong beach is the heart of Phuket. This beach is the most visited by the tourist from all nations. There are two things people come to Patong Beach for one is to enjoy its exotic beach life and the wild nightlife.

The nightlife of Patong Beach, Via: Jeffrey Donenfeld

This beach is an excellent hub for parties that why it becomes bustling and crowded at night. You can also enjoy water sports on this beach like parasailing, jet-skiing and banana rides.

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4. Karon Beach, Trip To Phuket

Karon Beach is the third largest beach on Phuket and it is situated between Patong and Kata Beach. The most popular holiday destination- Karon beach offers the best snorkeling spot for travelers. The Karon Viewpoint is one of the famous tourist attractions in Phuket.

Karon Beach, Trip To Phuket
Karon viewpoint at Karon Beach, Via:

The viewpoint offers a stunning glimpse of three beaches which are Kata Noi, Kata Yai and Karon. Karon Beach Road is ideal for an evening stroll and is home to several large resorts, as well as restaurants and shops.

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5. Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is the popular temple in Phuket. Every traveler who comes to explore Phuket always visits this colourfull place of worship. The highlight of this visit is the Grand Pagoda, which contains a small fragment from the bone of Lord Buddha.

Wat Chalong in Phuket, Via:

The pagoda is beautifully decorated with Buddha images and pictures that depict the life story of himself. A special fair is organized at Wat Chalong, which has Thai cultural elements, traditional Thai food and different flavors of Thai snacks.

6. Big Buddha

The Giant Buddha statue is placed on the top of Nakkerd hills. The figure of Buddha is 45 m tall and made from white marble, which is a famous landmark in Phuket for tourists.

Via: Pinterest

It resembles the beautiful views of Chalong Bay. From the top of the hills, you can get a full panoramic view of the island which is quite breathtaking.

7. Kamala Beach

Travelers will be lured by the calm atmosphere present at Kamala Beach. This beach is considered as the most family-friendly beach of Phuket. The South Thai touch makes this beach a tempting spot for youngsters for celebrating every occasion.

Tourists enjoying sunbath at Kamala Beach, Via:

Kamala beach is a decent and affordable place for living, clubbing, shopping and relishing delicious food.

8. Bang Tao Beach

Bang tao beach is the second largest beach in Phuket west coast after Patong beach. Those who want to relax on a luxurious beach should visit this beach. Bang Tao offers a long stretch of soft white sand beach where you will find plenty of great hotels and resorts. The area has been developed with no high rise buildings and lots of landscaping.


Bang Tao is also home to the island’s best antiques and artifact shops and high-end international restaurants. Enjoy water sports adventure, horseback riding, golfing, learn Thai cooking and sailing.

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9. Trickeye Museum

This Trickeye Museum is for those who like strange and artistic paintings. This museum has some impressive display inside it, such as life-size 3D paintings that look like they might pop out anytime. Show some creativeness and click goofy pictures with them.

People At Trickeye Museum, Via:

Phuket Trickeye Museum features a gallery of about 100 painted and sculpted scenes using Trompe-l’oeil techniques, placing tourists in real world-like situations.

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10. Koh Mai Ton, Trip To Phuket

Koh Mai Ton is a private island in Phuket, which is also known as Honeymoon Island. Enjoy dolphin watching and fishing on the way to the island. Maiton is an excellent place for swimming, snorkeling and spending some leisure time with your loved ones. Visit the coral sanctuary near the shore with about 400 species of fish and mindblowing marine life. This private island allows only limited guests at a time to keep the exclusivity intact.

Koh Mai Ton, Trip To Phuket
The most private island of Phuket- Maiton island, Via:

Phuket is known for the extraordinary nightlife that it offers to its visitors. 1-2 days are insufficient for anybody to have an entire voyage through this lovely spot. If you are coming to this place, you should go with a full confirmation plan, beautiful spots and things that you need to explore.

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