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Visit Pyeongchang Of Korea For Spirituality And Tranquility


Pyeongchang, which is also known as “peaceful flourishing” is a South Korean city, that we are going to cover today at India Imagine. First of all, don’t get confused between Pyeongchang and Pyongyang, well if you miss a word, you would definitely will! But remember, Pyeongchang is a South Korean city and Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea.

So, if you are ready let’s get started!

Pyeongchang is a place with beautiful backwaters, vibrant nature, and a perfect hub for outdoor activities. This place is close to the capital city, Seoul, and is situated on the top of the Taebaek mountain. Due to its climate behavior, Pyeongchang hosted the famous 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. The place is surrounded by mountains and much to our amazement, an elevation of 700 m is what is recorded.

Pyeongchang City
Pyeongchang City / Image credit:

Precisely speaking, Pyeongchang was ruled by several dynasties from the Goguryeo Dynasty to the reign of King Taejong. Hence, there are more than 16 Heritage sites most of which comprise centuries-old architectural beauty.

But Pyeongchang is famous for sports and there are several resorts connected to sports and relevant activities.

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Some names for the sports lover in you!

Phoenix Snow Park

Phoenix Snow Park
Phoenix Snow Park / Image credit:

Phoenix Snow Park is a favorite among the tourists and locals alike. Apart from skiing the park also provide a venue that can be exclusively used for a snowboard. The resort is certified by International Ski Federation and hence, quite safe and secure for sports activities.

Alpensia Resort

Alpensia Resort is the biggest sports center located in Pyeongchang. The place is also a major tourist attraction and is open around the year. There are several sports arenas inside this large complex, such as a vast golfing courtyard, area for skiing and snowboarding and open area for winter sports.
The charm of the place surged when the Winter Olympics Games were held here in the year 2018.

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Younpyoung Resort

Another place famous for high ski slopes that are filled with fun-lovers throughout the year. The course of action changes as per climate, skiing in winters and golfing in spring or summer.

The Alps of Korea

The Alps of Korea
The Alps of Korea / Image credit:

The Alps of Korea is a blend of beautiful landscapes and picturesque scenery surrounding it. The place is also known as Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm, a herd of white fluffy sheep grazes through the lands and the view is a perfect feast for travelers’ eyes. The place then looks like a snow blanket. People click pictures to capture memories for a lifetime.

Lets look at the history and heritage of Korea’s Pyeongchang

Jeonggagwon – traditional food and landmarks

Jeonggagwon food
Jeonggagwon food / Image credit:

Jeonggagwon is a must-visit place when you are visiting Pyeongchang. It is specifically built to preserve the traditional food culture of Korea. Jeonggagwon is built in a unique hanok-style architectural design. If you have some time to spare, along with relishing your favorite food, you can take some cooking lessons from this place.

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Woljeongsa Temple and Museum

Woljeongsa Temple is one of the tourist hotspots of Pyeongchang that has many Buddhist temples combined inside the main temple. But the place is equally important to the locals residing here. They connect with the temple spiritually and have become a part of their culture and dignity. This temple also is a treasure house in preserving Buddhist traditions and artifacts. Woljeongsa temple and museum are located in the heart of Odaesan National Park which was built in the year 1975.

A small city with mountains hovering around is just like a scenery right from your living room portrait, that what Pyeongchang can be described. If you are listing out places that can be visited throughout the year, Pyeongchang is the place for you!

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