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Enjoy a Splendid Honeymoon in The Pristine Coastal Town of Byron Bay


You will truly be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a romantic honeymoon destination in Australia. After all, there are several amazing and cherished destinations on the continent where you can go with your spouse and make your planned honeymoon dreams come true. The Pristine Coastal Town of Byron Bay at Australia is the hub of a wide range of activities to be partaken in; that means you can enjoy various aquatic activities on and underwater, laze in the pristine beaches, view endless and wonderful tourist attractions, breathtaking scenery and enjoy happening nightlife. The list of things to do and see will go on and on but according to most travellers, visiting the beaches there is something out of this world.

Byron Bay – A Splendid Honeymoon Destination

So if you are a newly-wed couple and are looking to find a splendid honeymoon destination in Australia, do not look further than the lap of Byron Bay. The place is considered as the most romantic and perfect honeymoon destination and therefore will deliver you an experience that is beyond compare.

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It is basically a coastal town located in the south of Brisbane and boasts with a variety of natural sightseeing attractions and sumptuous accommodations. Earlier it was called South Wales whaling station; however today its significance has risen higher as a result of it has become a prominent honeymoon destination.

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Ways To Reach Byron Bay

The airport that sits close to Byron Bay is Gold Coast Airport in Coolangatta. You will not experience any difficulty if you board on any transportation means, for example, buses, taxis, limos, shuttle services, etc. to reach there.

Things to do in Byron Bay

Enjoy Scuba diving or Snorkeling at Julian Rocks

Julian Rocks are simply the best place to enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling. It is basically a protected reserve for the meek Grey Nurse Shark; also it is a great center to enjoy witnessing Sea Turtles and hundreds of different species of fish!

Scuba Diving Byron Bay
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If you are not good at snorkelling or scuba diving, a certified assistant is generally present there to help you.

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Visit the local markets of Byron Bay

You will never feel boredom or homesick in the Byron area, as there is a wide range of markets to visit and explore in.

Byron Bay Markets
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The most popular and sought-after markets of this place include Byron Bay Artisan Market (October to March, every Saturday night), Byron Bay Markets (first Sunday of every month) & Byron Bay Farmer’s Market (every Thursday morning).

Enjoy night party to the fullest at any of Byron’s nightspots

Byron is although not very big albeit there are truly some wonderful pubs and clubs for you to enjoy a night party to the fullest.

Nightlife of Byron Bay
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You along with your spouse will enjoy the live music and regardless of the night of the week, it is full fun will always be there for you.

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Akarkwal National Park

A prominent national park, Arakwal is all the way eye-catching and therefore worth visiting when in Byron Bay. All you need is good transportation mean and you can reach there easily.

Akarkwal National Park
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The main aspect of the place is that it is a natural flora and fauna region with beautiful hills, dunes and a beach that you cannot prevent yourself from exploring this park.

There are so many things to do there that it is not possible to include here each and everything. Things listed above are only the prominent ones.

Things to see

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse is maybe the first impressive thing that you will see easily while getting at Byron Bay.

Byron Lighthouse
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The highlight of the lighthouse is that it is visible from a long distance, which is generally the purpose of a lighthouse.

Go Whale Watching at Bron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the primary places to witness Humpback Whales, as they travel north throughout winter.

Byron Bay walk by seashore
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Whales are generally getting quite close to the cliffs of the Cape Byron Lighthouse and this is an alluring vista to watch.

Visit Mount Warning

A visit to Mount Warning or Wollumbin when in Byron Bay is worth considering. This place is located only an hour distance while driving from Byron Bay. It is an incredible rainforest hike to the top of an ancient volcano.

Mount Warning Byron Bay
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It is considered a holy place to the Bundjalung People of the region. If you are fond of hiking to the summit, it is allowed; however as the traditional owners ask that you don’t climb out of respect for their culture.

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Witness a glorious Byron Bay Sunset

If you are interested in witnessing the spectacle of a glorious Australian sunset, then no place will be as best as Byron Bay is. The most famous site there is Clarkes Beach down, which sits quite close to Caravan Park.

Byron Bay Sunset
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As you watch the sun setting in the evening, it will be a spectacle beyond compare!
There are still several other amazing sightseeing attractions that you can visit and have a great tour with your spouse or soul mate.

Dining Options

There are several high-class and standard restaurants for you to choose from and dine depending on your budget and preferences. However, if you want to dine and enjoy the flavor of sheer Australian, Contemporary Tapas, and Asian fusion food no other restaurant is perhaps as good as Balcony Restaurant.

Dining and enjoying in Byron Bay nearby restaurants
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You can also find some other good restaurants here in the areas namely, Bay Lane, Byron Bay and Lawson where you can have world-class dining with your spouse and have great memorable honeymoon memories that will be etched in your mind forever.


The coastal town features as many as expensive and budgetary luxury accommodations possible for you. These accommodations will furnish you with sophisticated amenities and customer happiness.

Accomodation Byron Bay
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Some of the best honeymoon accommodations at Byron Bay include Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, Costa Rica in Byron, Cape Byron Retreat, Watermark at Wategos and many others. All these luxury accommodations are perfect for a romantic getaway and are located amidst wonderful landscapes and pristine beaches.

Topping off

Choosing the best honeymoon destination as Bryon Bay, believe it or not, your honeymoon will be all the way and uniquely worth remembering for a lifetime!

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