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Canberra – Heart of the Nation


Want to find a mix of art, culture, history then head for Canberra. It is not only the capital of Australia but also the largest inland city. It is present in the northern end of Australia’s capital territory, south-west of Sydney and north-east of Melbourne. The location is phenomenal lies between Sydney and Melbourne. The city is not only a place for tourists but an essential place for government agencies too.  As it is the capital to Australia, it homes many federal and government institutions and offices. Canberra is also the location for the Australian Defence Force, including the Royal Military College Duntroon and the Australian Defence Force Academy.

The Parliament House, the official residence of the governor-general, national museums and monuments also place here. Word Canberra is derived from Kambera or Canberry. Later in 1836, the original name was evolved. If you are planning for a vacation in Canberra, then you may find many tourist attractions. In terms of the population growth of around 2.2 percent has been seen from the year 2018. Festivals and culture are an integral part; the entire city celebrates many festivals.

In 1927 it was an official transfer of the federal Parliament from Melbourne to the new capital. Since that time, the life of the people and the city has been changed forever. Massive development was taken place from the 20th century. Its was the time when real progress took place — peoples from around the world visit to see the culture, museums, galleries of Canberra.

Discover Great Things To See In Canberra

Canberra is a place where you will find all the attractions and experiences within your limits. It means that visiting any site or monument is not a tough job. Nowadays, many individuals are doing a solo adventure. This place is also perfect for solo person. There is a saying over here that Canberra has something special for everyone. Here is some list of sites that should be discovered by you:

Australian War Memorial

This is a place that is highly recommended for all tourists. It was inaugurated in the middle of World War – 2. This Byzantine-style monument is especially made to honor Australia’s war casualties. It is one of the most prominent attractions to watch. This site is a combination of museums, galleries, libraries, and art. Many people say that it is a war memorial, but it is more than that. In the courtyard, you will find the names of every Australians who were died in the war since 1855.

Australian War Memorial - Canberra
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When you enter the memorial, you will find an impressive collection of different artifacts and other stuff. Here the galleries have the stories of various armed conflicts from past days to till present. The old artifacts that were put on display are very friendly exclusively for children. If you plan out to visit the memorial, then stay for at least one or two hours. Unless you make a complete tour of the monument, you will not be able to appreciate the work. In the last post, you will find a moving tribute every day at 4.55 pm daily.

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Namadgi National Park

Namadgi National Park is a protected area that is in the south-west direction of Canberra. This national park offers a diverse range of species. Some of the different species that are found here are eastern grey kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, magpies, rosellas, and ravens. These are some species that are nearly in the stage of extinct. In the year 2008, Namadgi National Park was added to the list of Australian National Heritage list.

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You will surely feel incredible when you will visit the place. It feels like you have been surrounded by excellent and uncommon wildlife in Australia. Even tourists are allowed to make a camp and stay over there to see some of the most iconic views. The government has approved the facility to conduct rides of the horse. Namadgi is a local Native name for the mountains situated to the southwest of Canberra. Native presence in the area has been dated to 21,000 years old.

New Parliament House In Canberra

One of the most famous attractions in the entire Canberra that is a sort of government space but also for tourist. The new Parliament House is the first thing that comes into the mind of tourists whenever they plan to visit Australia. This house has been a considerable attraction or can be said as a hub for politics. All the political decisions and amendments are conducted here. It was opened in 1988.

New Parliament House In Canberra
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This unique structure is astonishing; from the point of the walkway, visitors can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of Canberra. In terms of an architectural point of view, the structure has two massive circular walls that have been made of granite. In the corridor, 48 columns of illuminated greenish-gray marble create the pattern of a eucalyptus forest. After visiting here, you can take a 3.5-kilometer Parliament House Walk directly to the city center and learn about the Parliamentary Triangle along the way through informative signs.

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Activities To Do With Friends & Family

What every visitor wants when they visit some new place or destination. In Canberra, there are many activities to do with friends and family. Some of the events that are pretty famous for tourist:

Lake Burley Griffin – Canberra

The lake is in the center of Canberra. In fact, no one can tell that it is an artificial lake. Lake Burley Griffin was completed in 1963, and it was named after an architect. Tourists and local residents like to come here and enjoy the day by doing some activities and spending some quality time. Many peoples travel here with the bike also. It is all in all a picnic spot, and one can sail or paddle the boat.

Lake Burley Griffin - Canberra
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Six islands lie in the center of it. One of the largest islands in the Aspen island. Walking around the lake is some of the things that you can do while visiting here. While standing on the shore of the central basin, you can view a captain cook memorial jet and a 147-meter high fountain that was inaugurated in 1970 on the 200th anniversary of Cook’s discovery of Australia.

National Botanical Garden

On the slope of the black mountain, you will see a 50-hectare national park. This National Botanical Garden is a kilometer away from the city center. In this botanical garden, there is a collection of all native plants from all over Australia. Authorities who are working over there have displayed the plants and stuff for the knowledge and enjoyment of tourists. One of the key attractions is the herbarium of preserved plants that are stored over here.

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For local visitors and tourists, the association of botanical gardens has made arrangements of flora explorer tours. In this tour, people are guided with deep information on the basics of planting and preserving the plants, that are on the verge of extinction. There will be a 45-minute guided tour on a 13 seater electric bus. These tours are only conducted on public holidays or Saturday and Sunday. But there is an exhibition center that is conducted always from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. The Gardens here offers everything for a perfect trip or vacation, a quiet relaxing walk, formal scientific research, and botanical study.

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