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What is so Special in Whitsunday, Australia For Spending a Vacation?


When you conceive Australia, there could be many things that can appear in your mind. These include pristine beaches, koalas, kangaroos, dense forests, water-based activities and so on. In the meantime, it is hard to get pristine sandy beaches out of mind, as these beaches stand out exceptionally and are distinctively desired. So if you have a special penchant for sandy beaches, then Whitsunday Australia on the east coast of Queensland is just the ticket for you.

Constituted of 74 islands and the mainland, the Whitsundays is best known for the iconic Great Barrier Reef. This serene beachside, island wonderland is truly a haven for newlywed coupons looking for an absolutely romantic Australian honeymoon destination.

The Whitsundays is truly one of the best places in the world for not only enjoying honeymoon but you can also go back years later with your kids or buddies to relive the experience in a new way.

The sky is the limit for the things to see and do when you are in Whitsunday, Australia. Here we mention a few very special things you will like to do and see:

Enjoy sailing

Thankfully, a wide range of sailing tours are active in Whitsundays, the most imperative being the ‘Coral Trekker’. This 75 foot completely restituted tall ship softly and royally sails through the islands and as a spectator, all you need to do is just view and enjoy the view.

Sailing whitsundays
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You can partake in and enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, walking along private beaches and finish up very well sipping cocktails and watch the sunset from the deck of a conventional sailing ship.

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Enjoy a romantic flight

The waters that you see around the Whitsundays Islands are a combination of the alluring sapphire blues, turquoises and even jade green at some specific spots. Furnished with pristine grey sands, the entire region appears quite fantastic to witness from above – there’s even a ridge of heart-shaped rock that you can find there!

Romantic Flight Whitsunday
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There are even very alluring flights available in a variety of aircraft from the maneuverable helicopters, to seaplanes and the serenely silent hot air balloons. It is worth considering hiring a flight, so you can witness and take pleasure in the vistas together.

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Romantic Dinner

When it comes to taking lunch or dinner, you can feel at ease completely, as there are truly some great restaurants that offer spectacular local seafood. With bird’s-eye views, overlooking calm waters dotted with green islands, these eateries are just the ticket for enjoying good food, wonderful wine and have a great companionship.

Romantic Dinner Whitsundays
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In the meantime, if you need a little romantic aspect additionally, you can view the vistas outside while you dine.

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Enjoy Spa at Whitsunday, Australia

Baby yourself with a refreshing health and wellness experience at your resort’s spa. For the overall extravagance, be sure to make your way to Daydream Island’s prized Rejuvenation Spa or Hayman’s Spa Chakra.

Enjoy Spa at Whitsunday, Australia
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The latter offers an elite selection of custom-made beauty and wellbeing programs, with 13 individual treatment rooms including a dyed-in-the-wool damp treatment room, a comforting hydrotherapy area, saunas, steam rooms and a high-tech hair salon added with a unique occasional make-up.

Game fishing

Revel in some second-to-none game fishing in Queensland. You will also like to enjoy the rich waters of the outer Great Barrier Reef for tuna, mackerel and coral salmonid, or choose to tag and set sailfish and marlin free.

Enjoy a Weekend at a Resort

Want to select the best resorts in Whitsunday to enjoy very romantic holidays, then you will be spoilt for choice truly, as there is a legion of luxury resorts to choose from. Most of these resorts are located in the pristine natural surroundings

Resort Whitsundays
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that allow you to have a look outside and experience complete peace of mind. Also, you can have champagne with strawberries, candle-lit dinners and breakfast in bed with your spouse.

Cedar Creek Falls, Whitsunday, Australia

Situated at a distance of 19kilometres from Proserpine on Conway Beach Road, the scenic Cedar Creek Falls is one of a kind in the damp season and it offers a perennial natural swimming pool at the bottom of the falls.

Cedar Creek Falls, Whitsunday, Australia
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Unwind in a natural rock amphitheater encircled by eye-catching native flora, for example, strangler figs, red and white cedars and feral orchids.

Take a bushwalk up and about and around the falls and be in awe of the imposing Alexandra palms that line the rivulet, as it winds its way to the ocean.

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Wear your fins and dive into the tepid superficial waters of the Whitsundays to go in swimming among some of the most multicolored fish and coral formations found anywhere in the world.

Picturesque flights

Get a helicopter view of the eye-catching reef formations from the air equipped with floats or from a seaplane.

Get married at Whitsunday, Australia

Let’s accept it without a second thought that the Whitsundays is the unequaled place to get hitched! In an area that is pretty much guaranteed to impress you with sunny skies, pristine island, riveting surroundings, and booming hospitality industry –Whitsundays is a place that is hard to be found elsewhere!

Get married at Whitsunday, Australia
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You and your spouse will have a memorable time, the setting will be seamlessly romantic; you will take pleasure in your wedding photos for a lifetime, so if there are so many things in Whitsundays, what is still holding up you to take a second consideration?

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