World TravelBreathtakingly Beautiful Ski Resorts Acorss The Globe

Breathtakingly Beautiful Ski Resorts Acorss The Globe


With 2021 hitting our chart, we have covered few beautiful topics on art and culture tourism places, places ready for solo travel, sustainable tourist places. I hope the write-up provided you with much-needed information. Today, we will be looking into something different altogether. The summers will be soon hitting us and the wanderlusts will be quickly on the run to find the best travel spots to keep them cool!!
So, why don’t we grab our jackets and boots and getaway into the land that is mystically magical with snow and snowflakes around us?

Today, at India Imagine, we will be discussing the top Ski resorts across the world for the best summer travel…

It is believed that there are more than 5000 ski resorts in the world. Of which Chamonix from France is considered as the best one and the ski capital of the world. There are several others in the list of best for an unbeatable experience…let’s get in too few of them!

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb/Image Credit:

Located in Canada, this ski resort is one of the largest in North America. Eventually, the ski area is spread across two peaks, Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and thus gained its name from there. January and March are the best months to try your luck at this ski resort. The tourist can never get bored with many activities lined up. However, the show fall is consistent throughout the year and the snow activity is available any time of the month. But the crowd that gathers during January seems to lessen by the rest of the month.


Courchevel/Image Credit:

Courchevel is one place that is ultimately for serious skiers. The place is situated on the top, almost 8983 ft in the Savoie city in France. This fabulous ski is a magical affair and being a French Alps mountainside ski resort. The ski area is designed as per the priority, if you are a pro, you are just at your dream place and if you are a beginner, you can experience the best of your first time here.

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Zermatt/Image Credit:

When we talk about skiing or any snow activity, we first remember Switzerland. Thanks to movies from the 90s that imposed Switzerland with snow and skiing. But is it all to blame the film? No, this German-speaking place is worth a visit for people in love with snow and snow sports. Zermatt has four areas where people come down to enjoy their ski. Schwarzsee, Sunnegga, Klein Matterhorn and Gornergrat are the four areas. Zermatt has a reputation of being on a bit expensive side.
The activities are available round the year, that means consistent sports activities available for tourist.

Vail Mountain Resort

Vail Mountain
Vail Mountain/Image Credit:

Vail is full of variety, varieties of terrain, areas perfect for snow sports, with accurate, pristine conditions. This ski mountain is quite different from—others with a magical essence of keeping the sunshine and snow equally balanced. The driers who have visited and experienced the place’s beauty had mentioned this place as magical and nothing this sort in the entire globe!

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Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Snowmass
Aspen Snowmass/Image Credit:

For a first-class quality of skiing, sports like snowboarding Aspen Snowmass is the best among all. This ski resort is located in Aspen, Colorado. The incredible view, super steep angles to enjoy the adrenaline rush all make this ski resort the most sought-after among the youngsters. However, the terrain is too steep and complex, making it a bit complicated for beginners. Utmost safety is recommended.

Telluride Resort

Telluride Resort
Telluride Resort/Image Credit:

Telluride ski resort is yet another famous ski spot located in Colorado. This is unlike other skis, a year-round location for winter-sports and snowboarding. Standing on the top of 13,150 ft on the mountain village, the ski resort has spectacular scenery and views. The nature lover in you will go gaga. On the expense side, this ski resort is quite feasible and has no plans to raise the price this year!

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Niseko Ski Resort

Niseko Ski Resort
Niseko Ski Resort/Image Credit:

High over the town of Shiribeshi, Hokkaido in Japan stands Niseko ski resort. When you visit the Niseko ski resort, it is not only the snowboarding and skiing you will fall for. It will be entirely the town that you will love. The food, scenery, and stay in the city will give you the world experience.

Chamonix Ski Resort

Chamonix Ski Resort
Chamonix Ski Resort/Image Credit:

Chamonix is called the “Ski Capital of the world. ” And the reason is quite apparent, Chamonix is the best off-piste ski resort. It is home to skiers and hikers since the 1890s. There is five resort combined to form Chamonix ski resort. A tourist would go back home with fabulous memories.
This extraordinary ski resort is nestled in the French Alps’ heights, which makes it beautiful scenery and views.

Snowfall, snow mountains, snowboarding are a dream come true to any backpackers. And after the ongoing situation and slowly making terms with it, now we need a break! And the snow mountains with picture-perfect location and winter sport, what more do we need?
Till you ponder
Bon Voyage from me!!

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