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Hamnøy – A Place In Norway Known For Red Fisher Huts And Skiing


Norway has always attracted tourists across the globe. People come here to enjoy winter sports like skiing, skating, and sledging. However, today at India Imagine we will be exploring an unconventional small village called Hamnøy in Nordland country, Norway.

Let’s get a glimpse of the place before getting into more interesting details

Hamnøy – A sleepy little village

It is a small village with a fishing community residing on a majority. The place is located on the eastern side of Moskenesøya island. The huts are painted red making a beautiful and astounding view. Hamnøy has some stunning Lofoten archipelago. The village offers the tourists perfect picturesque sights without having to put on too much of efforts.

Why choose Hamnøy over other places?

A small relatively isolated village in Norway, which is truly a picturesque spot to hang out with family, friends or go solo travel. There will be plenty of outdoor activities for the adventurer in you and cultural activities as well. Apart from that the best about the whole visit is the option for you to stay. Ditch all the conventional hotels and go for homestay.

Hamnøy Norway
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Travellers are accommodated by the locals here, to stay at their beautiful tiny red huts. All the facilities are installed in the cabins, which will ensure a comfortable stay. A good internet connection, comfortable cozy stay in the wilderness is what makes the stay more exciting.

So, How about moving to places that stand best for sightseeing and fun?

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Sakrisøy (Sakrisøya)

A tiny Island that has some spectacular view and an amazing place to be when the sun is about to set.

Sakrisøy Norway
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Also, it’s famous because of yellow cabins in Lofoten that are a feast to the eye. The place is also popular for fishing and aurora watching.


A perfect place surrounded by mountains and terrains that looks stunningly gorgeous.

Reinefjorden Norway
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People while visiting Reinefjorden often love to hike and bicycle through the mountain terrains.

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Island in Norway

This place is a small island that has some gorgeous spots to stay back. Mandatory sightseeing for the tourists who come here to visit Hamnoy.

Olenilsøya Hamnøy
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Tourists when coming here usually rent boats and bikes, go hiking and fishing.

MKB 2/514 Olnilsöen

A place with historical significance in Hamnøy and also a historical landmark, some local museums and galleries impart cultural as well as a historical update to the tourists about this little place. And even annual Feelgood Jazzfest is being held here!

List of things that would brighten up your chill days

Enjoy the traditional winter sports

Well, to be frank, the weather out there is unpredictable. Sometimes when the sun rises consider yourself lucky enough, on the other side, the weather won’t stay that for too long. However the climate there is best suitable for winter sports like skiing and hiking. The sport attracts tourists who come here frequently.

Winter Sports Norway, Hamnøy
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There are some beautiful mountains for the Helgeland coast that stand tall from the oceanic shores. Apart from picturesque perfect, they are the best places from water sport adventures. However, you can’t ignore the danger it brings along with you. Hence be ready with safety measures and also listen to what locals have to predict the weather conditions.

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Fishing is more fun in the icy waters.

Experience fishing like never before with the locals. Fishing is one of the main sources of livelihood in Hamnøy. The locals take a small ferry to go fishing.

Fishing Norway
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You can accompany them and go for some real fishing experience in the cold out there.

Horse riding on the icy mountains of Hamnøy

When you reach the small village of Hamnøy, you need to be on your foot every time it takes up a ferry. However, to ride on to the mountain steps you can opt for the horse.

Horseride Norway
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Well, horse riding to catch some beautiful ice glaciers won’t be a bad idea. Please, don’t forget your camera!

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Camping and bonfire on the laps of Hamnøy

Camping Norway, Hamnøy
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People often lit the fire and indulge in camping here. Hamnøy is perfect for making your tent and go camping. To stare at the clear night sky sitting near the warm fire and spending some time of extreme tranquillity is much needed to get away from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

The right time to visit Hamnoy

Hamnoy is good to go around the year. However, if you are fascinated to view cod fishing then the season begins in winter. The winter is extremely dark and cold still people come here to spend quality time. During May The Great Elijazzen Festival is one of the main attractions that pull people to this place. Apart from this, there is an annual Feelgood Jazzfest being held which attracts people.

The world is full of beautiful places filled with glamorous cities, magnificent architectural epitome, skyscrapers, shimmering restaurants, and exotic resorts and hotels to stay in. But ditching the traditional ways and opting to go for some unconventional places can bright up the better side in you. Hamnøy would do the same, the place will bring back the roots in you and allow you to sink in with your life. Vacation outside the city noise may bring the serenity in you. So, take a break and visit Hamnøy!

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