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Tour Vernazza, Cinque Terre – Most Photo Worthy Destination of Italy


Visiting traditional destinations in Italy like Venice, Rome, Florence has gone out of fashion. In the current social media scenario, when everybody loves posting snap streaks on Snapchat and reels on Instagram, they always wanted to visit picturesque and colourful destinations to make their trip memorable and to engage many followers. So we have spotted one new destination, Cinque Terre – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has many uncovered seashore towns located on the hilly Italian Riviera coastline. One of its pictorial towns is Vernazza – A bewitching and colourful destination to visit😍.

So without creating any more hype on this point, Let’s uncover this fascinating destination for all social media travel influencers so you can add it in your next bucket list.

Vernazza – Breathtaking Village of Cinque Terre

The serene ambience and natural beauty are what most travel influencers are looking for and Vernazza is perhaps the most appealing among Cinque Terre’s villages. Vernazza is all about hiking down the breathtaking paths along the cliffs, snapping pictures of multicoloured homes enclosed by cliffs, experiencing boating and enjoying a swim on the seashore. You will behold some of the best landscapes of Cinque Terre from Vernazza and capture portraits of the village.

Top View Vernazza Italy / Image Credit:

When you walk into the village, you will recognise those narrow lanes from cliff spills into a very amusing and calming seashore and when you reach downwards little boats dock in the rocky harbour basin looks alluring. The most beautiful pictures of the village Vernazza can be taken from the meadow which is totally an eye arresting landscape for travellers.

Things to do at Vernazza

In this picturesque and friendly village of Italy, there are many things which you can explore with your friends and loved ones. So take a look at what you can do here –

One of Vernazza Italy’s main tourist attractions is the ancient footpath that runs from Monterosso to Riomaggiore and passes via Vernazza.

Soothe Yourself at Vernazza Harbour

Vernazza Harbour is the only natural harbour of Cinque Terre and has stunning views out over the sea providing the best open-air pleasure in Vernazza. Travellers, here you can relax on a tiny beach i.e. Vernazza Beach. You can head out straight for a boat ride or hang out with friends throughout the day to catch a fresh breath of air with a glass of Italian’s finest wine at one of the alfresco restaurants.

Vernazza Harbour / Image Credit:

The main swimming beach in Vernazza Italy has dwelled in front of Piazza Marconi which is the main square of Vernazza. It is one of two swimming areas in Vernazza.

Snap Pictures With Pastel Colore Houses

The authentic uniqueness of Vernazza is not due to its most remarkable structures, but due to its pastel-coloured little houses, nestled together on the steep shoreline like a trapped fabrication. Its tiny squares and little alleys are also a paradise for food and wine lovers. A large part of the earnings of Vernazza is correlated with excellent wine production, olive oil and lemons.

Pestle Houses Vernazza Cinque Terre
Pestle Houses Vernazza Cinque Terre / Image Credit:

Fish has been the key source for the inhabitants for much of the village’s history and it is still a core feature of its traditional cuisine, that’s why it is also renowned as the fishing village. There are many shops where travellers who love art and culture can also find several unusual art stuff and carry as a memory with them.

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Explore Various Churches at Vernazza

Apart from its harbour and ambience, Churches of Vernazza also catches limelight during its trip. There are two main churches which we are discussing here, check them out as they are mainly popular for their unique architecture style.

Church of St. Margaret of Antioch

The church was established between the 11th & 12th centuries. The major highlight of this church is its Roman architecture, and during its construction in the late 1750s it was changed to baroque but later the original style was restored in 1970s. Tale associated with it is that it has it that the church here was built after a box deposited on a nearby beach with the bones of Saint Margaret. It is noteworthy for its rare octagonal 40m-tall tower crowned with a dome. The viewpoints of Vernazza are excellently visible via the narrow arched windows of the church.

Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Vernazza
Church of St. Margaret of Antioch, Vernazza / Image credit:

Church of San Francesco

This Church was constructed in the 17th century and it includes a quadrangular tower of the 16th century. Besides this, its walls are also quite ancient which is that point of attraction of this San Francesco Church.

Observe the Bewitching Castello Doria

The oldest known fortification in the Cinque Terre, this castle possesses excellent views. Dating back to 11th century, except for the circular tower in the centre of the esplanade, the castle has become a ruin. You have to take a steep and narrow staircase beside the harbour to reach the castle.

Castello di Doria Vernazza
Castello di Doria Vernazza / Image Credit:

This castle was built for the protection of the village and surveillance of the entire coast. You get beautiful views of the village and the coast that everyone can enjoy, as the terrace of the castle and the tower are open to the travellers. Its main Belforte Tower is the symbol of Vernazza, it can be easily seen on almost all the photos of the village.

Enjoy Hiking Trails near Vernazza

Vernazza in the Cinque Terre is totally delight for hikers. The Monterosso hiking trail is an ancient footpath that connects the Cinque Terre town of Monterosso to the lovely town of Vernazza Italy. There are many old trails lead here for those who like to travel by foot or love hiking. Among all, the most spectacular is the Sentiero Azzurro which is also known as the “Blue Trail”. Running high along the coast, this breathtaking trail allows hikers to have the most astonishing views of the village, the same view that must have captivated ancient travellers for centuries before.

Hike the Blue Trail to explore Vernazza
Blue Trail Vernazza / Image Credit:

Where to Savour Food: In this Italian village, there are various restaurants, bars and other amenities in the square near the seacoast fitting everyone’s taste. Pippo a Vernazza – Tradizione & StreetFood, Piadiamo Vernazza, Gianni Franzi and Il Pirata Delle Terre are few restaurants which popular at Vernazza.

Savour Cannoli at Vernazza
Savour Cannoli at Vernazza / Image Credit:

And You can savour Trofie al Pasto and Cannoli on these restaurants. So open your taste buds and savour some of the best Italian mixed seafood at Vernazza. Small cafes are lined up where you can sip a cappuccino with the view, and which easily lead you to main points by the sea such as Piazza Marconi.

How to Reach: The village can’t be reached by car; visitors can only arrive by train, boat or on foot. The Cinque Terre coast is served by a local train and ferry service. The nearest airports are in Pisa and Genoa Italy.

Bottom Line

Concluding here but, you can also take part in fireworks and festival, at the Feast of Santa Margherita which Vernazza celebrates every year with patron saints. Here at Vernazza, you can stroll freely on the cobbled lanes lead you up to an adjacent hillside, from where you can look down to enjoy the view of the harbour town. So enjoy the most satisfying way and let us know what you liked in this beautiful village.

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