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Cities Once Thrived, Lost and Re-discovered!


When we say lost cities, it feels as if we are watching a movie that’s based on a treasure hunt. Remember watching “National treasure”, the classic “Mackenna’s Gold” and the “Indiana Jones”? Well, out of nowhere a lost city arises with treasure and the world goes gaga! That must be in movies, right? But what about real life? Have you ever wondered? Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I used to be quite obsessive about the lost cities and places that are hidden far away. Cities and places that once bloomed, thrived and flourished but now nowhere seen. Some places got lost due to the invasion of other kingdoms and some became victims of wars that prevailed. Some left undiscovered until someone rediscovered it. Anyhow, these topics gave me immense pleasure to research. It takes me back to my childhood days, reminiscing and rejoicing.

So, without wasting a second let us move on to the list of lost cities across the globe that captured my fascination…hope it fascinates you, readers, too.

Thebes in Egypt

Thebes/Image Credit:

Cities that are lost, burials that have treasures, when we come across such words which country comes immediately into our minds? Absolutely right, it’s Egypt indeed. With pyramids, caves, desserts and indefinite tombs, it is quite easy to find places that are interesting and intriguingly mysterious. Thebes in Egypt is one such place that is mysteriously unfolded. This place marks from the year 2040 to 1070 Before Christ (BC). With such a surplus architectural epitome all over the place, it is indeed hard to believe they belong to a past that was not mentioned ever. To increase your curiosity, let me add that the famous tomb of Tutankhamun is found here, right at Thebes!

The Mosque City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh

The Mosque City of Bagerhat
The Mosque City of Bagerhat/Image credit:

We all know Bangladesh was once a part of India. It is said that during the era, precisely speaking during the 15th century a Turkish general was too eager to build a small town near the river Ganga and Brahmaputra. This small city consisted of Mosques, tombs of famous people buried and architecture with a Turkish touch. It was said that almost 360 mosques were built on the land. However, the founder was dead and the city was lost. Till now few of the parts have been discovered, not the entire place that once stood proudly!

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Vijayanagar in India

Vijayanagar in India/Image Credit:

If you are an Indian reader, Vijayanagar will grab your attention. During 1500 AD a kingdom called Vijayanagar thrived and prospered on the earth as no place ever. The place was located somewhere in the southern part of India. Soon the place became ruins and diminished into the soil leaving behind the Virupaksha temple as a sign of its existence. Vijayanagar remained one of the most fascinating historical places that had extra love in every Indian heart. The place is loved alike by historians and archeologists.

Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan

Most of us know the lost city of Mohenjo-Daro which comes under Pakistan now. The Mohenjo-Daro civilization was well known for being equivalent to Egyptian towns and trades. The people who thrived here or the kings and queens who ruled these places are still unknown. However, some ruins are left behind the traces of such a fabulous civilization. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the place is at of being a victim of erosion!

Petra in Jordan

Petra-Jordan, Via:

Some places thrive and flourish, then decline, only to be rediscovered a few centuries after. Petra is one such place. It was once a place well known for silk trade, that would import-export with neighboring giants like Asia and Arabia. It is a known fact that Petra fells into the hands of the Roman empire and ultimately saw its perish. This lost city remained untouched for centuries until it was rediscovered in 1812.

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Angor in Cambodia

Angor/Image Credit:

I had previously written about Angkor, particularly emphasizing the Angora Wat and the Buddhist and Hindu temples that emerged as great pride. The entire Angkor Wat is spread across 400 square km with architectural explorations that would take our breath away. This place is far more historical, than we can assume so it is perfect for this space. One of the world’s extraordinary sight, for people who are keen to know more about the old places.

Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu/Image Credit:

We know Machu Picchu, but not until beautiful Aishwarya Rai danced to one of the most popular dance numbers. We were mesmerized by the places where it was shoot. Soon it was revealed that this place is the once lost Machu Picchu! It was discovered in the year 1912, who found it accidentally. Thanks to him the world witnessed the most beautiful city on the earth. Soon it became one of the most popular tourist attractions.

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Ephesus in Turkey

ephesus / Image credit:

Turkey was without any doubt the most flourished place in the classic era. The trade, import-export and wealth, all defined the land among other giants. Ephesus was a port situated, on the river that shimmered here. Tough now perished, the ruins still stand tall to convey thousands of stories to the tourists. Among the ruins, the Library of Celsus and Temple of Artemis still stands among all odds.

Now that I am done with my list of lost cities, I am feeling a bit exhausted. To know that such wonderful places existed and now are perishing, lost, or destroyed brings in pain. Maybe we are surrounded by extra modern skyscrapers and magnificent landscapes, the beauty of the lost cities are incomparable…Because it is where our roots stand!!

Till you ponder over it…
Bon Voyage from me for now!!

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