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10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Paris


Paris is the capital of France and it is popular all over the world for its most iconic symbol of love- Eiffel Tower. But apart from its symbol, there are other destinations too that make Paris a dream destination for many tourists. No one can resist visiting this place. Paris charms outsiders with its iconic architecture, historical monuments, beautiful art museums, quirky palaces. Moreover, Paris is also renowned all over the world for popular sports events like the Grand slam and the French Open. Besides the beautiful places to visit in Paris, travellers love to attend Paris fashion week and enjoy shopping there.

Listing most pictorial places that you once visit while travelling to Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower – Places To Visit In Paris

Paris is nothing without its iconic symbol of romance- Eiffel Towel. It is the most popular place to visit in Paris. With a height of 324m, Eiffel Tower is the tallest architectural beauty of Paris. Alexzander Gustave Eiffel constructed this famous tower in 1889 for the Paris Exhibition. Three floors of the cultural tower are opened for visitors.

Eiffel Tower - Places To Visit In Paris

The first-floor houses the renowned restaurant, Eiffel Tower 58. You can discover the majestic views of Paris from the second and third floors. Without visiting this place, your travel tour will be incomplete.

2. Louvre Museum – Places To Visit In Paris

This museum is listed among the ten most famous museums in Europe. It is the most visited museum in France as well. This museum was opened in 1793, situated in the Royal Palace known as Louvre and stretched around in an area of 210,000m². This is an ideal destination for kids. This museum is popular for Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, Mona Lisa.

Louvre Museum - Places To Visit In Paris
Louvre Museum, Via:

It is one of the most significant art collections in the world. Musee De Louvre has more than 30000 artworks. The main highlight of this museum is Egyptian collection and Renaissance art. Some other things to know inside the museum include Islamic art, Oriental Antiques, Greek, Etruscan and Roman artwork.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame De Paris, which is a Roman Catholic Cathedral, one of the most enduring structures in Paris. The meaning of the name states, ‘Our lady of Paris.’ The architecture of Notre Dame was built in the French Gothic style in the year 1163. In the medieval era, it is the most popular of all Gothic cathedrals constructed in Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris, Via:

Now it is considered as the most elegant construction of France. Tourist gets charmed by its aura of ornamented interior decor. This cathedral has many artifacts and relics of history like the Crown of Thorns, Holy Nails and few pieces of True Cross. The whole view of Paris can be seen from the terrace of the cathedral.

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4. Arc De Triomphe

Also known as Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe is constructed in the dedication of the Imperial Army in the 19th century. This monument of Paris is the largest and only kind of construction in the world.

Pre-wedding photoshoot of a couple at Arc De Triomphe, Via: Pinterest

The astonishing statues, pillar carvings and victory tales engraved on the wall of Arc de Triomphe are the main attractions. It is one of the best architectural beauty situated in Paris. Tourists visiting this place can surely get spellbound and love to take selfies along with Arc de Triomphe.

5. Moulin Rouge Show

The Moulin Rouge is the most popular vintage cabaret location situated in the Montmartre hill. Montmartre is a famous white-domed Balisca at the top of the hill. Built-in 1889, the Moulin Rouge Show is now a popular tourist attraction of Paris and all over the world and entertaining tourists from its dance shows.

Cabaret show at Moulin Rouge, Via:

Moreover, you have witnessed the Moulin Rouge Cabaret in a popular movie by Baz Luhrmann, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. The sizzling music, illuminated building and romantic surroundings create an enchanting atmosphere for tourists.

6. Disneyland – Places To Visit In Paris

Disneyland is the most loved and favourite destination for kids and teenagers. This amusement park is present in the center of the city. Disneyland Paris has two theme parks which are Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

Disneyland - Places To Visit In Paris
Mickey and Winnie The Pooh at Disneyland, Via:

The center of attraction of this Disneyland is Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain and It’s a Small World. Its immense popularity and vibrant color attract many visitors. Explore the Disney arcade, the little word, visit the princess pavilion. Enjoy spending a fun-filled day with your kids in Paris.

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7. Seine River

When you are exhausted by traveling various monuments and want some relaxation in your life, then Seine river can be a great place for you. At the time of dusk, when all architectural buildings of Paris get lighten up, the entire view from the bank of Seine river is quite mesmerizing.

Enjoy cruising on Seine River, Via:

This place is famous as the City of Lights. This place is also one of the most beautiful and famous places to visit in Paris. You can also enjoy cruise ride on the Seine, especially at night. A dinner cruise is also available for tourists.

8. Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is the well-known fort of Paris. Constructed as the symbol of French Power in Europe in 17 century. This castle complex comprises of huge buildings and beautiful gardens which attracts many tourists.

Tourist exploring lavish interior inside the Palace of Versailles, Via:

The lavish interior, ancient decors and renaissance artwork are the main highlights of the Palace of Versailles. You can also stroll at famous French gardens. Explore the State Apartments and the famous Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s chamber is the highlights at Versailles.

9. Musee d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay is a popular museum of Paris, established in 1986. It is situated in an old train station at the heart of Paris. This museum displays some magnificent artwork and sculptures. Besides artwork, it is home to a famous Edouard Manet’s The Luncheon on the grass.


Tourists can also view beautiful paintings of renowned artists like Berthe Morisot, Johan Barthold Jongkind and Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, etc. which are kept for display. Musee d’Orsay is very popular among art lovers, history buffs and culture followers. Indeed, it is the best museum of modern artwork.

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10. Palais Garnier – Places To Visit In Paris

Palais Garnier is a symbol of Napoleon’s Imperial regime and it is named after the designer Charles Garnier. It is an ancient opera house of Paris which is also famous as Opéra Garnier. In the past, this was the main center of the Paris Opera. Now it stages captivating ballet shows. The alluring wooden carvings, artwork and paintings displayed in the main facade attract many art lovers. The stage fly tower, grand foyer, stairway and pavilions make it major attraction of Paris.

Palais Garnier - Places To Visit In Paris
Honeymoon photoshoot of a couple at Palais Garnier, Via:

There are many other attractive destinations that you can also explore Paris. Such as Pantheon, Quartier Latin, Place de la Concorde, Sainte-Chapelle, Centre Pompidou and many more. According to your budget, plane your journey to this beautiful city. And after visiting, let us know what you like the most about Paris.

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