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A Tour To Italy’s Most Intriguingly Beautiful Island – Salina


Italy is a dream destination for many of us. The reason behind it is quite obvious, Italy is a place filled with mystic architectural beauty and romantic getaways. People prefer to visit all the cities and places in Italy and make the most of it.

Today at India Imagine we are going to take a look at one such place in southern Italy known as Salina. With three main towns on the island, it is the second-largest island in Italy, with a population of more than 2500.

Let’s look at the towns in Salina, Sicily

There are three main towns in Salina which makes the place one of the largest archipelago islands. The towns are Santa Maria, Leni, and Malfa. These beautiful Sicily towns are practically surrounded by olive groves and citrus trees that are the main form of green on the island. The street of the town is pebbles pathways leading to beautiful beaches. Do you know there are two volcanoes in the center of the cities? Well, not to worry they are dormant for more than 13000 years now!

Salina, Sicily
Salina, Sicily / Image credit:

The food of Salina is another factor that keeps the tourists rushing into the city.
There is a small fishing village in Santa Maria where you can get a taste of some fabulous traditional food. The famous handmade bread, seafood with authentic wine is what you need after a day-long tour around Salina.

Santa Maria

It is one of the oldest towns in Salina, marking back to the 4th century when it was first discovered or founded by the Greeks. Thus the place makes one of the best sources for the people who are dealing with archaeological sites. And for the travelers seeking solace and peace, no other place can be better.

Santa Marina, Sicily
Santa Marina, Sicily / Image credit:

There is an eighteenth-century architectural church standing tall and there are a bunch of Archaeological museums across the city. Have you heard about the Wine museum? You better visit Santa Maria in Salina.


Leni is a beautiful little town in Salina soaked in nature and wildlife. People gather in the cliffs to adore the mesmerizing sunrise. Travelers try their luck in hiking as there are quite a good hiking trails in Leni. Stay in Leni is an adventurer’s dream. You can hire cottage to spend the night near to the wilderness and enjoy the feel of the adventure-seeking experience. Now when it comes to food, Leni offers some topical traditional flavors to end your day on a perfect note.


Malfa, Salina
Malfa, Salina / Image credit:

Malfa is a comune and one of the three towns in Salina apart from Santa Maria and Leni. The placemarks the main economic center with a source of activities like tourism, agriculture of products like grapes, olives and figs, and fishing are a boon.

Some tourists attractions of the island

If we say, the major attraction of Salina in Sicily is dormant-years-old volcanoes it won’t be a completely false statement. But it is not what Salina is all about.

let’s check out some best tourists attraction of the place:-

Monte Fossa Delle

Monte Fossa Delle
Monte Fossa Delle / Image credit:

The place is well known for its marvelous hiking trails for the adventurer in you. Also, there is a landmark volcano in the center of the place which is picturesque perfect to look at, don’t forget to click some memories…

Monte dei Porri

Monte dei Porri is another Volcanic Preserve and a major tourist attraction of the place. The volcano here is years old laying dormant and hence no harm for the travelers who like to go and look and majestic site.

Punta Perciato

Punta Perciato
Punta Perciato / Image credit:

Punta Perciato is a ring-shaped cliff with a plunging deep blue water beneath. Some Hollywood flicks have captured the beauty of the cliff like a dream spot.

Valdichiesa Church

Archaeological sites, architectural epitome, a place for worship, you name it!

Hauner Winery

Hauner Winery
Hauner Winery / Image credit:

Sicily is known for wine and its wineries, Hauner Winery is one of them. Taste the flavors and select your best taste of wine. After a long day tour, you deserve it!

Portella Village

Portella Village is a beautiful village with warm and friendly people. Yearning for some traditional seafood and stay home feel, you should spend a day here at Portella Village.

Your bucket list for travel would confide Italy, and if you are planning a trip don’t miss the beautiful Aeolian Island – Salina

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