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An Exquisite France Travel Destinations For Bag Packers


People are inevitably and madly in love with Paris, a dream city for many! Eiffel tower and Lascaux’s ancient and Roman theater are nothing less than the royal travel affair. Tourists across the world dream to visit France, for a family vacation, solo trip or to enjoy the best honeymoon travel. France travel destinations deliberately has the best taste to pull the tourist, in terms of sophisticated food, fashion and cities that binds you with its beauty. The most beautiful beaches, castles, and palaces also can be seen in this marvelous land.

Today we will look into France travel destinations that will give you memories or lifetime

Mont-Saint-Michel- An UNESCO France Travel Destination

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel: Image Credit/

Across one kilometer from the Normandy coast, Mont Saint Michel is located. This tiny island commune is a major tourist attraction in France favorite among the tourist. The entire village is surrounded by unique medieval walls with an ancient touch. Mont Saint Michel was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1979. Among other places and France travel destinations, Mont Saint Michel is also the most visited place with over 2.5 million visitors. And that makes Mont Saint Michel top of our list!

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Paris – The City Of Love

Paris: Image Credit/

We all know, Paris is undoubtedly one of the most loved and visited France travel destination. This European city is a hub for fashion and art lovers. The city is closely bordered by the River Seine and Wide boulevards. This 19th-century architectural city is known for the Eiffel tower and Neo-Gothic Cathedrals that stand tall dominating world tourism.
The city is the well -known for fashion and conducts the world-renowned Paris Fashion Week twice a year! Other than that Paris is a dream destination of couples looking for a new start in their life, it is not for nothing they call this city the City Of Love!

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Marseille- The Port City

Marseille: Image Credit/

A city that is globally famous for its bouillabaisse! It is a fish stew that is originated for the Marseille Port as a part of age-old tradition and culture. The port city looks ancient and keeps up with its authentic look of a century-old European port. It is quite a fascinating sight to see the fishmongers selling their days catch on the ports for their living. Amidst the port also stands the Romanesque-Byzantine church and some shopping centers for the shoppers.

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Lyon- A 2000 Year Old City

Lyon: Image Credit/

One of the oldest cities in the history of France and a cultural hub is what Lyon is all about. The city is situated on the banks of the river Rhone and Saone River. It is the third-largest country in the city in France. Due to its marvelous architectural designs and landmarks, the city is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lyon is a historically renowned city that is famous for silk production. The city is also known as the capital of gastronomy.

Nice- Climate, Food and Romantic Beaches

Nice: Image Credit/

Situated on the banks of the river Baie des Agnes is the city initially founded by the Greeks and then become one of the most sought places for European elites to spend time. Nice is known for the beautiful climate, extra delicious food and romantic beaches. Several buildings are pre-dominantly architectural epitomes that make them the best landmarks. Belle Époque and the Baroque are a few that have attracted tourists as well as artists from all over the globe.

Nantes- The City of Castles

Nantes: Image Credit/

On the shores of the Loire River stands the city of castles and medieval chateaus. The city has a long and inspirational history of industrial centers and ports. The city is predominantly occupied with castles and a palace few of which have been converted to a museum and fortified ramparts in a long run. Tourists who are looking forward to knowing the history of France and explore the past, Nantes makes the best France Travel Destinations among others.

Caen- The City of Battles

Caen: Image Credit/

Geographically, Caen is the capital of Calvados in the northern Normandy region of France. The city has witnessed several battles and the latest to the Cold War. However, the city has thrived to a great extent and fascinated the tourist throughout the world. There are castles like Circa 1060 built by the then King William the Conqueror. Also, the main tourist attraction is the memorial museum that is completely dedicated to the heroes who lost their lives in the War. You should visit the place and pay tribute to the heroes.

Cannes- The City of Luxurious

Cannes Festival
Cannes Festival: Image Credit/

We know the great Cannes Film Festival and the vibe it brings in every year. Cannes is a resort city that is known for its luxurious festivals and shopping arenas. The city is always known to attract the rich and celebrities well known. And as a part of it, there are quite several restaurants, resorts and major hotels in Cannes that are royal and rich. It is one of the important cities in France and to visit it will be worth for lifetime.

Strasbourg- The City with Architecture Eminence

Strasbourg: Image Credit/

If you are an art lover, then Strasbourg is one place that you should visit. There are quite a lot of architectural epitomes that influenced European designs. The city is also known for its German as well as French culture and tradition. With splendid artwork, sandy beaches and surreal sunrises. The food and cozy stay-ins add to the perks that follow.

Toulouse- The Pink City

Toulouse: Image Credit/

The city is called the Pink city of France and that is for some very good reasons. Toulouse is a comparatively large and modern city among other France travel destinations. The pink city very much attracts the tourist and also attracts them for various other reasons. Firstly there is a big aerospace industry that is a major attraction in Toulouse. This city is a bit expensive than any other city that we have looked into so far.

Lille- The Capital des Flanders

Lille: Image Credit/

We can call Lille a beautiful city at very first sight. The city is predominantly known for the culture that it carries from the Flemish roots. The city also has one of the most alluring market towns that sell everything possibly available on the earth. The streets of the city Lille look into the beautiful and colorful brick house with a central square. The city is also a learning hub with University that lures in students a very year.

Orleans- The City of Joan of Arc

Orleans: Image Credit/

The city Orleans is a well-known city in France for many reasons. It is is famously called the Capital of Kingdom centuries ago during the major conquer war that lasted almost a hundred years! The history of Joan of Arc was raised for this very war. Now the city is an important trade center towards rest of the world. And there is a merchant community growing in the city. There are several architectural explorations in the city along with the recreation of the mansion that Joan of Arc stayed in during the War. Along with the other cities of France Orleans also play an important part in tourism.

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France is a country of hope, dream and love. The cities give you a vibe to revisit the country time and again. We have discussed the top 12 France Travel Destinations among the others that are not far from gaining the same prosperity. But for now, when you check out the above list, it’s a bye from me…
Bon Voyage!

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