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Complete Travel Guide To Copenhagen For Family Vacation


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and by far it is also the largest city in the country. Many prevalent appeals like the Little Mermaid statue, its cycling culture, diverse culinary scene, made it a great tourist attraction of Denmark. This exciting Nordic city is a great spot for family vacationers. This Danish capital offer lot more things to every kind of tourists.

So, Indiaimagine readers, stay tuned and let’s explore this happiest city, Copenhagen with us.

Quick Tour Glimpses of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a buzzing European city that is famous for its ancient and unique architecture, Michelin-starred restaurants, waterfront bars, museums, flea markets and parks. All these can voyage via enjoying a cycle ride, isn’t that amazing? Families get to enjoy hours of thrill rides at the oldest wonderland of Europe and art enthusiasts will enjoy a museum day. Couples can stroll the over-friendly street and enjoy an impressive cafe culture.

Tour Copenhagen Via Cycle / Image Credit:

Landmarks such as  The Little Mermaid statue, the Amalienborg and Christiansborg palaces, Rosenborg Castle Gardens and Tivoli Gardens, are noteworthy tourist attractions.

Popular Things to Do at Copenhagen

Copenhagen is ideal at your leisure to stroll around and is definitely worth your visit.  Go through our recommendations and things to do in Copenhagen.

Explore Copenhagen Via Canal Cruise Tour

The colourful coastal houses of Nyhavn and the high boats docked along the riverfront reflect a sailing ambiance. Sitting on the dockyard of Nyhavn and enjoying the coastal house and cruises passing along the river give the feel of Venice. It is one of the greatest attractions of Copenhagen.

Take Nyhavn Canal Tour Copenhagen / Image Credit: Nick Karvounis on

Also, you can get a quick introductory tour of the city via riding on a canal cruise. The boats leave every 15 minutes from Gammel Strand. The guided tour journey offers stunning views of The Little Mermaid, The Black Diamond, The Opera House, The Parliament, National Museum as well as the enchanting Christianshavn vicinity.

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Snap Pictures at the Little Mermaid

There are a lot may place and sight sighting in Copenhagen but the most admirable is the iconic bronze statue of a Little Mermaid. The statue is officially created by Edvard Eriksen in 1913. It is one of the most important tourist attractions as well as a photographed spot in Copenhagen.

Little Mermaid Statue Copenhagen / Image Credit: Ange Loron on

This 175kg structure is made of bronze and granite and is based on the fairy fiction of Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish writer. Today, on the Langelinie promenade, overlooking Copenhagen harbour, the Little Mermaid statue is located. To enjoy the spectacular scenery of the city from the statue, visit at the time of sunset.

Visit Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace tower is the highest tower in Copenhagen standing proudly at 106m in the Slotsholmen islet. This palace is an 18th-century government building which is now open for tourism. Its exterior architectural design and interior with lavish grand rooms lure many royal as well global tourist towards it.

Christiansborg Palace / Image Credit:

This palace mostly used for organising royal feasts and political functions. Besides, it is open to the public and the Throne Room, marble pediments, and the balcony where the Danish monarchs are crowned can be explored. The most remarkable feature of Christiansborg Palace is the Great Hall, which has 17 carvings portraying significant events in the long history of Denmark.

Enjoy Horse Ride at Carlsberg

Carlsberg is located in Kobenhavn and attracts beer lovers and sightseers with its tasting sessions and historical atmosphere. The old brewery in Carlsberg is where you can see some exhibitions in Copenhagen devoted to the history of beer.

Carlsberg Brewery Copenhagen / Image Credit:

Driven tours are available every day on a horse-drawn carriage, but before visiting, you can check the time. Here you can taste some of the most popular brews where you can try 3 kinds of beer and get to know the brewing process.

Make a Family Visit to Tivoli Gardens

Situated in Vesterbrogade, Tivoli Gardens is the oldest Disney theme parks in Europe attracting many family voyagers. This famous amusement park and pleasure garden was founded in 1843. Here, you’ll find more than 20 points of interests for adults and teenagers including a thrilling roller coaster rides, roundabout, halls of mirrors, Fatamorgana, a 45m tall tower featuring mini bumper cars, fast-paced rides, and gondolas.

Tivoli Garden Copenhagen / Image Credit:

It also has open-air theatres with amazing restaurants and cafes for enjoying the meal. There is a Moorish hall which lights up in the night creating a captivating atmosphere. The park is so well known worldwide and appeared in many Hollywood films. Walt Disney and many other celebrities already fell in love with these gardens. Thus it has becomes an extravagantly decorated wonderland for sightseers.

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Learn History at Slotsholmen

Slotsholmen is the cultural district of Copenhagen, and one of the most significant landmarks of the city. Much notable building such as the iconic Christiansborg Castle, Royal Danish Library, Thorvaldsen Museum, the Danish Jewish Museum is located here you can learn about over 1,000 years of Danish history.

Thorvaldsen Museum Slotsholmen / Image Credit:

Christian IV’s Brewhouse, a 400-year-old brewhouse that displays over 300 statues and sculptures that once adorned Copenhagen’s royal gardens and palaces, is another must-visit. Due to various castle located around here, Slotshomen is also knowns as the Castle Island.

Tour UNESCO Listed Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle also is known as Elsinore Castle is a 15th-century historical landmark located at the central Copenhagen. You’ll be able to visit the renovated royal chambers and ballroom, decorated with luxurious furniture, paintings, wall hangings, and a statue of Holger the Dane, a legendary king.

Kronborg Castle / Image Credit:

Also known as Hamlet’s Castle, this UNESCO-listed palace attracts fans of Hamlet every August in association with the Shakespeare Festival.

Adore Architectural Brillance of Amalienborg Castle

Amalienborg Castle is the residence of the Danish Royal Family safeguarded by the Royal Guards. It is one of the best castles in term of architectural design in Copenhagen.

Amalienborg Palace / Image Credit:

At Amalienborg Palace, experience the changing of the guard position, a tradition dating back to the 17th century. Guards march from their barracks in Gothersgade by Rosenborg Castle through the streets of Copenhagen.

Shopaholics Must Visit Stroget

Stroget is one of the longest pedestrian streets of Copenhagen, where you can find a variety of brands for shopping. This shopping street is located northwest of Christiansborg Palace. Here you will enjoy shopping from big brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Mulberry along the street leading towards Kongens Nytorv. If you are looking for budget-friendly stuff then go fr Zara and H&M, located at the southwest end of the Stroget. For shopping do beginning from Town Hall Square (Radhuspladsen) and finishing at Kongens Nytorv.

Stroget Street / Image Credit:

Also visit Bryggebroen with your bae to lock your love by attaching a padlock at this pedestrian street, Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden, acquire knowledge about Danish Golden Age at Hirschsprung, enjoy sunbath at Amager Beach Park, plan a picnic in front of Frederiksberg Palace.

Take your kids to Experimentarium for creating gigantic soap bubbles. Watch 3D movies in the dome-shaped Tycho Brahe Planetarium and visit Copenhagen Zoo.

Eatery Options at Copenhagen

Copenhagen is abode to a great number of waterfront restaurants including world-renowned Noma, which is among the top 10 restaurants. It is also known for Michelin-starred restaurants and the major one is the iconic Carlsberg brewery. Also two Michelin-starred restaurants, Herman and Restaurant Kokkerietare best in Tivoli. Vesterbro’s District also serves affordable dishes in trendy surroundings.

Savour Smorrebrod / Image Credit:

Don’t forget to savour Smorrebrod, which is an open sandwich with a variety of toppings. Rod Polse, Flaeskesteg and Durum shawarma at Copenhagen streets.

Concluding here, but a visit this danish city is must once in your lifetime. Lose yourself in the cobblestone streets and colourful townhouses of Copenhagen and collect memories in this cosmopolitan hub of design and dining.

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