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Visit Denmark, The Place With Happy Faces, Little Mermaid And The Famous Lego!


Denmark, known as the happiest place in the world, is a Scandinavian country in Northwest Europe. Copenhagen is the capital and also the main tourist attraction for the little mermaid statue to call it’s own!

I have put here, some fabulous cities for an errand, sightseeing places, some well-known facts and hygge to add a bit of coziness, and cuisine for you to know the place better even before you pack your bags to set go…

Top places to visit in Denmark and experience one of the elegant places in the world.

Visit Copenhagen for the Little Mermaid

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, which is the age-old city with royals residing with extreme finery. There are a lot may place and sight sighting in Copenhagen but the most admirable is the iconic bronze statue of a Little Mermaid. The statue is officially created by mastermind Edvard Eriksen. Without any second doubt, it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Copenhagen since its unveiling that was held in the year 1913!

Meet little mermaids at Copenhagen, Via:

Nyhavn is a canal built around the 17th century. The peculiarity of the canal is that by the side of the waterfront stand beautiful multicolored century-old houses and cafes making it extremely attractive. It’s a perfect picture spot.

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Visit Aarhus for an exquisite open-air museum in Denmark

This Denmark city is full of museums and well known for timbered houses that are century old. The open-air museum, however, steals the show. One couldn’t take the eye off from the wooden houses with magnificent handwork.

Aros Art Museum, Aarhus Denmark
Aros Art Museum, Aarhus Denmark, Via:

Aarhus botanical garden displays an array of lush green sight of plantation. One entire day is good enough to cover the entire place and click some memorable moments with your loved ones.

Visit Billund the birthplace of Lego bricks!

Billund is located in the central Denmark. The place is popularly known as the birthplace of Lego brick, that we all are familiar with. If you are with your kid, you should ever miss the Legoland Holiday Village that is famous for its themed resorts and fun activities.

Visit Legoland at Billund, Denmark
Visit Legoland at Billund, Via:

The Karensminde Agricultural Museum at Northwest of the city is an epitome of old century farming techniques.

Check out the Danish food and go gaga!

Well, if you are unaware, Denmark owns a total of 33 Michelin Stars, ad more than 20 start restaurants is a gourmet powerhouse. From their conventional open sandwich to Danish hot dog and their yummy pastries cannot be missed when you travel here.

Taste Frikadeller Danish Meatballs, Via:

Frikadeller that is Danish meatball is one favorite among the locals as well as the tourist. So, groove in and eat like a Danish!

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Some interesting facts to know more about Denmark –

  • Danish monarchy is said to be the oldest monarchy, starting from 934. Denmark is also one of the smallest countries, but the place has lots of islands that are the face of the country, like more than 443 islands and 70 are inhabited. Among which is Greenland, one of the largest islands in the earth.
Greenland, Denmark
Greenland, world’s largest island, Via:
  • Denmark is officially the happiest place on the earth. Well, that was declared by the UN’s World Happiness Report. The Danish people practice hygge, which is in a way called coziness, but in different forms, Like, sitting with family and friends to dine is hygge, a warm feeling with your loved ones is also hygge. Basically, the practice of happiness with human, and detaching with the gadget and other antisocial elements is hygge. This is one country that gives priority to education, and Denmark has free education for all. Healthcare here is also one of the best in the world.
  • Denmark is also known for its biking culture, most of the people here, love cycling to and fro from any place. The people of Copenhageners prefer to cycle to the workplace more than any other mode of travel, the place is mostly flat with no hilly areas and it makes it a better place to bike!
Cycling Culture of Denmark, Via:
  • No place in Denmark is far away from the ocean, pick any place and you will find it within 50 km from the ocean. The waters are quite clear and pure, if you prefer swimming in the harbor, well, there is absolutely no problem. Unlike many harbors, this one is known for its cleanliness. There are also many sand beaches in the city for fun activities.

Thus, we had a little trip sitting in front of our laptop, and I hope you got a fair idea of what Denmark is all about. The place is quite favorite among the tourist who wants an escape from the hustle-bustle of their life and sinks into calmness.

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Don’t forget, Danish are known for their happy faces. Now it’s your turn!

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