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Greece’s Santorini for An Exquisite Honeymoon Experience


Greece honeymoon is the best way to celebrate and cherish the start of a new beginning. Maleficent building along the sun-kissed beaches. The picture-perfect locations to hold on to memories forever are some reasons to opt for Greece as your honeymoon destination. Greece’s Santorini is that place you should never miss! These mesmerizing islands attract couples all over the world to make the best moments in a short span of time.

India Imagine, therefore will help you chalk out a perfect plan of action to make Santorini honeymoon trip a memorable one.

Know the place before you plan…

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands that was partially destroyed by volcanic eruptions. However, the place looked different with rugged landscapes and black and red white lava pebbles. But soon the place started attracting tourists and then there was never looking back. There is something for everyone in this beautiful island.

Places to visit in Santorini that would definitely take your breath away.

Oia – Small village in Greece’s Santorini

Oia is a coastal town on the north-western tip of Santorini, owns a mesmerizing sunset and sunrise. People who come here to watch sunset and sunrise are often smitten by the bewildering sight.

Oia - Small village in Greece's Santorini
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The other factor that makes this small town so very precious is the whitewashed houses carved into the rugged clifftops and overlooks a vast caldera filled with water. The place has a century-old history that signifies in the livelihood of people residing there.

Akrotíri Archaeological Site for centuries-old sightings

When we say the archaeological site, that definitely implicit the age-old story. However, here Akrotiri has almost an era of differences. The Minoan Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic Greek island of Santorini is the perfect best site to visit to learn about the place.

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Red Beach for romantic getaways, Greece’s Santorini

Red beach is a jaw-dropping experience for the tourists. It is situated in Akrotiri town. The red sand beaches touching the light blue water that comes splashing against the shore is no less than a place straight from the romantic flick.

Red Beach, Greece's Santorini
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Couples come here to enjoy the scenic beauty and to chill on the beaches. There are no facilities or water sports on this small beach but you can take pleasure in snorkeling as there are interesting rock formations and rich marine life.

Pyrgos for a fairy tale love story, Greece’s Santorini

Even though Oia is a popular town among the couples who visit Santorini, but people who visited Pyrgos say another way around. The whitewashed houses lined over the curved

Pyrgos Villa, Greece's Santorini
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cliffs, blue water sand beaches, church all make it look coming straight from a fairy-tale. People more often pick this place as a wedding destination as well. Click some fabulous pictures before winding up your stay over there.

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The Monastery Profitis Ilias – A stunning Cycladic architecture.

The Monastery Profitis llias is a breathtakingly beautiful architectural epitome standing tall above the sea level. The monastery has its own museum, which houses a collection of a rare form of artifacts, books and stunning sculptures. There are quite a number of small scale industries such as candle making and shoemaking.

Ammoudi Bay for snorkeling and fun

Ammoudi bay is full of outdoor activities. People come down here to fill up lives with fun activities like snorkeling and visiting coves that are mysteriously hidden. Surrounded by red sand cliffs and beautifully arranged by whitewashed houses at the top.

Ammoudi Bay
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The water shimmering blue all over you while you are snorkeling is an experience worth a lifetime. There are colorful underwater life to experience in Ammoudi bay.

Food to pamper your taste buds at Greece’s Santorini

You just can’t possibly leave Santorini or any city in Greece without indulging in a meal at a classic taverna, a small restaurant serving delicious and lip-smacking food. If you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of one of the bigger towns, try Taverna Aeolus which you will find by itself on the road to Akrotiri Red Beach and the lighthouse.

Fried Tomato Fritters, Greece's Santorini
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Stop by Salt & Pepper in Fira for their fried tomato fritters and deliciously fresh Santorini salad. These are some places to mention, but any street food across the town offers you the best possible eateries.

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Go shopping and go gaga

As discussed the town of Santorini is famous for small scale industries that make candles and shops. One can also purchase soaps with different fragrances.

Apart from shopping, make a stop to get a fish therapy treatment for the hands or feet at Fish Spa Kagal Wellness Center. Stick your toes inside the tank and the tiny Garra Rufa fish will gently suck away the dead skin on your digits leaving them smooth as silk. But it can also be very relaxing. Moreover to indulge in such activities can be romantic and fun.

Santorini Shopping
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If you are interested in local products, there are goods produced and cultivated by the monks that you can give a try. And if it’s food or drink, you can even sample them before going for any further purchase.

Honeymoon trips are not only meant to be romantic but also a lifetime bond is made at a place far away from home. So try to pick up the best possible honeymoon destination such as Santorini in Greece. With others and more we are definitely here to help you!

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