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Oymyakon – The Coldest Place On Earth That Is Breathtakingly Beautiful


Oymyakon will be the last place on the earth you want to visit! But no, it is not that bad as we all consider, it is indeed cold, maybe coldest or we can saw freezing cold! Ok, let’s get to the point. Oymyakon is the coldest habitat place in the world with winters getting below minus 50 degrees. The name literally means ‘Non-Freezing Water’.

It is located in the Sakha Republic of the country Russia. The odd part about the place is that it is cold throughout the year. The place hardly has 500 people residing there which makes it the least inhabited place on earth. Oymyakon however is a heaven for those who love snow-filled places and enjoy snow activities. You can go anytime around the season and you will never be disappointed.

Why is Oymyakon an extremely cold place is a question mostly asked and looked for?

Oymyakon Landscape
Oymyakon Landscape: Image Credit/

Oymyakon is literally speaking is trapped in-between two valleys. The air or cold wind gets trapped inside these two valleys and the temperature gets too cold inside this little town. But does the freezing climate means no fun for the tourist? No, there are quite a few adventurous snow sports and activities in here. And for sightseeing and errands, there are different tourist destinations to explore. If you are a cold-weather lover, then you would love this place like nothing! Don’t forget to take the best of your camera with you. Because the pictures will be definitely breathtakingly beautiful!!

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Things to do if you are in Oymyakon

As I said there are quite a few things to do in this coolest place on earth. Such as-

Snowboarding and skiing

Oymyakon Snow Activity
Oymyakon Snow Activity: Image Credit/

where there is snow involved there are snow activities that can be enjoyed. There are few places where you can get professional help while enjoying the activity.

Sightseeing and landmarks

The-Northern-Pole-of-Cold-Oymyakon: Image Credit/

The only landmark is the Pole of cold. It is said that pole of the cold monument is where the temperature dipped to very low as -71.2C. This monument is situated at a walkable distance from the heat of the town. The majority of cold-weather lovers visit this place for sure.

Museums and culture

Oymyakon Culture
Oymyakon Culture: Image Credit/

Visit the Culture House Polyus Kholoda to see the culture and tradition of the place. The warmth and the love of the will help you overlook the cold outside for time being. There are few ethnic ways of welcoming a tourist who comes to Oymyakon. The tourist is welcomed in a proper traditional manner with folk songs and dance are performed in front of the tourists. The other places that attract tourists are the War Memorial and the other monuments.

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The cold freezing snow bodies are a rare pinnacle view for tourists. No other snow-falling places would lure you to this extent. The Alysardakh lake is the main attraction for nature lovers. The lake is nothing like other lakes, it will be freeze throughout the year.

How to reach Oymyakon

The nearest airport to reach from the rest of the globe is Sakha, Yakutia.

Places that you can visit while returning from Oymyakon

Yakutsk Trip
Yakutsk Trip: Image Credit/

Even if you stay here for a week, you will be left with nothing to do. so, you just need three days max to enjoy and explore Oymyakon. however, there are few places near Oymyakon that you can visit while you are going back home. Yakutsk is 682 km away from Oymyakon. It is worth a visit to the pace as there are rare nature sightseeing and nature errands. also, you can get a break from the local food and taste better food that you would probably crave for. Also, there is a Cryogenic museum that is worth a visit!
As both, the destination lays at the remote places on the earth, it will be definitely an experience to reminiscing forever.

Things to keep in mind – food and clothes

Oymyakon Clothes
Oymyakon Clothes: Image Credit/

Remember, the place is too cold for people who live in another part of the globe altogether. There are chances of not getting adapted to the weather quickly. Be extra careful while packing warm clothes. When you reach there, try to adapt to the situation and living conditions. Such as you should try to eat deer meat, horse meat to get proper heat to your body. Also, locals drink deer milk to keep themselves warm and to meet proper calcium requirements.

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There is only one color that predominantly overlaps the entire village. It is the white snow color! It is beautiful as well as bewitching at the same time. However, try to spray water up in the sky and you will see the snowdrops falling instead of water. Isn’t it amazing!! So I will let you decide if want to visit the place or not! And till you ponder over it…
Its a bye from me
Bon Voyage!!

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