World TravelPlaces In Scotland That Attracts Tourists And Honeymooners Alike 

Places In Scotland That Attracts Tourists And Honeymooners Alike 


Scotland has a centuries-old history and narrates the major historical events of the United Kingdom. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. With the history of castles and bagpipers, the place holds an ideal spot for tourism as well as a romantic getaway. The country has everything that you could probably ask for. The Mountains and lush green scenery, giant castles that evoke century-old historical significance, beaches for a romantic get together, and perfect nightlife in the city. Shopping and food come in handy with the beautiful experience that is waiting for you ahead. All these factors make Scotland an ideal place for tourists and honeymooners alike

We will jot out some attractive places in Scotland to go around and some romantic spots for you to be with your loved ones.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Places in Scotland

One of the main attractions of the capital city is also a romantic place to explore. The place also attracted attention to many Hollywood flicks that have been shoot here due to its romantic ambiance and profound.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Places in Scotland
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The place offers a fantastic view of the city from the height.

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Dryburgh Abbey, Dryburgh, Places in Scotland

If you are a reader, then probably you are aware of what Dryburgh Abbey is famous for? It is the burial place of famous historical writer Sir Walter Scott. Well, if that doesn’t sound interesting, let me tell you Sir Walter Scott is the person behind the Romantic Movement in Scotland and other parts of England, during the 18th century.

Dryburgh Abbey, Dryburgh, Places in Scotland
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He was also one of the reasons behind the Dress Act, which gave the Scottish people the liberty to wear Tartar and Kilts that were considered an outlaw. Sir Scott himself said that he should be buried in Dryburgh Abbey, the best place for a Romantic person like him! Hence, without any doubt, one should visit the place to pay tribute and enjoy the serenity of the place.

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Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Luskentyre is famous for the white sand beaches that touch the sky at the other end. It is also a perfect place for Romantic getaways as well as for those who are seeking calm and peace from the hustle of city life.

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Adjacent to the sea lays the beautiful Harris hills making the entire view just like the portrait hanging on a living room wall.

Loch Ossian, Rannoch Moor

Rannoch Moor is located just a few walks from one of the remote train stations in Scotland- Corrour station. One of the best things probably is that there won’t be any Wi-Fi after a certain area.

Loch Ossian
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Hence, enjoy the serenity of the place without any interruption. The location is known for its picture perfection spots and locations to explore.

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Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Places in Scotland

Scotland is known for its castles and Edinburgh castle is the King of all. One of the finest architectural eminence. The origin of this rock castle marks since the iron age, however, archaeologists are yet to confirm it! The castles stand tall conquering the sky of the capital city of Scotland. It is worth a lifetime experience to explore the interior of the castle.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Places in Scotland
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The ticket has to be booked online before a day. The castle is now a military station and also a home place to Scottish National War Memorial. Thus, the place is very close to the heart of the locals and plays an important part in the development of the capital city.

Make the trip more romantic by going a bit out of the box.

Luxurious stay:

Apart from visiting spectacular places in Scotland, Make your stay a memorable one by opting for luxurious hotels that are plenty in handy. The big names like the Fife Arms, the Gleneagles Hotel offers the best romantic suites with excellent interior.

Gleneagles Hotel, Places in Scotland
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However, if you are looking for something more unique the honeymoon cottages are the main attraction among the honeymooners across the world.

Visit Blackstone Clydesdales:

Clydesdales are unique horse breeds that are found particularly in Scotland county. Tourists across the world visit the place to take a ride on this particular horse.

Blackstone Clydesdales, Places in Scotland
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The ride can be accessed on an hourly basis, for a ride along the beachside. The entire trip will be one distinctive and everlasting experience for you!

Yacht Trip:

A trip to the floating palace won’t be a bad idea for the couples who are looking for an extra essence.

Yacht Trip
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The interior of the yacht is no less than a palace with all kinds of luxurious and Royal amenities.

Camping and Hiking:

There are a plethora of places across the country for the adventure lover in you. Walking through the beautiful seven hills of Edinburgh and other cities of Scotland and exploring the real natural beauty. It will be a better option to hire a tour guide while exploring the hills and looking for better hiking options.

Tingle your taste buds:

Scotland cuisines are known for its richness and traditionality. Scottish people prefer non-veg on their platter. Dishes like grouse and haggis are flavored and seasoned with utmost love and admiration. Scottish whiskey and gin are famous all over the globe.

Tingle Taste Bud
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During winter, the Scottish people love their favorite porridge, which is considered as an ideal diet for every people over there. So, dot forgets to indulge in the local food that tastes royal.

Trip to Scotland is a dream come true for many people. The reason is just in front of your eyes. Giant castles, beautiful hills and valleys, bagpiper and Scotland County music all these mesmerizes to give a century-old reminisce. Hence, pack your bags this season and get-go to the land of Unicorns.

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