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Take Time Out For Some Exciting Places: Visit Edinburgh


Edinburgh considered one of the charming cities in the United Kingdom. It seemingly, the hub of the Scottish culture and arts. when you visit Edinburgh, you will find a clear definition of it through architecture, people and of course, how age-old traditions seem still held close to the heart. The people still choose to keep the love for their ancestral language, food and way to live.

Visit Edinburgh castle

A well-known landmark and considered one of the major attractions for tourists when you visit Edinburgh. It is one of the oldest fortified places in Europe. There is so much to check out and it is of national importance as every object and element has relevance to the place. On you your visit, you can find a royal residence, military garrison, prison, and a fortress.

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The Captivating Edinburgh Castle/Image Credit:

The castle also hosts the National war museum as well as the crown jewels of the royal palace. There are so many interesting tales surrounding the place when you visit Edinburgh castle. wherein you will people from all walks of life have climbed the hill to the castle from soldiers to royalty, even a pirate or two.

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The Royal Mile

If you visit Edinburgh you shouldn’t miss out on the Royal Mile. The length of the street is 1 Scots mile long, presumably a little longer than an English mile. While on this street, you can look forward to the extensive use of the medieval architecture of the 18th century. The street has numerous passageways and courts. The street itself seems divided into six areas: the Castlehill and castle Esplanade, of which the main entrance seemed used to burn the witches at stake.

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A Street Performer on The Royal Mile/Image Credit:

The lawn market has once gotten used to selling yarn. Now it has several souvenir shops. The high street is the most popular part of the royal mile when you visit Edinburgh, which hosts numerous pubs and restaurants. The cannon gate is colloquially known as the world’s end as people thought nothing existed beyond the gate. The last part of the royal mile is the abbey’s strand which houses the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury Crags

It is quite a hike to reach Arthur’s Seat, a large hill that once was a volcano but have no fear, it is now extinct and the last time it erupted was 350 million years ago. When you reach Arthur’s seat, you get to the highest point, wherein you are at a vantage point to have a view of the entire city of Edinburgh.

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A Fantastic View From Aruther’s Seat:

Several tourists when they vist Edinburgh take up the task to check out the Salisbury crags, providing a more dramatic view of the city. You can begin with the Salisbury crags along the trail then take up the hike to Arthur’s seat, a single dirt track with an hour to reach your destination. You can get 3600 views of the place when you reach the top, a gratifying experience.

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National Museum of Scotland

You can learn more about Scottish history when visit Edinburgh‘s National Museum of Scotland. This museum is the seat of culture and history, holding antiquities covering science and technology, natural history, to world cultures. The best part of going there and visiting the museum is charge-free, unlike other sightseeing spots.

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National Museum of Scotland/Image Credit:

The museum has gotten refurbished over the years to help display the items better and let the visitors enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities that have gotten used for conservation, taxidermy and academic research. When you visit Edinburgh now and check the museum, you will find it has a new addition of 16 galleries and an addition of 8000 objects to the existing collection.

Visit Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden gotten made on 72 acres of land. The garden is more than three centuries old. It has one of the fantastic views and becomes a backdrop for amazing memories to take back when you visit Edinburgh. You could not only see the skyline from this location but walking distance from the Edinburgh castle.

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Victorian Lillies at The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh/Image Credit: botanic

The garden is comparably one of the best in the world, with an inspiring landscape. The visitors could lookout forward to the world-famous rock garden or take in the Chinese hillside’s serenity. You could walk through the woodland garden which has large redwood trees. There is also an exhibition space known as the Inverleith House a must-see when you visit Edinburgh.

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Princes street and gardens

The gardens happen to separate the old town from the new, spread across 37 acres of land is regarded as the most important urban parks of the city. Yoiu may notice this quite easily when you visit Edinburgh. The Princes Street Garden was created by draining the largest Noch (Nor Loch). The garden has lots of visitors to check out the Ross fountain, which is also the parks’ most significant monument.

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Princes Street And Gardens/Image Credit:

It’s a cast-iron structure. The place becomes a themed park adding to the attraction of people visiting, sometimes you have the ‘WinterWonderland’ or the Christmas market for shoppers to pick up fun Christmas shopping in a beautiful park. You could have a go at the Ferris wheel, also known as the Edinburgh eye (mimicking the London eye) all this and more when you visit Edinburgh city.

Scottish National Gallery

Situated in an iconic building, the Scottish National Gallery has gotten applauded for the uniqueness. The fascination lies in how the past and present seem displayed in a bespoke 19th century home. A lot of the tourists visit Edinburgh throughout the year to check on the new collections. There is so much to see which you could observe through imagery, painting, photography, sculpture, and film. These collections seem presented in well-lit galleries to giving importance in showcasing them in intimate rooms.

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Visitors at Scottish National Gallery/Image Credit:

There is an elaborate arrangement for arts and crafts, placing them in decorative schemes that you can get amazed the embellishment on the sculptures. You can marvel at the photo gallery at the sheer collection of the still moments captured over time. The Victorian library is a go-to for a bibliophile and go-to place in their itinerary when they visit Edinburgh city.

St. Giles Cathedral

The cathedral got built on an ancient sanctuary in the 19th century. It is considered the principal place of worship, yet it doesn’t have a bishop. Over various periods of time, the cathedral underwent reformation in the way the style of worship. The shades of the ceiling are enamoring part of the cathedral and testimony to the reformations. People of all faiths flock to this serene place of worship to marvel at the structure when they visit Edinburgh.

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St. Giles Cathedral/Image Credit:

The cathedral was initially in the shape of a cross. However, as other chapels got built, this form somewhat gets hidden. The Thistle Chapel is one of the most significant ones because of the peculiar gothic architecture used to build it. For ages people have worshipped in this very place and you will find tourists mesmired by the work put in to make the place so beautifu. You can get to see all this when you visit Edinburgh. The ceiling portrays angels playing various instruments, including the bagpipes.

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The place defines old-world charm and all that takes you back in time when people still give prominence to books and hold book festivals that are famous worldwide, going to markets dedicated to festivities. If you seek to check out how history was, parts of Edinburgh are still living it, with buildings that date back centuries you could catch a bit of nostalgia of yore if you visit Edinburgh. You might find yourself in a corner wherein some royalty may have wistfully sat where you are enjoying your drink.

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