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Top 8 Things To Do At Cannes And Explore The City Of Dreams


Cannes is famous for many things, architecture, food and festivity. It is a resort town along the coast of the French Riviera. The famous Cannes International film festival is a major attraction and the main itinerary of things to do at Cannes. And also for the Palais des festival et de Congres, which leads to the famous Cannes Walk of Fame! The city was founded in the year 1530 precisely and now home to approximately 74000 people. The city is also associated with rich and famous people all over the world. And to see that for yourself you need to explore the city like never before!

Today at India Imagine Let us get to know the famous city of Cannes and explore the things to do there…

Boulevard de la Croisette and other things to do at Cannes

Boulevard de la Croisette
Boulevard de la Croisette : Image Credit/

This is a prominent road that stretches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Boulevard de la Croisette is quite famous in itself as it is home to many restaurants, beautiful and expensive shops all over the streets. There are some exquisite lodges’ and resorts for the tourist to stay on their visit, preferable an expensive one like the JW Marriott. And when you visit and explore the street you will know why it is listed in the cultural heritage list of France!

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Errand to Le Suquet

Le Suquet
Le Suquet: Image Credit/

Grab your camera and walk through the streets of Le Suquet, they are charming little alleys that carry an influence of medieval times. The street has beautiful tiny candy-colored houses or cottages that stretch to the marina that is partially filled with the yacht. The city also has few museums and other architectural explorations that showcase the art, culture and tradition of the Riviera. Also, the place is well known for luring the tourist with its famous Jazz bar, indie stores and traditional artifacts.

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Festival de Cannes

Film festival
Film festival: Image Credit/

The Cannes film festival held annually is one reason that makes the city closely associated with the rich and celebrities and also makes it must things to do at Cannes. The film festival that was early known as the international film festival is held annually between May to July. The main aim of the festival is to premium the best of movies released recently of all genres. And to give the newcomers particularly the filmmakers. The only thing is that we as a visitor or tourist cannot attend the festival but yes, we can, however, dress our best and stand by the entrance to see our favorite celebrities.

The Cannes film festival was first attended and looked into in the year 1946 and since then it has been top most things to do at Cannes for the tourist. And is held at the prime location in the city of Cannes, France!

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The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

Palais des festivals et des congres
Palais des festivals et des congres: Image Credit/

Now that we have an idea about the Cannes film festival, we should also know the location and the hall where it has conducted annually. Even if you cannot enter the premises during the festival, as a tourist you can go to The Palais des Festivals et des Congrès and explore the convention hall where the festival is held. This convention hall also conducts other major festival and awards functions such as the Lions International Festival of creativity and the famous music award of NRJ.
It is opened normally 24 hours for booking and other things to do at Cannes. It is indeed a pleasant experience to visit the place and enjoy the moment!

Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance

Eglise Notre-Dame de l'Espérance
Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance: Image Credit/

Well, if you are in France you are bound to be acquainted with the Gothic and Romanesque style of architecture. Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance is one such architectural eminence that allows exploring the religious aspects of the city. It is a 15th-century old church that took almost a century time to complete construction. The church is located in the prime area of the old town Le Suquet and endeavors a beautiful view of the old port from the top of it.
So, during your visit to Cannes don’t forget to visit the Eglise Notre-Dame de l’Espérance and click some panoramic view!

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The Musée de la Castre

Musée_de_la_Castre: Image Credit/

It is a well-known 19th-century castle that has turned to be very educational sightseeing for the tourist like us. The castle was once a monastery converted to a museum. This extraordinary museum preserves the art and the culture of the place it is very rich in history and the art that the place preserved for the future generation. The castle also exhibits rare musical instruments and artifacts that are precious.

Sandy beaches of Cannes

Private beach-Cannes
Private beach-Cannes: Image Credit/

The beaches of Cannes are unlike others, they are a luxurious affair. However, few of the beaches and free of cost but to visit the private beach will take away a huge amount of yours. Well, that will be worth an experience if you are willing to spend some. The private beaches will provide the best of facilities that you can assume. Few of which are Carlton beach and Long beach.
The food and rest space at the beach are too good and you would get a feel of a celebrity!

Vieux Port (Old Port)

Vieux Port-Old Fort
Vieux Port-Old Fort: Image Credit/

Old port or the Vieux Port is an old port located in Cannes is surreal and beyond imagination. The sun-kissed water and the old port standing aside assure an old age feeling nothing less than nostalgic. It is quite an extraordinary view to see such an old place that marks back to the 6th Century in a place well known for its richness and modernity. Well, that must the very first reason for the tourist to come here and enjoy a yacht ride and explore the surreal water.

Cannes is a city of dreams, hope and prosperity. People love to visit the place and enjoy the luxuriousness that it provides. There are lots of things to do at Cannes and make the best of your visit. From the glamorous Cannes film festival to the architecture of the streets, Cannes is the place you would love to visit this summer!
Till you think about it…
Bon Voyage!

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