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Exploring Nice – A Bustling Town of French Riviera


Nice is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the French Riviera. This bustling city of France has many things to offers its voyagers. Nice is also recognised as Nissa La Bella. When you start exploring Nice, the unspoiled beauty of the Old town and urbane allure welcomes tourist with warm gesture and perfect ambience.

With its sunny weather and stunning serene blue water, this picturesque city resembles a pastel landscape. As the city is located in the foothills of the Maritime Alps and thus experience tropical weather throughout the year.

Exploring Nice City, France
Exploring Nice City, France / Image Credit:

There are bundles of things you can do while exploring Nice. Check out below – 

Popular Things to do While Exploring Nice

Exploring Nice during France vacation provides travellers with a chance to see the dazzling coastline of Côte d’Azur. After that, you can appreciate beautiful gardens, soak up yourself on the shore of the Mediterranean and savour delicious seafood. This cosmopolitan city is surrounded by historical neighbourhoods, gleaming beaches, museums and much more. Let’s Begin-

Enjoy Sunbath on the Shore of Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais is a prominent attraction for catching beautiful sunset views with crystal blue water in the backdrop. It is a smoothly paved promenade overlooking the Mediterranean. Also famous as the Walkway of the English, it is a prominent location for beach lovers and couples who love walking along the shoreline. The paved walkway is adorned with benches, palm trees, restaurants and other fun amenities.

Promenade des Anglais, Nice
Promenade des Anglais Nice / Image Credit:

The Palais de la Méditerranée theatre, the magnificent Villa Masséna palace, and the Le Negresco are worth seeing on the promenade. Exploring Nice is incomplete without visiting this spot.

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Exploring Nice to the Core at Vieux Ville

Another prominent attraction is the Old Town of Nice. This historical town is provincially known as Vieux Nice or Vieille Ville. If you want to learn the historical aspects of Nice in the depth wander in the street of this Old Town which is located between Albert the 1st Garden and Castle Hill.

Wander in the Old Town of Nice
Wander in the Old Town of Nice / Image Credit:

When you start wandering in the cobblestoned streets which are lined up with red-roofed old-style colourful houses, you will get to know the traditions and culture of Nice. Some highlights of this old town which you can discover here are Vieux Nice Opéra, Lascaris Palace and other notable 17th-century churches.

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History Buffs Must Explore Musée Matisse

The Musée Matisse is a must-see fascination spot for art lovers, located on the hill of Cimiez. This museum owns a historic Genoese villa that is surrounded by splendid Italianate gardens. Art great can see the diverse collection of Matisse’s works here. There are exhibitions and workshop organised, 57 sculptures 31 paintings are also on display.

Musee Matisse Nice
Musee Matisse Nice / Image Credit:

The entire collection of works offers a glimpse into the artistic vision. Another highlight of the museum is the lovely setting. It also houses a large collection of personal items that belonged to Matisse as well. Paying a visit is options but you can’t ignore this one.

Watch Panoramic Views of Nice From Castle Hill

While exploring Nice, you will come to one point from where you get an amazing view of the whole city and Castle Hill is that destination. It is the highest point in Nice located just east of the Old Town. It is also renowned as the Parc de la Colline du Château. Either you hike this hill or take tourists train for reaching Castle hill. Visiting this one is a must.

Tourist at Castle Hill Park, Nice / Image Credit:

Discover scenic waterfall, the ruins of Nice Castle, a historical cemetery at the top. Get the best panoramic view of the city and the Bay of Angels from Castle Hill. The park is a pleasant place to stroll with your loved ones as its creat a romantic ambience for couples.

See Contemporary Art Musee Marc Chagall

If you love contemporary art the visit Musee the Marc Chagall. You will be drawn away with the art sculptures outside the museum. It also houses an unusual collection of Chagall’s biblical-themed works with his belongings.

Musee Marc Chagall
Musee Marc Chagall / Image Credit:

This collection includes 12 large paintings depicting Scriptures drawings, as well as a wide range of works by Chagall throughout the course of his career. The museum is surrounded by lush greenery. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Nice, don’t miss a visit to this historical museum.

Visit Russian Orthodox Cathedral

If you want to see the most captivating Russian Cathedral that too in France then Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas is worth your visit. Exploring Nice is half-done after watching this impressive orthodox church. The Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas is the largest of its kind with its ornate façade and blue onion domes.

Exploring Nice's Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas
Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas / Image Credit:

This cathedral was built in 1912 for Russian aristocrats who vacationed in Nice. The cathedral’s interior is decorated with ornamental icons, murals and gilded iconostasis that give it a royal look. Now this cathedral is used for religious purposes. So, please read the rules and regulations before entering this Cathedral.

Do Fun Activities at Place Massena

The Place Masséna is the city’s largest square and the cultural hub of the city. It is the main gathering place where cultural events and seasonal festivals are organised. It connects the Old Town quarter with the city’s business district and is surrounded by 17th-century architecture. Sculptures atop tall pillars are littered.

Place Massena Nice / Image Credit:

The square’s focal point is a massive fountain with an Apollo statue in the middle of red buildings creates an amazing scene. You can snap pictures with the colourful building while exploring nice.

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Take Kids to Parc Phoenix

The most well-known botanical garden and zoo in Nice is Parc Phoenix. The park is home to one of Europe’s largest greenhouses, which houses six distinct tropical climates.

Parc Phoenix
Parc Phoenix / Image Credit:

Parc Phoenix takes you through over 20 themed gardens and allows you to interact with a variety of exotic animals. It is a great opportunity for families and children looking for an eco location.

Do Fun at Promenade du Paillon

The Promenade du Paillon, which opened recently, is a wide parkway that runs from the Promenade des Anglais to the Théâtre National de Nice. It was designed by landscape architect Michel Pena.

Promenade du Paillon
Promenade du Paillon / Image Credit:

The promenade includes a large reflecting pool with 128 water jets and fountains that spray water in a random pattern, as well as children’s playgrounds, green spaces and gardens. Here all age groups can enjoy and dance on the transparent floor in water.

Bottom Line

Exploring Nice is one of the best things to do on your trip to France. The joy of spending time with your loved ones in this beautiful city is endless, from walking the quaint cobblestone streets to strolling the popular Promenade des Anglais. Our list of the best things to do in Nice will help you plan your trip. Nice should be on the bucket list of any traveller due to its atmosphere and numerous attractive sights. So don’t think much and plan your itinerary.

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