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Travel Saxony For Adventure, History and Exceptional Landscapes


Saxony becomes part of eastern Germany in 845 and from there it has maintained its allure. This fascinating states is a perfect blend of charming Baroque towns and attractive landscapes, thus pulling the attention of many travel influencers and global tourists. It attracting the young generation due to its tranquil ambience and noteworthy ancient buildings. Its colourful history lures history buffs and this state is dotted with many captivating palaces and castles from the middle era.

The top two destinations of Saxony namely Dresden and Leipzig hold many tourist attractions. Dresden is it state capital which is renowned for its many beautiful restored structures, including Frauenkirche, the Zwinger and Dresdner Molkerei Gebruder Pfund. Also, the scenic Ore Mountains, Leipzig, the scenic Elbe River valley and Saxon Switzerland made it a top tourist destination of Germany.

Thus there are many things which you can do here at Saxony – Let’s explore them all.

Explore Leipzig – City of Musical History & Art Galleries

Leipzig is the coolest town of Saxony known for its rich and diverse history, especially its a paradise for art and music lovers. Its extensive range of galleries, museums and concert halls makes Leipzig a town worth visiting. Here you can go back into history by visiting Romanesque churches, Art Nouveau buildings and visit the remains of Johann Sebastian Bach at Thomaskirche.

Leipzig Saxony
Leipzig Saxony / Image Credit:

The huge glass building comprising the Museum der Bildenden Kunste, which houses an extensive collection of works from the 15th century to the present day, including works by Monet and Munch, is difficult to miss here. Leipzig is a lively pub district with a wide variety of luxury boutiques and stores; bustling with taverns, bars, wine bars and modern nightclubs.

Hike the Trails of Saxon Switzerland National Park

Landscapes in Saxony are quite fascinating as the rugged terrain with deep valleys, unusual columns and dense forest make it a worthy travel destination. The glorious Saxon Switzerland National Park from Saxony is the there only rock national park of Germany. Its hiking trails are beautiful which every adventure seekers must want to visit in their lifetime. During its trails, you’ll uncover its beautiful villages which are set among the rising rock columns that are the most iconic feature of this bold landscape.

Bastei Bridge Saxon Switzerland National Park
Bastei Bridge Saxon Switzerland National Park Saxony / Image Credit:

Rock Climbers, there are more than 700 peaks for getting a climbing experience along with the impressive 194m rock formations of Bastei Bridge. And no trip to Saxon Switzerland National Park is complete without journeying to Bastei Bridge, the most iconic of the park’s imposing rock formations. You can take the Kirnitzsch Valley tram which connects to many attractions before reaching the national park.

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Visit the Largest Hilltop Konigstein Fortress

If you want to see panoramic views of Saxony, go to this 400-year-old fortress on the highest hilltop in the region, which offers spectacular views of the Elbe River. Königstein Fortress, one of Europe’s largest fortifications, began life as a ruined fortress and monastery before being converted to a fortress in the late 16th century.

Konigstein Fortress Saxony / Image Credit:

Throughout its history, it has housed several notable residents, including Russian revolutionary Mikhail Bakunin and Johann Friedrich Bottger, co-inventor of European porcelain. Visitors are invited to explore the fortress’s vast lands. After you’ve walked around the grounds of the castle, go inside to see the exhibitions.

Admire the Dresden’s Skylines & Baroque Architecture

Dresden is a picturesque city with a blend of green gardens crowned with mesmerising skyline, domes and towers of its marvellous architecture. Many of the excellent buildings in Dresden were reconstructed or restored after the division between East and West Germany was abolished.

Frauenkirche - Dresden, Saxony
Frauenkirche- Dresden Saxony / Image Credit:

Among all the most attractive spots which lure travellers towards Dresden are its the Baroque-style Frauenkirche renowned for its ornate interior, the Zwinger which is a lavish palace with a vast collection of artworks. Other excellent examples of the fine architecture in Dresden include Theaterplatz and the Semper Opera. Also, for admiring the most handsome skylines of Germany as well of Europe you must visit Dresden.

Couples Head Towards the Glorious Moritzburg Castle

Travel to Moritzburg, where the Moritzburg Castle lies in the centre of an artificial island, to see one of the most extraordinary Baroque palaces in central Europe. The magnificent estate is suitable for romantic strolls along the beach and across its lovely park grounds, travellers can relax watching the calm water.

Moritz Castle Saxony
Moritz Castle Saxony / Image Credit:

It was built as a Renaissance-style hunting lodge in the 16th century, and later become the epicentre of hunting in Saxony. The surrounding grounds were expanded to include the Rococo-style Little Pheasant Castle and the lighthouse pier.

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Visit Dresdner Molkerei Gebruder Pfund

When you walk into Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund, it’s easy to see why the Guinness Book of Records named this dairy as the “Most Beautiful Dairy in the World.” With ornately carved ceilings and walls coated in handpainted ceramic work dating back to the late 1800s, it’s a mesmerising work of art.

Gebrüder Pfund
Gebrüder Pfund / Image Credit:

The ornate interior features neo-Renaissance motifs painted on tile, resulting in one of the most visually stunning shop interiors in the world. So, visit this beautiful dairy and click colourful pictures for social media.

Wander in the Picturesque Streets of Gorlitz

Wander in the picturesque streets of Gorlitz which are lined up with more than 4,000 buildings that were destroyed during World War II. Located in the east zone of Saxony Gorlitz is the laidback city where you can appreciate a well-preserved old town that showcases a profound mix of architectural styles.

Gorlitz Saxony
Gorlitz Saxony /Image Credit:

When Germany’s new boundaries were drawn along the Neisse River in 1945, the town was split in half. The Polish town of Zgorzelec is located on the eastern flank. It has been used in many films and web series due to the town’s preservation of historic buildings. So, if you are a die-hard fan of Hollywood movies then you must visit Gorlitz.

Enjoy Saxon Christmas at Dresden’s Striezelmarkt

Dresden’s Striezelmarkt is renowned for the Christmas market held every year at Saxon. Dresden’s Striezelmarkt lives up to Germany’s possibly the best for hosting some of Europe’s most spectacular Christmas Markets. The market was named after a popular Christmas bread called stollen, or Striezel in German. At this 600-year-old shop, take in the twinkling lights, Christmas carols, and mulled wine is a perfect retreat for travellers. A Stollen Festival is held every year to honour the delicacy, with festivities including a procession through Dresden’s Baroque Old Town. Other local treats and traditional items to look forward to including Lebkuchen and Pflaumentoffel.

Dresden Striezelmark Christmas Market
Dresden Striezelmark Christmas Market / Image Credit:

Saxony also has plenty of natural attractions appealing to travellers worldwide. Fichtelberg Mountain is excellent for visiting during winters as you can enjoy cross-country skiing and bobsledding at that time. 

Overall, this German state is worth visiting as it has all from lust forest to rocky mountains, beautiful landscape to ancient architecture. Without wasting much time add Saxony to your next travel itinerary of Germany.

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