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Trip to Latvia, Paradise of Eastern Europe


Latvia is situated in Northern Europe and was discovered in 1918. This wonderful place lies on the eastern bank of the Baltic Sea. Generally known to be a green country with a rich social legacy. A half of Latvia’s domain is covered by woodlands, which placed it the 4th most forested country on the European continent.

An embroidered artwork of ocean, lakes and woods, Latvia is best portrayed as a huge, untainted parkland with only one genuine city, its cosmopolitan capital, Riga.

Riga Latvia Europe
Riga Latvia Europe / Image credit:

Latvia is a protected and inviting nation, offering space and opportunities for everybody, regardless of whether you are searching for concentrates with harmony between moderate entertainment in greater urban areas or the presence of nature in more modest cities. Latvia has everything you wish for on the same plate.

In this article, we are going to cover the top 10 things to do in Latvia to make your trip super exciting. Lets’ start

1. Mid summer festivity in Latvia

Midsummer in Latvia is being praised around the same time (night) consistently, the night from June 23 to June 24. Thus, indeed, 2 days after the genuine date of the summer solstice.

Latvian Ligo Festival 2019
Latvian Ligo Festival 2019 / Image credit:

Līgo and Jāņi are celebrated in nature, making festoons of oak leaves or wild blossoms, going to the sauna, drinking brew and eating up extensive measures of caraway cheddar that is preferred to be homemade.

2. Coastal Hiking in Latvia

Hiking in Latvia is a fantastic adventure. You will discover different energizing climbing trails here. You can climb along the Baltic Seashore, in the wild unblemished blog-lands, or the areas of the tremendous wood. The coastline hiking in Latvia is the top decision for hiking enthusiasts, huge timberland is not less alluring climbing objective.

Baltic Sea Shore
Baltic Sea Shore / Image credit:

The hiking begins at the Lithuanian-Russian boundary in the town of Nida in Lithuania, leads through Latvia and completions at the Port of Tallinn in Estonia.

3. Dance celebration and Latvian music shows

Once in the five years is the period for THE headliner in Latvian social life – the Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration. It includes many ensembles and society dance gatherings, hypnotizing thousands in the crowd. The celebration has procured high honor universally, being remembered for the UNESCO Oral History and Non-material Cultural Heritage List. It’s likewise viewed as perhaps the best celebration in the Baltic locale.

Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration in Latvia
Latvian Nationwide Song and Dance Celebration in Latvia / Image credit:

The Song and Dance Celebration in Latvia have been a social customary since 1873, where once at regular intervals, Riga turns into a phase for a display of festivity that joins a country.

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4. Cycling from Sigula to Ligatne

Searching Latvia’s greatest and most lovely public park by bicycle. See the well-known urban areas of Sigulda, Cesis and Valmiera, the immaculate woods and Gauja stream, the fields and the untamed life of provincial Latvia on a family-friendly ride. A significant part of the riding is on more modest back roads and timberland tracks, with insignificant traffic and with just 75 km, split more than three days, there is a lot of time for touring en route.

Off road cycling Jurmala, Latvia
Off road cycling Jurmala, Latvia / Image credit:

From May to October duration is the perfect timing when the routes can be delighted with the lovely cold weather days with a couple of days off, the ways and woodland streets.

5. Sea celebration in Latvia

The yearly Sea Festival famous as a Fishermen’s Festival happens in most seaside towns and towns all through Latvia this end of the week and is the second biggest celebration after Midsummer’s Night on the Latvian summer schedule.

Kalipeda, Lithunia, Baltic Sail Sea festival
Kalipeda, Lithunia, Baltic Sail Sea festival / Image credit:

At the second end of the week in July, numerous Latvians appreciate fishing competitions, beautiful motorcades, outside shows, brandishing rivalries and different festivals of joy. For a significant number of them, the celebration is a chance to move away for the end of the week and chill via the ocean.

6. Visit Rundale Palace, Latvia

Visit if the most remarkable Baroque and Rococo design of Latvia in Rundale royal residence, probably the most brilliant illustration of style engineering of Latvia in Mezotne castle and archaic mansion of Livonian request, the home of the Dukes of Courland at Bauska palace.

Rundale palace
Rundale palace / Image credit:

With a visit here, you’ll have the chance to see the impeccable royal architecture building inside and the exquisite back nurseries also.

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7. Go Cross Country Skiing in Latvia

Cross-country skiing is additionally well known in Latvia. There are a few around kept-up biathlon focuses without any extra charge by any means.

The Latvian “high countries” in focal Vidzeme Province have a few such cross-country tracks – “Lejas Jozumi” and “Riekstu” tracks close to Gaiziņš Hill, the “Baili” track close to Valmiera, just as the track in Sigulda called “Laurenči”.

Latvia cross country skiing baltic sea
Latvia cross country skiing baltic sea / Image credit :

In Latvia’s Latgale Province close to Aglona, there is a wonderful ski track that rounds the marvelous Cirsi Lake. The track includes straight and sloping parts and when the lake is frozen strong, it is likewise conceivable to ski on the lake.

8. Traditional Latvian Sauna of Latvia

For Latvians, ‘sauna’ is a profound trench,  experience with spirituality that is particularly close to home and uncommon every single time. This is because they genuinely accept the hot steam cleans both the body and the spirit.

The motivation behind bathhouses stretches out past essentially washing the body. By noticing the astuteness of the shower custom of our progenitors, you can get away from the considerations and inconveniences of regular daily existence, free yourself of stress and resuscitate the soul.

Sauna culture in Latvia
Sauna culture in Latvia / Image credit :

The most well-known are birch, oak, linden and juniper twig switches, yet shower aces change it up of plants to their smacking bundles, giving mending properties, aromas and energy.

9. Enjoy Unique Zipline Ride – Z Eagle in Latvia

Zipline is the most energizing experience is here in Sigulda that offers a genuinely exceptional fascination. The world’s first ride flowing on the cablecar track with Zipline “Z-Eagle” in Sigulda at the beautiful landmark in National park over Gauja stream. Lunch and available time in Sigulda.

Zipline, Sigulda adventure
Zipline, Sigulda adventure / Image credit:

Take off through the air like a falcon on this exceptional zipline attraction.  This family-accommodating fun allows you to encounter the impression of flying while experiencing 630 feet down the mountainside on a suspended rope link.

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10. Riga 4×4 Offroad experience in Latvia

4×4 Jeep Safari experiences on rough terrain, free-flying in the vertical air stream are much the same as a fledgling in the sky, ride in the genuine bobsleigh tack with the speed of very nearly 100 km/h

This drive is the most energizing one for adrenaline searchers. You will be received from your lodging by rough terrain jeeps and taken a couple of km outside of Riga.

Riga 4×4 on the Wild Side
Riga 4×4 on the Wild Side / Image credit:

It gives an incredible prologue to the universe of 4×4 rough terrain driving, with the reward of seeing some lovely wide-open scenes. It is conceivable to encounter and appreciate such an excess of for one day.

Latvian Days in Edinburgh
Latvian Days in Edinburgh / Image credit:

This isn’t the end with Latvia. The vibrancy of social life will knock your mind off once you hit the heaven of Europe i.e.  Latvia, we had introduced up until now. From spiritual desire to live, venturing towards adventurous roots around the locales portrays the extraordinariness of the country.

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