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Visit Bosnia And Explore The Diversity Of The Country


Bosnia is a European country that lies in the southern Balkan Peninsula. Do people wonder how the countryside can be this beautiful yet happening? Yes, Bosnia is a countryside with beautiful lakes, mountain range and beaches. Sarajevo is the capital of the country and the main point of attraction to the tourists across.

Bosnia is quite popular among honeymooners but we will convince you the place is best for solo travelers and a family vacation.

India Imagine will be chalking out the best destination in Bosnia and you will see yourself the reasons.

Know the history before listing out destinations

Bosnia has a violent past inflicted by the harshness of WW2 that almost lead to the extermination of half of the Jewish population. However, Bosnian are strong and they survived the wound and thrived. Today, the place is beautiful as well as the most friendly tourist place ever, which always grabs its place on the top destination list.

Places tourists go gaga over and revisit!


Town in Southern Bosnia

Mostar is a city in Bosnia known for its landmark bridge Stari Most which have a past from medieval times. The place is rich in terms of both culture, beautiful landmarks and the history behind it. The old bridge museum ensures a piece of broad information on the history of the bridge and the place.

Mostar, Bosnia
Mostar, Bosnia / Image credit:

The streets are covered with street shops where you can probably look for some cheap shopping. Tourists can plan a day’s tour or stay a couple of days to get the most of the place.

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The Capital City of Bosnia

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and also the central point to get into the city. Also, it is one of the largest cities in Bosnia. The city is surrounded by beautiful Dinaric Alps and the majestic river Miljacka.

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Sarajevo, Bosnia / Image credit:

Sarajevo has several mosques and architectural designs in the 16th century that the city become one of the most influential and powerful Ottoman cities back then. The city also owns the largest market place for a shopping spree experience. The place is also tourists friendly with lots of cafes and nightlife for a blast!


Monastery City of Bosnia

Blagaj, Bosnia
Blagaj, Bosnia / Image credit:

One of the main attractions of Blagaj is the spring water and the Monasteries standing along with it. It’s a view worth watching. The Dervish monastery has a mausoleum with a pleasant atmosphere surrounding it. To know the history of the place visit the Blagaj Fort and Velagic House that stands centuries ahead of years.

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Historical Sites and Landmarks

Počitelj, Bosnia
Počitelj, Bosnia / Image credit:

Počitelj has some wonderful historical and archaeological sites to its credit. Mogorjelo and Apparition hills confines of Roman villas and ruins and some beautiful Catholic pilgrimage. Krizevac on the mountain top is a popular tourist destination. Waterfalls and clock towers are predominantly popular among tourists across the land.

Sutjeska National Park

National Park of Bosnia

Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia
Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia / Image credit:

The park was established long back in 1962, soon which was declared national park and predominantly became largest park in the country. The two rocks standing adjacent is a star of the destination. The park also has some beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains confined in it.

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For Skiing and Snowboarding

Kupres, Bosnia
Kupres, Bosnia / Image credit:

Kupres in Bosnia is a hub for adventure lovers particularly those who have an eye for skiing and snowboarding. Stožer is the station on the icy mountains that are open for skiing and snowboarding. The Ski resort is opened every day for a better experience.


The City of natural beauty

Čapljina is as beautiful as paradise. The aerial view of densely populated forests and waterfalls streaming through them is worth a million bucks. It is also a famous destination for rafting. The place is also an excellent archaeological site for the history lover in you. From Čapljina you can also visit Krizevac to visit the holy cross.

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Artificial Lake for fishing

Petrucci is known for artificial lakes or you can say man-made lake best for swimming and fishing. The tiny colorful houses on the top make it prettier to watch.

Bosnia is a small country with big values. They respect their tourists and ensure space for them. Food and stay are equally cheap and affordable for tourists. Tourists also need to take care of some potentially dangerous things that could happen and follow tourist guidelines to ensure a beautiful vacation in Bosnia!

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