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Add Jalisco To Your Travel Bucket List 2021


Mexico fascinates travelers in many ways. Be it the famous foods that tingle your tastebuds, the iconic Mayan temples, the alluring beach spots. It is said that vacation in Mexico is far feasible and cheaper than any other Latin American country.

Jalisco is one such Mexican city that would capture your soul and imagination. This Mexican state is popular for the Mariachi music that we can’t miss. Jalisco is a blend of architectural beauty, a satire for Art and culture, beauty of beaches and a blend of Nature. The people here are quite fun and friendly to involve in. However, considering the crime rate of Mexican states don’t let the locals get the best out of you!

So, we will today at India Imagine dig out some places that suit the above-mentioned significance.

Puerto Vallarta for beaches and water activities

Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta/Image Credit:

Puerto Vallarta is a scenic beauty for a place. It is hugely known for places that have the best of marine life and water activities. There are beautiful tucked away beaches that would take your breath away. The Los Muertos Beach, the Los Arcos and Las Caletas are a remarkable spot for the best beaches around. And if you are with the family the Aquaventuras Park is the place you should visit. It is a large water park with quite beautiful slides and very real dolphins to play with.

Guadalajara for colonial landmarks

Guadalajara/Image Credit:

Guadalajara forms a passionate landmark that marks colonialism. The giant Cathedral, an architectural eminence, is the reckoning specimen of the colonial landmark. Then there is the Basilica of Our Lady and Templo Expiatorio del Santisimo are other examples.
Apart from that the Zoological park amidst is one of the favorite spots among the tourists. You can spend a fabulous time along with your family in these tiny zoos with attractive fauna and flora.

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Tequila for the best tequila ever

Tequila Mexico
Tequila Mexico/Image Credit:

Mexico is known for its tequila. And it won’t amuse us if we can see a town with the same name. Tequila is a town in Mexico known for brewing the best of tequila one can taste. Tourists can visit the Casa Sauza distillery to see the process and taste some. Can you imagine a National Museum of Tequila which is completely dedicated to these local drink of the place? Fàbrica la Rojeña is yet another place where you can see the entire distillation process along with a tasting.

Tlaquepaque for handicrafts and arts

Tlaquepaque/Image Credit:

Tlaquepaque involves the tourists. This place provides everything that a person looks into. The Canyon with natural beauty, architectural epitome, cultural centers to know more about the place, museums, wetlands, super tasty food. But the highlight of the place is the prominent place for Handicrafts and pottery. People have a galaxy of time shopping here, they collect souvenirs to take back home.

Lake Chapala for extraordinary lake

Lake Chapala
Lake Chapala/Image Credit:

When you are in Mexico you cannot miss Lake Chapala. It is not only the beautiful lake in Mexico but also the largest one. Now you can imagine why tourists get attracted to this place. Connected to the lake, there are a water park, an aquatic center and an island that provides you with the best local food at a simply affordable price. And for the adrenaline junkies, for you, this little island provides a beautiful hiking trail!! What more can we ask for?

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Yelapa for yoga

Yelapa/Image Credit:

Yelapa is for the travelers seeking solace. This little place has some beautiful beaches that provide you with tranquility. The beaches are stilled untouched by the crowd. Hence these tucked away beaches are the perfect place for solitude and meditation. People practice yoga to keep their body and mind calm.

Zapopan for Art Museums

Zapopan/Image Credit:

Zapopan is for nature lovers and the people who are keen to know the historic eminence of the place. The old 17th-century Basilica Arcos Vallarta are few to name that provides a Neoclassical architecture. The Bosque Lis Colombo and the Barranca de Oblatos are specifically for the nature lover in you. There is a kid-friendly science museum that tingles the little one’s brain. So, in a nutshell, Zapopan is a place perfect for a family.

Costa Careyes for honeymooners

Costa Careyes
Costa Careyes/Image Credit:

If you are honeymooners landed in Mexico, just Costa Careyes is the place for you. Somewhat the place gives you a feel of being isolated and that makes it the perfect honeymoon spot. Beach, wilderness and some amazing nature are what the place has to provide. Look out for jaguars, walk along with sea turtles and walk through the forest trails.

Mexican food – you can thrive on it

Mexico Food
Mexico Food/Image Credit:

Mexican food is without any doubt finger-licking good. It is spicy with the rare and authentic spices bursting in your mouth. The Chilaquiles is considered to be the famous breakfast dish. Tortillas, tacos and cheese are that local vouches for. However, you must be aware that Mexican chilies are quite famous and spicier than you can imagine. So, don’t say I did warn you!

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Mexico is a bit higher on the crime rate, few of the cities here are prohibited for tourists because of the higher crime rate. So, before heading keep a tab on the scenario. Call for a local person to guide you or tie-up with any tourist organization to tour you through. Anyways don’t miss the beauty of the Mexican city for any given reason.Till you ponder on it. It’s a Bon Voyage from me…

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