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Explore the Southern Charm of United States of America, Mississippi


Mississippi is a beautiful state loaded up with a variety of vacation spots and pub locations. It is encompassed by the Mississippi River situated with the western boundary of the Magnolia State that envelops numerous characters. The Mississippi is home to a wide diversity of chronicled landmarks and exhibition halls. Vacationers can likewise appreciate touring as they go through the state through twang music, beautiful beaches, peaceful farmlands and many more. Mississippi is an ultimate place for satisfaction and relaxation in the lap of nature.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 attractions of Mississippi that you can’t miss in your visit.

1. Gulf Island National Seashore, Mississippi

If you head towards the south of the two Mississippi and Florida regions, the beautiful Gulf Islands National Seashore is located with a wonderful hindrance island. It is the home to bunches of magnificent white sand seashores and wild with a stunning view that offers untold open-air diversion openings.

Gulf Islands National Seashore water park at Mississippi
Gulf Islands National Seashore water park at Mississippi / Image credit: Gulf Islands National Seashore water park at Mississippi

It is a well-known destination for vacationers famous for its peaceful environment and confined settings. These islands are superbly set with smooth sands lying close to wild wetlands and captivating backwoods. The Gulf Islands offers you an amazing climbing trail, setting up camp and picnicking place, old fortresses, various water sports like kayaking, swimming. One can enjoy cycling at the sides of the seashore and enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean.

2. Ocean Springs, Mississippi

The beautiful Ocean Springs is situated around two miles east of Biloxi in the Mississippi. It is the shelter for art and culture, with various craftsmanship shops and studios. It is one of the Mississippi’s pleasant Gulf Coast towns with a beguiling coastline that joins the authentic history, culture and nature across the board. Sea spring is heavenly loaded with normal magnificence and untamed life, while the oak-lined streets in the downtown offer exhibitions and interesting bistros.

Ocean Springs Beach Side Walk
Ocean Springs Beach Side Walk / Image credit:

If you are a shopaholic, so this place is perfect to complete all your desires to shop. There are more than 200 shops, displays and eateries with delicious cuisines. Enjoy the nightlife with your partner and feel the cool breeze around the coastlines. The walk will fascinate you on the white sand seashores.

3. Jackson – Capital of Mississippi

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi which is the most crowded city in the state. This place is home to a few marvelous galleries, which cover a wide scope of themes, including ancient history, social liberties, the fusion of African-American culture, regular sciences, and artists. Jackson is also famous for the world-class book festival.

Book festival in Mississippi
Book festival in Mississippi / Image credit:

Jackson is certainly worth a visit all alone or with a partner. It’s an amazing city that is got a convoluted past and holding an incredible history. For adventure lovers, it is encompassed with wild climbing trails which will bring you into a 36-million-year-old woodland past enormous fallen trees went as a classic stone. The geographic marvel will excite you to discover more about these trails. And the backwoods is additionally an extraordinary spot for outings in the Jackson.

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4. Arkabutta Lake

Arkabutta Lake Mississippi
Arkabutta Lake Mississippi / Image credit:

The pleasing Arkabutla Lake is situated in the northern Mississippi region, just around a 30-minute drive from Memphis, Tennessee, is an excellent and far-off area for loosening up an escape in the lap of nature. This lake is a perfect blend of virgin trails with relaxing seashores. One can enjoy climbing on the rocky mountains or let your body soaked in a sunbath near the seashore. This is the destination for swimmers and a fishing dock for the individuals who need to take a look for getting catfish, largemouth bass, and crappie. This place became the most prominent picnic spot in the Mississippi. For youngsters, there are some wonderful campsites to enjoy bonfires and seafood.

5. Clarksdale

Trail from Claksdale to Dockery in Mississppi
Trail from Clarksdale to Dockery in Mississippi / Image credit:

Clarksdale is located in the Mississippi Delta, a significant destination on the Mississippi that is famous as a Blues Trail. It is set on the banks of cascading Sunflower River, which had a somewhat bedraggled city of Clarksdale in Mississippi. It is well known with travelers as it lies at the core of the Delta blues scene. The beauty of this forest is attracting tourists for adventures and scenic photographs. You can have a look at Delta Blues Museum for a gander at this vivid history, and enjoy the most Sunflower River Blues Festival.

6. Tunica

Tunica is known to be the South’s Casino Capital. Tourists to Tunica will discover a big stake in a pleasant time. It is located in the northwest region of Mississippi. Just like Memphis, it is open from different pieces of the state. One can enjoy clubbing in midtown. The nightlife of Tunica will blow your mind with an amazing contribution of lodgings. Appreciate the delectable feasting choices along with some great greens just add to the arrangement in Tunica.

Tunica Casinos in Mississippi
Tunica Casinos in Mississippi / Image credit:

One can enjoy the activities like fishing sanctions with comprehensive get-aways, warm and comfortable cafés. For relaxation, take walk around the Eco Trail of the River Park. For the tourist, there is a facility for paddle boating to explore the river.

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7. Bay St Louis

Bay St. Louis in Mississippi
Bay St. Louis in Mississippi / Image credit:

Bay Saint Louis is situated in Hancock County of Mississippi’s southern region. One can appreciate the Bay’s white sand seashores with their loved ones. In the downtown, there are exhibitions available with antique stores for stand-out shopping. After visiting this place one can get the historical backdrop of Bay St. Louis. Bay Saint Louis offers a remarkable excursion experience of facilities with private restrooms, delicious food, scrumptious,  and private yards with lovely nursery sees. You can enjoy the sports like golf, fishing, swimming with companions. Nearby Bay Saint Louis there are few fantastic eateries and easygoing bistros.


In the heart of the United States of America, Mississippi is an interesting state to explore. The city is the perfect blend of writing, music, history and legacy. There are more attractions and places to discover that one can feel after visiting this beautiful city of the US. Just grab your travel partner and enjoy this lovely Mississippi city.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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