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Trip to Oklahoma: Historic City of Oilfields and Museums


Are you thinking of a trip to Oklahoma? Then this article is a good guide for your whole trip itinerary. Oklahoma is a picturesque gateway to the west land of the USA with oil fields everywhere which make riches just like Ducktale’s Uncle Scrooge. Apart from that, you can find the red soil sediments all over Oklahoma and on the outskirts of plains, buffalo can seem to roam free. The largest cities here are Oklahoma City and Tulsa, which were built during the oilfield boom in early 1900. For history lovers, many Modern museums, galleries of international art can be explored and lavish gardens give the state a more cosmopolitan edge.

So let’s begin our extensive guide for a trip to Oklahoma that has valuable information for any tourist:

Route 66


The famous Route 66 is the longest road the runs through the heart of Oklahoma. This highway starts from Chicago to Los Angeles and is one of the most preferred routes to enter the city. The one who seeks the roadtrip as one of there favorite outing should take this trip. There are many roadside attraction which includes historical museums such as Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Blue Whale in Catoosa and Golden Driller in Tulsa. Generally, famous sightseeing that attracts tourists on Route 66 is the motor-head bent and apart from those are drive-ins, motorcycle museums and old-timey filling stations, meaning that it’s avid road-trippers who most enjoy the journey.

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Philbrook Museum of Art

Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Oklahoma City Museum of Art / Image credit:

Collections at the Philbrook Museum of Art include Artworks from Africa, Asia, and Europe in a variety of media, as well as the work of Native American artists and craftspeople. This Italian-styled villa turned art museum is built on 22 acres of picturesque formal and informal gardens along Crow Creek. It captures the elegance and wealth of oil-rich Tulsa in the 1920s. When visiting the gardens, keep an eye out for the cats on patrol for rodents and the bees who both pollinate and produce local honey which is sold in the gift shop seasonally. Another installment of this Art museum can be found in downtown Tulsa.

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Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo
Oklahoma City Zoo / Image credit:

Picturesque pathways take tourists through many ecosystems at the Oklahoma City Zoo, from African plains to tropical jungles. The zoo and botanical gardens were built centuries ago and have more than 500 species of animals, including some endangered, as well as a grand garden landscape. Demonstrations and educational sessions are a highlight for children to understand nature, whether it’s a giraffe feeding or elephant show. Other fun things to do include exploring the stingray touch tank, getting on a train ride, or catching a boat ride on the zoo’s lake.

Marland Estate Mansion

Marland Estate Mansion
Marland Estate Mansion / Image credit:

The Marland Estate Mansion is situated in Ponca City which is another Oklahoma’s oil-boom town. The grand Marland Estate Mansion was built in 1928 and served as a second home for millionaire oilman and 10th governor of Oklahoma, E. W. Marland. This huge mansion has 55 rooms, including 3 kitchens, plus huge grounds with a swimming pool, art studio, and a boathouse. The Marland Estate Mansion also has a museum within it named as Byrant Baker Gallery dedicated to famous sculptor Byrant Baker.

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Museum of the Great Plains

Museum of the Great Plains
Museum of the Great Plains / Image credit:

The Museum of the Great Plains in Lawton demonstrates natural history exhibits that unveil life in the west for Native Americans and pioneers. On the outside turf, you will see a number of historic buildings, including a train depot, trading post, and schoolhouse. Also in Lawton, tourists can discover local culture at the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Centeror tour The Holy City – an unusual collection of buildings constructed to look like Israel during the Biblical period.

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Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City National Memorial
Oklahoma City National Memorial / Image credit: Bryan Terry

This memorial is made in remembrance of the 1995 bombing on Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Victims, survivors, and rescuers are honored within the grounds, which include a reflection pool, gardens, and symbolic sculptures. It’s become a landmark of the state capital. The nearby Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum recounts the tragic events felt across the nation.

Oklahoma Aquarium

Oklahoma Aquarium
Oklahoma Aquarium / Image credit:

The Oklahoma Aquarium is known all over the world for its largest collection of bullhead sharks. It is located in Jenks which is south of Tulsa. The glass tunnel tour is the most interesting part here where you can see these creatures in their environment. Apart from Sharks, you will also find Sea Turtles, the Polynesian Reef, different species of fishes and ecozone for their survival. You can also find a 120-year-old Alligator snapping turtle here which is quite rare these days.

National Weather Center

National Weather Center
National Weather Center / Image credit:

Oklahoma State experiences extreme tornadoes, lighting and searing heat. So the weather occurrences here is the most severe than elsewhere in the world. These extreme conditions are what makes a tour to National Weather Center more interesting. There are guide service which take you through the whole process for weather prediction in the facility. Advance booking is a must while trying to visit here. There is also an on-site café open to the public, and there is no admission charge to visit the weather center.


The Oklahoma State is a must see place while visiting USA. We have covered some of the great attractions in the state in our post, hope you have liked it. For more interesting contents keep reading our blogs.

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