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Take a Breathtaking Tour to Memphis – Fusion of Musical Arts and Ghost lands


Memphis is one of the magnificent cities located at the bank of the Mississippi River, Shelby County, Tennessee in the United States of America. Memphis holds the amazing meaning which is established and beautiful. In Tennessee, Memphis is one of the most populated city which is known to be the second-largest metropolitan region. The city is the perfect fusion of incredible music, arts, seductive islands, ghost hotels and virgin trails. There is a lot more to explore in this marvelous breathtaking tour to Memphis.

Let’s dive into Memphis to discover more about the city. Here are the top 10 attractions of Memphis that you can’t miss on your trip.

1. Sun Studio of Memphis

Sun Studio - Memphis

Sun Studio is known as the Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, representing an authentic symbol of music in the Memphis milestone. You will be amazed to know that the first stone single Rocket 88 was recorded here in the year 1951 and it was popularly known as the Memphis Recording Service. Enjoy the amazing beats of music when it is played at Sun Studio. Your breathtaking tour to Memphis would be incomplete without sensing the rhythms of Sun Studio.

2. Haunted Memphis Walking Ghost visit

Appreciate the breathtaking tour to Memphis with city horror places by proficient narrators. The South Main Historic District is a perfect blend of wonderment of most established structures that holds a long history of thrilling homicides and spooky action.

Haunted pub crawl in Memphis
Haunted pub crawl in Memphis / Image credit:

Paranormal Discoveries in Memphis can unquestionably profess to be one of America’s most haunted places to visit in USA. You can start your horrifying journey from the Haunted Memphis Bus Tour that will take you to the top destinations of this ghost land. You can take a Memphis Ghost walk to explore the haunted streets of Memphis. Finally, end your trip with an exciting Haunted Pub Crawl where you can enjoy with your partner or friends.

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3. Downtown Beale Street Entertainment District

Beale street - Memphis
Beale street / Image credit:

The Beale Street downtown is adored as another breathtaking tour to Memphis where the impact of American music starts from Beale specially the Rock n Roll one. Beale Street is perhaps the most notorious road in the USA. It has three sections comprises dance clubs, cafes, and shopping malls. In the core of downtown, this makes the incredible fusion of jazz, delta blues and gospel. One can enjoy the cold brew along with erotic music on Beale Streets which tends to be the coolest spot in Memphis.

4. Orpheum Theatre

Orpheum Theatre, breathtaking tour to Memphis
Orpheum Theatre / Image credit:

Since 1928, the Orpheum has been a notable masterpiece of Memphis. This is the junction where thoughts and stories have their values and imagination is conceived. The Orpheum Theater is a genuine destination where a breathtaking tour to Memphis became extraordinary for trippers. This theatre is an example of overcoming the adversity of Memphis for delivering an amazing performance to the audience to entertain. If you had a interest in theatres, so visit this place to know more about the authentic culture of Memphis in depth through wonderful performances by artists.

5. Southland Casino


The Southland Casino is situated in West Memphis, Arkansas, just a short drive from downtown Memphis, Tennessee. This region is claimed and worked by Delaware North, includes 1,500 gaming machines, roulette tables, live greyhound dashing, simulcast betting and live blackjack. Must watch and bet on live greyhound dashing, like pure breed ,greyhound simulcast hustling with elite choices, Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup.  Have look around exciting places like Bourbon St. Steakhouse, Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar, World Market Buffet, and Grill for fabulous cuisines.

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6. Mud Island of Memphis

Wedding Ceremony at Mud Island , breathtaking tour to Memphis
Wedding Ceremony at Mud Island / Image credit:

Over the 100 years prior, Mud Island was shaped when rock, sand and mud are accumulated before the Memphis harbor. One can feel the breathtaking tour to Memphis after visiting this Mud Island that isn’t an island but a little promontory of land that extends into the Mississippi River off midtown Memphis. Must have a look into the most famous recreation center which is known as the  Mississippi River Museum, where you will be able to experience the history of waterways about 10,000 years ago. If you are interested to explore the river Mississippi there is the option to use paddle boats to enjoy riverside bistros. Mud Island is an amazing place for unique occasions to celebrate with your loved ones.

7. Victorian Village

Victorian Village, breathtaking tour to Memphis
Victorian Village / Image credit:

After reaching to Victorian Village, one may feel the sensation of culture which is somewhere around the 1800s. The Victorian village is known as the nicknamed Millionaire’s Row. Victorian Village is the home of delicious food which includes murmuring breakfast and lunch. One can booze with a beautiful blend of drinks to relax and a memorable quaint little inn.

8. Peabody Rooftop Party & Ducks

There is an amazing history behind Peabody which will make the breathtaking tour to Memphis in an extraordinary way. Frank Schutt, General Manager of the Peabody with a companion, Chip Barwick, got back from an end-of-the-week chasing outing to Arkansas. Three little English call ducks were picked as “guinea pigs,” and the response was amazing.

Peabody Rooftop Party, breathtaking tour to Memphis
Peabody Rooftop Party / Image credit:

Here show runs based on these ducks called “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. It is  observed as Rubber Ducky Day. The visitors can cherish the beautiful march of ducks at this place.

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9. St Mary’s Catholic Church

St Mary's Catholic Church , breathtaking tour to Memphis
St Mary’s Catholic Church / Image credit:

One of the delightful old-style churches is the St Mary’s Catholic Church which makes your breathtaking tour to Memphis spiritually complete. It is believed that it’s almost 150 years of age. The church is beautifully designed, which makes it lovely from the outside and the interior side. The sculptures are raised with remarkable wood-cut designs. If you are looking for some peace and want to connect with God, so this place would be best suitable for you in terms of spirituality.

10. Mountain Biking Wolf River Trail

Wolf River Trail
Wolf River Trail / Image credit:

So finally you reached to last attraction of Memphis that is Biking in the Mountains. This will fulfill your breathtaking tour to Memphis and will give you chance to do some adventure through wild trails. The trails are awesome for mountain trekking that has an extraordinary stream it’s quick. You can start from Mountain Biking Wolf River Trail where you will find the path runs close by the wolf waterway and has three fundamental sections namely  Yellow, Blue, and White. To keep a good speed there are lot of curves present that most mountain bikers are attracted for trekking.


At last, I conclude this article by saying that Memphis is an exceptional destination which conveys numerous melodic combinations of art, adventures and haunted experiences. The surprising traditions will make you feels like discovering more about Memphis. There are only a few places on the earth where you will find such type of variety in a single plate. The spirit of this city is fashioned with the flow of the Mighty Mississippi River.

Hope you liked the attractions of Memphis. See you soon with new international destination shortly.

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