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Berkshires – A Village in Massachusetts For a Heavenly Experience


Far from the city lights, amidst the mountains and valley is a dream of every person. The stress of everyday life sometimes takes a toll on our mental health. It is then we need a break from our daily routine and goes for a vacation. Berkshire is a perfect place to indulge in some serendipity, solitude, and simplicity.

Let’s get into more details at India Imagine of Berkshires, a beautiful village in Massachusetts.

Berkshires is a rural settlement in western Massachusetts, so don’t expect the exclusive exotic tourist destinations that you may know. However, Berkshires has no fewer things for you to offer. There are few places tourists often visit and come back with a fabulous experience. But it is quite difficult to put the endless “things to do” at Berkshires as there are more than we can fathom.

Know the art and culture of Berkshires and know the history

Want to know the history of the place. You need not dig too far, well, all you need is to visit the museum. And there are quite a few museums around the best place. When you are in Berkshire you should visit historic places like The Mount, Naumkeag, and Chesterwood. Have you heard about the Tanglewood festival?

Berkshires Art and Museum
Berkshires Art and Museum / Image credit:

One of the finest experience for the art lover is nothing but to get a glimpse of the famous Tanglewood festival. There is a small village called Hancock where you can enjoy a warm homestay and feel at home. Few theatres are erected in the heart of the city to keep the art and tradition alive.

The heavenly beauty of Berkshires’ outdoor and wildlife

Around the year, around the clock, Berkshires is an enthralling beauty. Great backdrop for clicking pictures for your travelogue or social media handles. Skiing trails such as Butternut, Jimmy Peak running long across acres for the skiers who enjoy the vastness of the place with lush greenery.

Berkshires Wildlife
Berkshires Wildlife / Image credit:

The hills and valleys offer perfect hiking trails for adventure lovers. If you are looking for some evening stroll across to enjoy the scenic beauty, there are various botanical gardens and hilltop areas.

Tingle you tastebuds like never before

Berkshires Breakfast Food
Berkshires Breakfast Food / Image credit:

Are you a fan of exotic food from Luxottica restaurants or are you looking craving for a roadside bite? Berkshire has everything for everyone. The burger from the sideways is equally well going like the perfectly grilled steak from any restaurant. That’s not Berkshires is all about, there are some best places for the cafe and to sip the best beer during the tiresome nights.

Best place for meditation and mental health care

At the start of the articles, we said that Berkshires is a place best to get rid of the stress born out of hectic life. It is totally up to you whether to opt for a blissful meditation on the lakeside, hilltops, or to go for advance options deep massage, body rejuvenation treatments, or Tai Chi.

Berkshires Meditation
Berkshires Meditation / Image credit:

There are some good options for beauty treatments too that won’t be hefty on your pockets. Anyways if you just go for a walk across the village side I bet half of your tiredness will vanish in thin air.

We had told you beforehand, Berkshires is not an exotic and happening tourist destination. But of course, it is inevitably a place untouched and pure. The fresh air, green valleys, and sweet water lakes can give you experience and warmth that no big country destination can provide.

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