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For Every Wanderlust – North Carolina


We are locked up at home for a while and without any doubt, we are looking for a long vacation. A vacation filled with adventure, excitement and fun is all we want. A lot of outdoor activities and food that would soothe our soul is what we are craving for.

North Carolina is a state in the southern part of the United States. This state is one of the most populous states among the 50 states in the US. The civilization of the state marks way back from 1000 BCE. Thus marking an establishment of ages. The capital of North Carolina is Raleigh however the largest of the city remains the Greater Charlotte.

So today here at India Imagine we will be discussing the wonderful places in South Carolina where you can seek for some outdoor adventure.

Pisgah National Forest – A Day In The Wilderness.

A trip to the wilderness! The historic mansion, mountains, lakes, caves, swimming holes, waterfalls garden and fresh air to breathe. This is what is stored for you at Pisgah National Forest. In the wilderness of the forest lays a historic mansion “Biltmore” that is one of the largest one in the United States.

Pisgah National Forest
Pisgah National Forest / Image credit:

This huge mansion was built and privately owned by George Vanderbilt in the year 1895. The architecture style is predominantly chateauesque style and an example of the Gilded Age Mansion. After touring the mansion tourist opt for sightseeing places like looking glass falls, Linville gorge and sliding rock. These places are well known for swimming, hiking and camping. Few gardens across the forest give you a unique experience with a vast variety of flowers and birds.

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Outer Banks – Beaches And Shipwreck Sites

If you are done with the mountains and lakes and are ready to enjoy some sandy beaches then Outer Banks is the place you are looking for. It is a small barrier island that evokes the beauty of beaches, shipwreck sites and surfing.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks / Image credit:

There are tiny small islands and light towers to visit for age-old memories. As we had discussed earlier North Carolina has marked its presence for ages, to embark it there is Raleigh National Historic, an English settlement site. And also there are few sand dunes in places for a perfect photoshoot!

Bryson City – Smoky Mountain Trains

Bryson City
Bryson City / Image credit:

Bryson city is a great spot for a family tour, especially if you are with kids. This little town in North Carolina is full of colorful trains. There are two beautiful hilly areas Great Smoky Mountains, and visitors enjoy scenic views through the valleys by these tiny vintage trains. For kids, there is a small museum, Smoky Train Museum that is crowded with people throughout the year. Also visit the Cottage Craftsman, for exhibiting the local craftsmanship.

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Jordan lake – For Camping And Tiger Watch

Jordan lake is best known for camping, lakes and vineyards. Tourists often go to Harris Lake County Park and walk through the wooden paths that take you through the stocked fishing pond. Carolina Tiger Rescue is full of majestic tigers that are rescued. A few walk away you would reach the Cloer family Vineyard where you can relish one of the best wines in the history of Carolina.

Frisco – UFO And Aliens

Frisco / Image credit:

Frisco is full of fun and excitement! It is situated on the banks of a beautiful sandy beach with museums and lighthouses. The most visited tourist attraction is the Outer Banks Futuro House. A theme park that is dedicated to UFO and Aliens. The sight of UFO and Aliens throughout the park is fun as well as full of surprises. Bring in your kids here and let them get into the land of imagination.

Linville Falls – A Major Hiking And Trekking Trails

Linville Falls is a heavenly experience for those who are adventure thirst and nature lovers. There are several hiking trails throughout the area, Bynum Bluff Trailhead is one such that heads to the river and streams connecting the mountains and valleys. Tourists come here for hiking and trekking.

Hot Springs – A Lover’s Leap

Yet another place that connects adventure and nature lovers to their destination. Lover’s Leap is a beautiful hiking trail that ensures you an experience worth a lifetime. Some services allow you to enjoy outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning and zip line. Professional help is ensured for an uneventful and fun experience.

Charlotte – The Largest City

Charlotte / Image credit:

Charlotte is the largest metropolitan city in North Carolina. Brimming with the crowd and bustling streets this city is full of life. It has Museums, outdoor activity spots, a botanical garden, a Science center and shopping malls all across the city. Charlotte is also known for happening nightlife and yummy food. AMD if you aren’t impressed with all the above, Charlotte has the famous NASCAR!

Raleigh – The Capital City

Raleigh / Image credit:

The capital city of North Carolina and a hub for tourist attractions. There are too many tourist spots that you need to stay for two days or three to get a glimpse of the real city. There are parks, a museum with geological significance, a museum for kids, an amphitheater and an arboretum. People here live to shop and thus there are several exotic and local shopping centers around the streets of Raleigh.

Asheville – The City Of Art And Music

Asheville / Image credit:

Asheville is a beauty, with its music and theater. Real heaven for music lovers. The city is surrounded by the majestic Appalachian mountains and thus creating a mystic aura to go with it. Visit Asheville and enjoy the serenity of the place. However, when you are in Asheville don’t forget to tingle your tastebuds with the famous North Carolina cuisine particularly the seafood.

After days and months of stay at home, we need fresh air to breathe, scenic views to calm our eyes, soothing sound for our ears and calmness for the body. And in a nutshell, North Carolina is all you need! Till you chalk out a plan and pack your bags it’s a year from my side, Bon Voyage!!

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