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San Luis Valley: Mystical & Beautiful Destination of Colorado


Colorado is renowned for its vivid landscape of mountains, most beautiful forests, high plains, mesas, rich wildlife, mesmerising canyons and desert lands. It is one of the mountain states being part of the Western United States. Ski-goers, rock climbers, mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts from all sorts of mountain towns love this state of United Stated as there are many great places to relax and enjoy the surroundings of the mountains Apart from all these, another reason for Colorado’s popularity is mysterious yet mesmerising San Luis Valley. It is one of the most famous locations in Colorado with sightseeing and many adventures things to experience once in your lifetime.

Let’s explore what makes this valley so special and mythical at the same time. 

Brief of San Luis Valley

There’s something magical about San Luis Valley of Colorado. The San Luis Valley is one of the world’s largest high desert valley, lying at an altitude of over 7,000 feet. It is about 125 miles long, and more than 65 miles wide.

San Luis Valley
San Luis Valley, Via:

This valley is surrounded by the peaks of the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east and the San Juan Mountains to the west, thus the valley surreal views make you feel like you are in the middle of a giant mountain. Besides this, moderate and warm weather in the summer, making San Luis Valley the perfect destination for a summer road trip thus many bikers and trekking enthusiasts pay a visit to this valley.

Attractions in San Luis Valley

San Luis State Wildlife Area

San Luis Lakes National Wildlife lies east of Mosca town, and south of State Highway 150 close to Great Sand Dunes National Park. This area of San Luis is famous for wildlife and reconstructed campsites.

San Luis Lake State Park, San Luis Valley
San Luis Lake State Park, Via:

In 2017, the land lost its designation as a public park and was moved to the State Wildlife Area of San Luis Lakes. There is an intermittent lake in the wildlife area which often contains small amounts of water from hydrologically controlled drainage in the San Luis Closed Basin.

Blanca Peak

Blanca Peak is a 4th hiking peak located in the Rocky mountains of Alamosa, Colorado, which features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers.

Hiker at Blanca Peak, San Luis Valley
Hiker at Blanca Peak, Via:

It is the highest elevation of the Sierre Blanca, Sangre de Cristo, and the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo is the most prominent peak situated an altitude of 14,351 feet. At Blanca Peak, you can enjoy hiking, cycling, nature excursions and horseback riding from March to October.

Little Bear Peak, San Luis Valley

Little Bear Peak is a high mountain peak situated in the Rocky Mountains of North America’s Sangre de Cristo Range. The 14,043-foot quadruplex is located on the Sierra Blanca Massif, around 15km north to the east of the Town of Blanca on the drainage line between the Rio Grande National Forest and the Alamosa County and the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant and the Costilla County. It is popular among adventure lover for climbing, skiing, lake and mountaineering.

Little Bear Peak
Little Bear Peak, Via:

But there’s much more to San Luis Valley than the scenic views and amazing climate and that is its historical importance and wired things happening in this valley which has pulled attractions of my scientists and astronomers. Let’s start with its history and then we will head towards strange and mysterious stories removing around it.

Tale of San Luis Valley

The south-central San Luis Valley is rich in culture and history from the Ute Indians and the Spanish who called the valley home. The valley was once home to the Ute Indian Tribe, who carried flocks and stalked the entire region. The valley was occupied by Mexico in the 1600s, then known as New Spain. The Spanish offered the people who wished to assist in populating the region a large portion of their territory. However, this process was delayed in view of the Mexican War and in the mid-1900s the United States took control of the city. By 1852, Massachusetts, which was succeeded by Garland six years later, led to the stability of the Valley until 1883. The Ute Tribe made this valley home through 1895. Other native tribes such as the Jicarilla Apache, Pueblo, Kiowa and Comanche tracked here.

Mysterious Stories of San Luis Valley

The gorgeous San Luis Valley of Colorado is full of interesting and mythical stories. Let’s unfold these stories.

The Strange Case of Snippy the Horse

The story sounds odd, but the few evidence makes it more real. It revolves around a horse named Snippy-the First Cattle Mutilation. Snippy was found dead on her side in September 1967, with her head opened bare to the bone through strange cuts according to local sources. Some believe that the horse died of natural causes, or maybe meat-eaters did this for food and some linked his death with the odd lights seen in the sky.

Researchers inspecting the snippy horse, Via:

Although the horse ‘s body deteriorated over time, even though remains were not eaten by hunting birds. Adding to the strangeness, there was a lack of prints within 100 feet of where the horse was found. Much more surprising, additional research showed that the brain and most of the horse’s organs had been cut off by someone very experienced. The spinal matter was also missing and no blood was found on the scene 😮

Paranormal Activities Reported

From 1992 to 2002 Christopher O’Brien investigated over one thousand paranormal events reported in the San Luis Valley. During the investigation, he found about the most intense wave of unexplained activity ever seen in a single region of North America. His systematic field research on unexplained animal deaths and the haunted valley has created one of the largest databases of unusual occurrences of paranormal activities from a single geographic area.

Presence of UFO Reported at San Luis Valley

Almost every imaginable type of UFO craft was recorded numerous times in the San Luis Valley from 1992 to 2000. If locals to be believed, crafts of typical cone-shaped design are observed. Many time large black triangles have been identified and followed by military helicopters in a variety of incidents. Later a strangely shaped, craft-like objects were captured by astronomer Michael McLaughlin over the Zapata Falls area in August 2007 and following the unusual facelike object that he shot over Valley View Hot Springs.

San Luis Valley
Some UFO-like object seen flying at San Luis Valley, Via:

UFO sightings in the San Luis Valley have become common according to local. Silver orbs and other coloured orbs are routinely witnessed but rarely reported. It is estimated that more than 50 UFO-like objects are reported in this valley. It is also believed these rumours were spread to boost the tourism of the valley.

Bottom Line:

Yes, it true that San Luis Valley is associated with many strange events but instead of this, the natural ambience, mesmerizing panoramic views and cool and dark atmosphere attracted many travel enthusiasts, adventure lovers towards San Luis Valley.

The pristine scenery and atmosphere of the San Luis Valley seem to be well-kept. It’s a perfect place for those who search for rich culture, outdoor activities and a taste of vibrant history to really make the kind and curious spirits that make you feel peace and significance.

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