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Solomon Island – Explore the land of private resorts


The Solomon Islands is the tropical paradise of the South Pacific Ocean. These islands are offering various chances for adventure lovers like diving and swimming. The fascinating travel place on the planet with white seashores. The Solomon Islands is a combination of more than 900 islands, most of them are staying uninhabited. These lonely islands are the complete package of sea adventure, food, and wine.

Here are the top 10 places, you can place on your bucket list while traveling to the Solomon Islands.

1. Tenaru Falls

Tenaru Falls is said to be the spectacular waterfalls in the rainforest of the island of Guadalcanal which is important for the archipelago of the Solomon Islands. With an amazing height of 60 meters, it can be viewed from the Chea River presents lovely cascades in Oceania.

Tenaru Falls, Honiara
Tenaru Falls, Honiara / Image credit:

The trails are passing through the wilderness of numerous parts cutting across the stream banks. When you walk, these endless ways of the island will not make you bored.

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2. Coral Sea Resorts & Casino – Boat Charter

The hospitality on Solomon Island offers a variety of hotels and bars. Situated on the waterfront sitting above the Pacific Ocean and Florida Islands, the Coral Sea Villas are situated on the core of tropical finished nurseries with a fresh view of the beaches. The Coral Sea Villas offer a lavish waterfront space with top-notch decorations.

Coral Sea Resort and Casino, Honiara
Coral Sea Resort and Casino, Honiara / Image credit:

You must check out at Haydn’s Cocktail Bar, which serves a magnificent blend of mixed drinks, from James Bond’s acclaimed Vesper Martini to creator mixed drinks utilizing nearby new natural products. The casinos over here offer world-class wines that are exclusively available in the Solomon Islands.

3. Skull Island

From the city of Munda, by boat, you can reach Skull Island in 30 minutes. In Skull Island, lagoons are abounding with brilliant fishes.

The actual island is little and fills in as the home to a few graves and a hallowed place of approximately 50 male “trophy” skulls. The age of these skulls present is from 300 to 1,000 years as of the late 1800s.

Skull Island
Skull Island / Image credit:

Skull Island is quite possibly the most haunted place that comes under the Island of New Georgia. Additionally situated on the island are wonderfully cut coffins containing king’s skulls from a previous age.

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4. Riba cave

Riba Cave is the most mainstream presence in the Solomon Islands with submerged hidden caves.

These stunning caves can be terrifying somewhere however, for those individuals who will outperform the shocking scenes, they’ll be welcomed by stunning caves with an awesome view. This cave is about an hour’s climb east of Auki. The elusive way inside these caves prompts an underground stream, stalagmites, and various underground bowers.

5. Kwaibala Waterfalls

Kwaibala Waterfalls are breathtaking waterfalls with incredible small water pools for taking dips in. It is located roughly 1.8 miles from the city of Auki.

Kwaibala Waterfall
Kwaibala Waterfall / Image credit:

Adore this extreme experience of swimming and unwinding by bringing an outing down to Kwaibala Falls. The Solomon Islands are all about staggering caves that are effectively accessible.

6. Borare River Cascades

From Honiara, you can reach by driving to Borare Cascades is about 20 kilometers. The journey is trailed by a dazzling 1-hour into the wild zone.

There’s an awesome rough cascade that takes care of a progression of lakes that is made for incredible swimming holes. If you wish to travel few miles away, lavish greenery anticipates the little waterfalls.

7. Tavanipupu Private Island Resorts

Tavanipupu Private Island Resort is present in Marau Sound, Solomon Islands. One interesting history behind this island. It was previously a coconut estate in the 19th century, possessed by Norwegian Traders who paid it off local people. A portion of the broker’s old headstones stays covered up among the long grass on the island.

Tavanipupu Resort and Spa in Solomons
Tavanipupu Resort and Spa in Solomons / Image credit:

Today the island is tropical heaven encircled by huge turquoise lagoons. If you’re looking for natural heaven so this private resort comprises bungalows, the best cuisine, chilled beer, a clear water view, and water massage. This little private island is situated with a wild and exotic view.

8. Gizo Island

In the Western Province, Gizo is the capital of the Solomon Islands. Spending time in picture-postcard towns, distant seashores, and brilliant scuba-diving among the chain of islands shaped of coral.

Dive Gizo
Dive Gizo / Image credit:

One of the center points in the Western Province is capturing the tourist from many times.  Apart from this, you can explore other islands around Gizo and Marovo Lagoon. Boating is the only medium to explore.

9. Serah Keu Lagoon Hideaway

The Serah Keu Lagoon Hideaway is a fantastic leaf bungalow over the water in the southern finish of Langa Lagoon.

Serahs Hideaway
Serahs Hideaway / Image credit:

The dense mangroves on the lagoon are so relaxing to spare time over here. One can enjoy the sunset from the top of the bungalow.

10. Rennell Island & Lake Tegano

One of the largest coral destinations is Rennell Island with a size of 660 km². The island comprises coral limestone, overwhelmed by Lake Tegano (Lake Tegano), a huge saline lake on the eastern portion of the island. The western portion of the island is like moving slopes.

East Rennell
East Rennell / Image credit:

A tremendous group of saline water recorded as a World Heritage Site and ideal for snorkeling, Lake Tegano, and its precarious coral precipices uphold endemic species like ocean snakes and recluse crabs.

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The lake is home to the most stretched-out variety of birds in the Pacific. The World Heritage Site is an isolated area that is owned by standard land ownership.

Serenity in the Solomons
Serenity in the Solomons / Image credit:

The Solomon Island is a nature’s untainted jungle adventure for climbing, jumping, or kayaking. This delicate bend of lovely islands in the world’s absolute best getaway. Solomon Island is the destination with no interruptions only you, the ocean, the sand and your pleasure time.

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