Travel DestinationsHoneymoonA Spectacular Oceanic View of Bermuda For Newlyweds

A Spectacular Oceanic View of Bermuda For Newlyweds


While looking for a beautiful honeymoon destination, what do you actually emphasize on? Beautiful places to visit, many activities to check upon and enjoy, serene and peaceful places to spend in silence, isn’t it? Again lovely beaches, water sport and good food won’t do harm. In fact, they can be the icing on the cake! What if we provide a place that has all the above itineraries? Well, visit Bermuda and find all this at once!

Why Bermuda make all in one place for a honeymoon?

Bermuda is an island located in the North Atlantic Ocean that holds some beautiful pink-sand beaches that attract people all over the globe. The best part about this place is it makes a better wedding destination too. Hence if you are planning a destination wedding in Bermuda, honeymoon plans can be easy yet surreal. There are quite a few towns and villages including the capital city, Hamilton that embarks a wonderful journey of mixed culture. Without any hesitation, select Bermuda as your honeymoon destination and fall in love with the place like never before.

Listing out some famous places to visit in Bermuda.

St. George’s, Town in Bermuda

St. George is a small town on the island in Bermuda that upholds colonial buildings and King’s Square from the 18th century. The famous St. Peter’s Church that was constructed in 1612 is one of the main reason behind crowd gatherings.

St George’s, Bermuda
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The Unfinished Church is one of the main attractions that is constructed imposing art of a grand Gothic Revival structure model. The place is also known for its natural reservoirs and best of the natural beauty preserved.

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Somerset Village in Bermuda

Somerset Village located in Sandys Parish is beautiful in itself. The place was once a port but now filled with settlements and various shops, libraries and hotels. The tourist comes down here to enjoy the crowd and do some serious purchases.

Somerset Village
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Also, you can look for a nightlife out here, as there are pubs and boat clubs for parties. There is a small beach in the town for a walk in the evening times to get the real essence of the town.

St. David’s Island

Island in Bermuda

One of the scenic island in Bermuda that owns a 19th-century lighthouse, and a grand local historic museum. There are also some public beaches to enjoy your visit here.

Tucker’s Town


The Tucker’s Town is known for some wealthy non-Bermudians residents. The place is a small community in St. George’s Parish, Bermuda at the mouth of Castle Harbour. There are quite a few shops and restaurants to enjoy a perfect evening shopping and a night dine.

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Things to do in Bermuda honeymoon trip

Meet the Dolphins

Dolphin Quest Bermuda, located at the historic National Museum of Bermuda, is an ideal place for a couple to have fun. The travelers from worldwide come down here to get a glimpse of the most beautiful dolphins so far.

Dolphins Bermuda with couples
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Apart from fun, they also indulge in interactive dolphin encounter programs. This unique experience will leave a mark during your trip.

Bermuda Triangle to reveal the mystery

Mesmerize your loved one with a visit to the Bermuda Triangle and unlock the secret. The place is one ultimate destination to observe the idea behind the great Bermuda triangle theory that as fascinated us from ages. Probably you could find answers to one of the biggest mysteries of all time? How about that?

Bermuda Triangle Couple
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Blue Echo Dive for an imaginary experience

Blue Echo Bermuda
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You don’t want to leave this destination without visiting the 12,000 feet below the sea surface where you will find all kind of oceanic giant creatures and experience close encounters with whales, giant squid and sharks and a multitude of deep-sea creatures.

Beaches to swim and relax at Bermuda

When it comes to the island, there are beaches for sure. Bermuda too is a proud owner of some fabulous beaches across the shoreline.

Beaches Bermuda
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Swim in safety at Bermuda’s most popular beach, and experience the best of beach experience.

Gibbs’s Hill Light House

Do you want to see entire Bermuda at a glance? Then you should definitely visit the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world that provides breath-taking views of Bermuda.

Snorkelling and other water sports fun.

Snorkelling, kayaking, boating, there are as many water sports and fun activities that you can indulge in here. You can opt for professionals for the safety aspects.

Snorkeling Bermuda
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Underwater experience during snorkeling and racing with the water during kayaking will leave you with an enthralling experience.

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Accommodation for newlyweds

Accommodation in Bermuda fir newlyweds is quite an affair. Without having to empty your pocket there are a lot many luxurious island hotels and resorts known to attract newlyweds and other couples celebrating a special occasion.

Resorts Bermuda
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Like some of them are listed below which are randomly picked up, not on the basis of rating or reviews. But they do provide the best service for couples looking for honeymoon excitement.

  • The Reefs Resort & Club.
  • Elbow Beach Bermuda.
  • Royal Palms Hotel.
  • Fairmont Southampton.
  • Cambridge Beaches

Are you ready for a pure island romance, then you are on the right track. Bermuda tempts the newlyweds with exotic pink sand beaches, great sightseeing, water sports and not to say beautiful dolphins. What more could a couple ask for to make their special moments memorable!

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