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Ultimate Tourist Places To Visit in Florida


What would be the first thing that would strike on your mind when you hear about the place in Florida. As a travel enthusiast, you would surely imagine some good places with a bunch of historical places. Well, this is the common thought of every human being but this notion does not apply to Florida. Florida is a state which is loaded with beautiful tourist places like sand beaches, amusement parks, beautiful cities and a wide range of landmarks. Once you enter into the territory of Florida you will not regret your choice, however, you will not fall short on places as Florida has lots of beautiful places to visit.

Take a glimpse of some best places to visit in Florida:

Orlando City

If you are on a vacation tour to Florida then starting your journey from Orlando city would be the best option. It is the only place in the world that is loaded with lots of adventure and it is not wrong to say that Orlando city is home to some of the best theme parks in the world.

Orlando City
Orlando City / Image credit:

Here you can easily find some famous theme parks like Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Sea World. These theme parks have some sort of entertainment for a person of any age group. In the past few years this city has evolved a lot in terms of tourism, so starting the journey from Orlando would be a perfect choice.


Miami is the only city that has two sides and each represents different sides of the city. One side represents the modern city and another showcases the old aspect of the city. Miami is one of the most popular cities in Florida. It is highly famous for its beaches and all the entertainment zones near the beach.

Miami / Image credit:

On all beaches, the South beach is the most famous one. It contains all the fancy resorts and restaurants which are facing towards the ocean water. Even the city has some good attractions like Flagler Street, Design District, and Brickell which represents the culture of the city.

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Kennedy Space Center

The next big destination is the Kennedy Space Center, if you are someone who loves to explore the other side of the universe then Kennedy Space Center should be your next stop. This Space center is present on the Florida Space Coast, and it is the place where you can learn all the educational things related to space and the universe.

Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center / Image credit:

Tours are conducted for visitors so that they can explore the center in a good way. There are different sections in this Space center that focuses on a different segment of space learning, display themes, shuttle display, etc.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is a place where you need an entire day to explore each and every corner of the National Park. This National Park is spread over an area of 6106.61 sq km. It is listed as the biggest tropical wilderness of the country, and it is visited by approximately one million visitors every year. In the year 1979, the Everglades National Park was declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park / Image credit:

Everglades National Park focuses on the protection of the ecosystem, if the ecosystem is protected then all the different species of flora and fauna will be managed properly. Rides are available for tourist to explore all the areas of the National Park.

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Universal Studio

One of the most famous attractions in Florida is the Universal Studio. The Studio is quite famous for its incredible experience it provides to the visitors. This massive amusement park is especially designed for people of every age group; there are rides, movie sets and some nice food. Here you will also experience the flavour of 3D and 4D rides which are entirely different from the regular rides or cinema you usually watch in malls or theatres.

Universal Studio
Universal Studio / Image credit:

Visitors have a great opportunity to explore the sets of some famous movies; most of the sets are entirely replicated as they were shown in the movie. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you should definitely board on the Hogwarts Express which will give you an unmatched experience.

Sanibel Island

After visiting cities like Miami and Orlando, your next destination should be Sanibel Island. It is a small island where the population is very less and as a tourist, you will have an ample amount of quality time to spend with your friends and family. There are four aspects on which the island focuses on and those are the Restaurants, Beaches, Resorts and Activities to do.

Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island / Image credit:

Some of the activities which are famous here are fishing, shelling, water sports, bird watching, nature tours, etc. Whereas, exploring beaches are also the second-best thing you can do on Sanibel Island. Even some educational programmes are also organised for tourist to school them about the environment of the island.


Well, in Florida you have much option to explore starting from cities to studios and from National Parks to Islands. There are very fewer destinations in the world where a tourist has so many options to travel. However, Florida has a very rich history which surely impacted the environment and the lifestyle of their citizen. And it is a treat to watch this aspect of Florida apart from these stunning places. So whenever you plan to visit Florida do consider these destinations.

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