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Dominican Republic – Trip to Offbeat Caribbean Destination


Caribbean Islands and their countries are mostly known for their gleaming white sand beaches and exotic ambience. But there is one Caribbean nation – the Dominican Republic which is more recognised for its offbeat locations which are still untouched, Larimar, rich history, culture and mostly for baseball.

But moreover, many visitors flock to the Dominican Republic because of its postcard-perfect beaches yes of course its Caribbean nation, luxurious resorts and well-developed tourism infrastructure. The varied geography, which varies from green forests and mountains to semi-desert areas, provides travellers seeking more than a simple beach holiday.

Engage yourself at isolated beaches, and learn about the culture and history of the Dominican Republic via our blog. Take a tour of the top attractions and best places to visit in the Dominican Republic.

Explore the Capital City – Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the most modern and vibrant capital city in the Caribbean endeavouring the backdrop of centuries-old buildings. The colonial architecture, museums, restaurants, shops, and quaint hotels lined up in the streets take you back to a different era. So explore the city by wandering around the streets and watch crumbling 16th-century ruins and superbly protected buildings, such as the Catedral Primada de America.

Santo Domingo / Image Credit:

Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the highlight of the city. Monasterio de San Francisco, Calle El Conde, Columbus Park, Catedral Primada de América and Panteon Nacional are major attraction here. You will get a unique experience in this beautiful city.

Punta Cana – Perfect Resort Destination for Couples

Couples this location is for you as the endless stretch white-sand beach make a perfect aura for romance. In the serene ambience watch the emerald water of the Caribbean at Punta Cana and relax at this resort destination.

Punta Cana
Punta-Cana / Image Credit:

This is the place to go if you’re searching for lavish all-inclusive beaches, a romantic getaway, or family-friendly lodging with an endless selection of water-based events to enjoy. The most spectacular stretch of beach in Punta Cana is Bavaro Beach, where you can dive in the water or stroll for hours along the sand. With boats, parasailers, and tour boats coming and leaving, the ocean is a whirlwind of activity.

Puerto Plata & Playa Dorada

Along the north coast, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, the resort destination of Puerto Plata and the beautiful stretch of beach known as Playa Dorada is one of the Dominican Republic’s biggest tourist draws. This golden-sand beach is lined with luxury resorts, although much less densely packed than what you’ll find in Punta Cana. This area is also much more subdued and has more of a tranquil feel. The beaches are not busy with boats and water sports, although it’s a beautiful area for swimming or snorkelling. You can walk beyond the resorts to undeveloped beaches backed by palm trees and forest.

Visit Cabarete & Enjoy Kiteboarding at Kite Beach

Cabarete is known for its laid-back vibes and wide crescent-shaped beach, which is lined with eateries where guests can dine right on the sand. Make a day trip to Cabarete and spend a day on the beach, enjoy a meal, or do some shopping. Listen peacefully to music during sunset time if you are visiting on weekends as many local musicians perform in the beachfront restaurants.

Relax at Cabarete Beach / Image Credit:

Kiteboarders descend on the beach in the afternoon as the winds pick up, and the sky fills with kites. With colourful kites floating in the wind, the sky and water seem to be mesmerising. And if you aren’t a kiter, the spectacle is worth seeing.

Kiteboarding Cabarete Beach / Image Credit:

In February, Cabarete holds the annual Master of the Ocean festival, where the best kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, from worldwide participates. This is a fantastic time to go kitesurfing on Kite Beach.

Rejuvanate on the Shore of Las Galeras

The small town of Las Galeras comprises the county’s most spectacular beaches to lean on. For solo travellers, Las Galeras offers off beaten path of adventure and you can appreciate its shoreline too. As the idyllic scene is set by palm-lined, white-sand beaches and turquoise water.

Las Galeras, Dominican Republic
Las Galeras, Dominican Republic / Image Credit:

Playa Rincon, La Playita, Playa Fronton, and other hidden stretches of unexplored beaches in the area are some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, offering a complete contrast to the island’s main resort destinations. You can hire a cruise to take you to a remote beach for the morning or afternoon, or stroll from town to one of the area’s many stunning sandy coves.

Enjoy Watching Whales in Samana Bay

The Dominican Republic offers an amazing opportunity for watching Humpback Whale. These whales are a national treasure, and every season from December to March, they are warmly welcomed. Thousands of humpback whales visit Samana Bay to breed and give birth, making it one of the best thing to do.

Enjoy Watching Whales at Samana-bay
Enjoy Watching Whales at Samana-bay / Image Credit:

The key starting point for Whale Watching trips is the city of Samana on the Samaná Peninsula. The city itself has nothing else to bring visitors, but since the whales are such a popular tourist attraction, several companies offer day trips here from different locations across the island.

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Bahia de Las Aguila – Paradise for Beach Lovers

The isolated Bahia de Las Aguillas in Jaragua National Park is a beautiful 8km stretch of beach that you could have all to yourself on any given day. This beach is one of the most pristine in the Dominican Republic, thanks to its clean, smooth, calm water and white sand bottom, as well as a distinct lack of tourism and growth.

Bahia-De-Las Aguilas / Image Credit:

You won’t find luxury resorts, but you will find tranquillity, isolation from the hustle of life and bizarre experiences if you visit here.

Visit Isla Saona and Parque Nacional de Este

Parque Nacional del Este is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Dominican Republic. It is a tranquil haven for nature lovers as countless plants, animals, and birds surrounds the travellers and most people are familiar with the park’s Isla Saona beaches.

Parque Nacional de Este / Image credit:

This island is a popular day-trip destination for visitors from Punta Cana and La Romana, two nearby resort destinations. To get to the beaches, take a speedboat and chill in lounge chairs while soaking up the heat.

Perform all Adventure Activities at Jarabacoa

While many Dominican vacationers think of Jarabacoa as a summer retreat, foreign tourists see it as an outdoor adventure playground in the Dominican Republic’s interior mountains. Rafting, camping, surfing, and other forms of exploration are all available nearby. The temperature is much milder than the coast at an elevation of over 500m, and nights are always cool.

Enjoy Paragliding at Jarabacoa
Enjoy Paragliding at Jarabacoa / Image Credit:

It’s worth going up to Jarabacoa if you’re staying in the country for more than a week or two. If you’re travelling between Santo Domingo and either Puerto Plata or Cabarete, this town is a nice place to stay for a couple of nights.

Outdoor Adventures in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an extreme-sport mecca for those who love adventure.
Canyoning, water rappelling, jumping, climbing and swimming are some water sport which tourist can perform here. For an adrenaline-pumping encounter try river rafting at The Río Yaque river in Jarabacoa. Go hiking at Pico Duarte and get panoramic views from the highest peak in the Caribbean.

Concluding here but all the travellers willing to visiting a different destination of Caribbean then you should bookmark this one. Take time out and escape to the Dominican Republic as it offers something for everyone from idyllic beaches, ecotourism to ground levels to colonial city enchantment.

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