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Cuba – A Complete Holiday Destination of Caribbean Island


What makes a travel destination popular, its beaches, its colourful streets, posh pubs, historic landmarks, restaurants, seaside resorts right and good food right??? All these travel benefits and specialities are difficult to find at one destination. But the Caribbean Islands and their countries are worth visiting. One Caribbean nation is the dream destination of many travellers in Cuba. Yes, you heard right!! But what makes it so popular let us discover here.

A Quick Insight of Cuba

This beautiful Caribbean nation basically is renowned for Cigars and classic blue cars giving travellers vintage vibes, pebbled white coastal beaches loaded with palm trees and stunning historic landmarks, Cuban dance, specially prepared sugarcane rum making it a popular destination.

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Apart from sandy beaches, all those travellers who are also looking for some cultural experiences and want to see amazing street art, Cuba won’t disappoint you. It is also home to the historic city of Havana and many other noteworthy colonial cities with impressive architecture.

Also, its natural beauty featuring vibrant coral reefs, turquoise waters, lush valleys, and majestic mountains, cool ambience with vibrant night scenes leave visitors spellbound. Many other things make Cuba a fascinating destination for tourists.

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Let’s discovers some of its popular things to do in the next segment-

Visit Old Havana For Colorful Buildings

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Havana represents the historic heart of Cuba’s capital city. This is where you’ll find the beautiful Plaza de Armas, Havana’s oldest square. It features a statue of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, as well as the Palacio de Los Condes de Santovenia. Also known as the Habana Vieja, this city offers vintage charm with ancient buildings and bustling streets.

Havana City
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With colourful, picturesque blocks, you can often sit side by side with shabby buildings. Hire an old car and take your friends out with them while enjoying salsa music. When bars get clouded with smoke and drinks keep flowing, make sure to visit at night as well.

Watch Beautiful Sunset at El Malecon

Puerto Vallarta’s promenade is also known as El Malecon. This destination is known for its places for sightseeing, cafes, restaurants, galleries, and performers. The mile-long stretch, overlooking the Bay of Banderas, provides scenic views throughout the day. And the waterfront nightclubs and music venues open their doors to party-seeking locals and tourists throughout the evening.

Enjoy sunset at El Malecon Cuba
Enjoy sunset at El Malecon Cuba / Image Credit:

El Malecon, a restored walkway originally designed in the early 1900s.  The broad path and highway are 8 km long along the northern coast of Havana. It has become a picturesque location, a common backdrop for photographs taken by both locals and tourists, especially at sunset, so enjoy it to the fullest.

Visit the Preserved City of Trinidad

Trinidad is the most preserved city, a charming destination of Cuba and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautifully intact city exhibits colonial Cuba at its finest, showcasing unique architectural features influenced by Spanish, cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and live music.

Trinidad Cuba
Trinidad Cuba / Image Credit:

Its neo-baroque main square, Plaza Mayor, is considered one of the best colonial buildings. The Museo Romántico, in the restored Palacio Brunet mansion, and the Museo de Arquitectura Colonial exhibit artefacts from the sugar-producing period of the region. However, apart from Heritage, this town is known for Cigars.

Relax at the Beach Resorts of Varadero

Set on the peninsula of Hicacos, Varadero is a hot spot for visitors. In Cuba, there are a few more pretty places to kick back and Varadero is one of them. Varadero appeals to those with a taste for luxury and stunning beaches, a relaxing stomping spot for the likes of Al Capone.

Varadero Beach Cuba
Varadero Beach Cuba / Image Credit:

It has also been declared the largest resort in the Caribbean, with numerous hotels and enough shops, restaurants and activities to keep even the most energetic traveller busy.

Watch Gorgeous Architecture in Camaguey

Those who love watching the culture and architectural brilliance on the same spot, they must-visit Camaguey. Camaguey is the third-largest city in Cuba. Here you will find architecture influenced by Spanish, African, French, and Haitian cultures into one perfectly merged city.

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This buzzing city is the most exciting and lively metropolis on the island, after Havana. Among the winding streets and secret plazas of Camaguey, it’s easy to get lost, each offering tourists a pleasing palette of pastel-coloured houses, medieval churches, and funky restaurants worth photographing.

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Chill on the Beaches of Playa Megano & Guardalavaca

Playa Megano and Guardalavaca belong to the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, lying on the tiny off-shoot island of the anarchy of Cayo Ensea. You’ll find white sugar sand, sparkling turquoise water, and tropical palm trees waiting to give the hot sun a respite.

Enjoy on the Beaches of Cuba
Enjoy on the Beaches of Cuba / Image credit:

This beach and its neighbour, Playa Ensenachos, both offer shallow waters that stretch for hundreds of feet, making them the ideal place to visit while travelling with children. Green hills will lure all tourist, and this seaside paradise boasts everything from a beach holiday they will dream of, a cool breeze and waving palm trees.

Hike Verdant Countryside around Vinales

The beauty of Vinales is so captivating that it tickles the breath of many travellers. The town is tiny, but the landscape is the real reason you’ll want to make the trek. The laid-back countryside is peppered with farmers behind them rise impressive limestone mountains reaching towards a never-ending sky.

Vinales, Cuba
Vinales Cuba / Image Credit:

The gorgeous Vinales Valley is encircled by mountains and sprinkled with dramatic rock formations, making for unbeatable cycling and hiking routes. With limestone caves and brimming fields at every turn, there’s plenty to explore. Visit Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas for Cuba’s largest cave system, Mural de la Prehistoria for a bizarre mural painted on the side of the Mogote Pita.

Taste Cigars & Rum at Santiago de Cuba

Ok travellers, I think who have seen how diverse Cuba is in terms of architecture, ancient history, beaches and cherished wall art. Now it is the time to enjoy the nightlife of the country and losing yourself by sipping delicious rum prepared from sugar canes. All this is found in one town of Cuba and that is Santiago de Cuba. As we have mentioned in the beginning that Cuba is also popular for the remarkable production of Cigars, so don’t wait to have one and later enter the clubs for parting at Santiago. This is the second-largest city of Cuba and offers vibrant musical performances as well as delicious restaurants and eclectic shops.

Enjoy Cigar Music Life at Cuba / Image Credit:

Don’t forget to visit Santiago de Cuba’s magnificent Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, the largest fortress built on a rocky headland called El Morro. It consists of a variety of strongholds, forts and batteries. It stands today as an unbelievably preserved example of the Spanish-American military architecture school.

Concluding here, but I think all the popular things mentioned above are sufficient to trigger your travel bug right? Cuba is a complete package in itself and for all those travellers who are looking for all in one tour. So gear up your shoes and plan your itinerary for Cuba

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