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Explore Argentina’s Wine Capital – Mendoza


A few days back when I wrote about Argentina, I had already listed the place into my travel bucket list. Argentina unarguably is one of the best place for the traveler in you. With places with historical significance, fascinating sightseeing and fabulous food to gorge in, the place is a perfect travel spot.

Today at India Imagine we are yet again looking at one of the fascinating Argentinean city Mendoza.

Mendoza is an Argentinean city located in the Cuyo region. The place is full of greenery, deco art buildings and vineyards spread across the countryside. Mendoza can be reached from Buenos Aires within a 2-hour flight journey. The city can be toured even if you have only 2 days to spare in this city. To make things easy, we will chalk out a list of ten places and things to do when you are in Mendoza.

Top places to visit and things to do in Mendoza

Visit Cerro de la Gloria and pay tribute to the Army.

Cerro de la Gloria
Cerro de la Gloria / Image credit:

First inaugurated in the year 1914, the Cerro de la Gloria is a small mount located in Mendoza. On the top is the huge memorial monument in tribute to the Andes Army. People go to visit the place to get a glimpse of the memorial of the martyrs who fought for the Freedom of Republic.

Know the history – Area fundacional

It is a local museum that showcases the history and memories of the city Mendoza. In a nutshell, you will get to know more of the place its past and what it dealt with in a maximum two hours tour across the Museum. There are several local and modern art of the place displayed for the visitors.

Watch the water show at Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia
Water Show at Plaza Independencia / Image credit:

Frankly speaking, people come here to sit and relax. The plaza is situated in the heart of the city and confides a vast green space. The streets are filled with street vendors, shops, musicians and artists to entertain you throughout the stay. At the end of the day, by the night light people enjoy the fountain waterfall and water shows.

Make arrangements to experience the Annual Grape Harvest Festival

Annual Grape Harvest Festival, Mendoza
Annual Grape Harvest Festival, Mendoza / Image credit:

The Annual Grape Harvest Festival falls in between February and March. The festival first began in 1936, and then it was never looking back. Now the festival consists of grand theatre performances, musical grandeur, pageantry and folklore. There will be a crowd of thousands coming to attend the ten-day festival from various parts of the country. Hope you get your chance too.

Enjoy the vineyard and sip the wine

Vineyard Mendoza
Vineyard Mendoza / Image credit:

Though this itinerary should be first in the to-do list, we list it here because inevitably those who visit Mendoza are bond to explore the vineyard no matter what. However, there are few tips to make the best tour around the vineyard. First, plan a day or two to stay there. Well, you need not to worry about, you can find several guesthouses and homestay comfortable for your stay! Make yourself free to taste as much as the flavor of wine you can. Try not to overdo as you are on your trip!

Outdoor trips closer to nature

Mendoza has a beautiful vast natural landscape, mountains and rivers. Thus the place has some fabulous outdoor activities for the tourists and locals alike.

Horse ride through the mountains of Mendoza

Book a tour on a horseback ride through the valleys, vineyards and mountains to get a perfect view of the place. There will be a person to guide you throughout the ride with fascinating stories of the terrains and locals folklore.

Catch your breath and enjoy paragliding

Paragliding, Mendoza
Paragliding, Mendoza / Image credit:

Imagine paragliding above the mountains of Mendoza and experiencing a breathtaking sight of Mendoza from above the height if 1700 meters. A professional guide will be strapped along with you to make your ride safe.

Take a bike and tour the wilderness of Mendoza

Bike tour, Mendoza
Bike tour, Mendoza / Image credit:

Biking is one of the popular activities of tourists and locals. It is fun, reliable and entertaining to ride a bike in groups and visit places. Though, there are buses to take you through the vineyard but ride a bike experience will be out of the box and unconventional.

Water rafting for an adrenaline thrill

Water rafting, Mendoza
Water rafting, Mendoza / Image credit:

Who doesn’t love to raft through the gushing waters and experiment once a lifetime experience? Tourists who ought for outdoor activities never miss going for rafting across the rivers of Mendoza. Try to book your slot with the best professional out there and stay close to the do’s and don’ts to enjoy adventure uneventfully.

Now that we have done with sightseeing and outdoor fun, let’s get into what we call “the soothing of the soul”. Yes, you got it right! Eating out and shopping!

For a foodie, there will be no place like Argentina. Mendoza ensures some best pizza for a junk lover and a perfectly grilled steak for meat lovers. Go for some jumbo salad and enjoy green on your plate. And for shopping, buy a bottle of olive that is popular in that region and a bottle of untouched wine for sure.

Argentina is a dream place for every traveler. Food, wine, and football are three major attractions apart from sightseeing and outdoor adventures. On your trip to Argentina don’t miss the Wine Capital of Argentina!

Bon Voyage!

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