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The Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Louisiana in 2021


The last year was not so special in terms of tourism and travel due to the pandemic situations going through all over the world but the New Year has come with some new opportunities. The tourism is now gaining pace slowly and a tour to Louisiana is a perfect place to start the journey of your new travel. So your first question be why Louisiana? To answer your question, Louisiana is a place which consists of multiple spots and vivid sense of culture packed with a new fresh look.

The Louisiana is a state which lies in the Southern section of the United States. One of the USP of the state of Louisiana is that it is covered from all four directions. In the East, it is bordered with the State Mississippi, Texas State from the West, the Gulf of Mexico from the South and Arkansas State from the North. Out of 50 states in the U.S., the Louisiana stands 25th in the list of most populous states of U.S. The capital city is Baton Rouge but the most populous state is the New Orleans. Many visitors first choice of destination is the state of New Orleans because of its historical importance and architectural work.

Here are some of the most beautiful places which you can consider visiting in Louisiana:

New Orleans

The first destination to start of your journey should be the New Orleans. Even tough, not the capital city but the attention it gets from visitors from all over the world is magnificent. The state is famous for its mixed culture and peoples of various ethnicities. If you are on a tour to this state, then you might just have got my point. You can easily find the difference between the local people, as they are from different countries likes France, Africa, Europe, etc. Their vivid culture and art of living make this state a perfect place for tourism.

New Orleans
Artist performing on streets / Image credit:

The New Orleans lies on the Mississippi River which is present near the Gulf of Mexico. The city is also famous for its nightlife, different music concerts. Many bands and artist from all over the world visit here to make a strong presence on the people of this state. The primary reason why these live music concerts are famous here is because of its vivid culture and music. The majority of local people and tourists are having different ethnicity which allows bands and music concerts to play all sorts of music which brings unity and immense popularity in its tourism.

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Houma City

The Houma city is famous for its beautiful viewpoints. Tourists love to visit this place as it provides a blissful feeling, a proper mixture of fresh air, water, greenery and beautiful land makes this place a worth destination to visit. The most famous activity is the swamp tour which allows you to explore the other side of nature with the mix of adventure. Even you can consider visiting the Bayou Terrebonne Water life Museum that deals in aquatic life.

Houma City
Sightseeing in swamp areas / Image credit:

Another famous adventure you can enjoy in the Houma City is the Geo Tours. Do you still miss the adventure and fun you used to have in your childhood, then don’t worry, by signing up for Geo Tour you will be living those days once again. The concept of Geo Tour is that you need to find out cache’s that are hidden in 50 odd locations of the Houma area. Just sign up for their program and start the unlimited fun of finding the necessary caches. There are even special prizes if you won the entire contest.

The National WWII Museum

If you are someone who has a weak history or doesn’t know the real records of the United States and their soldiers sacrifice for the nation then you must visit the National World War 2 Museum. This National WWII Museum is present in the state of New Orleans. The main purpose of this museum is to recreate those memories and incident that were happened in history. It also tells the entire history of America and its all battle. Inside the museum, there are different sections where all the sculptures, monuments, used weapons, machines and records are kept for public viewing.

The National WWII Museum
Visitors taking a glimpse of the museum / Image credit:

The design of this World War 2 museum is done in such a way that you will be getting all crucial information regarding the war and why it was fought, who won and what were the consequences. All this information is supplied in the museum which sits on a six-acre campus that consists of five historical sections, a restaurant and a dinner theatre for tourist.

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Avery Island

The Avery Island is a combination of beautiful greenery and lots of salt dome. The entire island is covered with bayou; it is a water type body which floats around the island. The nature of this water body is muddy and very slow in its nature. You will see the huge dome of rock salts, which are naturally formed, and Tabasco sauce of it and also the prime attraction of this island. This island is spread in 2,200 acres and according to research; the birth of the island is due to the deposit of sediment in nearby areas.

Avery Island
Tabasco factory / Image credit:

The Avery Island also consists of a Tabasco factory. This factory is always packed with tourists as visitors are quite excited to see the production of Tabasco Sauce.  However, this island is also home to a bird sanctuary and a botanical garden. Exploring all such locations will definitely be a great activity to enjoy in Avery Island.

For a great destination like Louisiana, it is necessary to make a plan of about seven to ten days. Yes, the state has lots of beautiful places which can’t be covered in two to four days. So, a good ten-day tour to Louisiana will surely do justice to your vacation.

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