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Top Eight Places Across The Globe Famous For Art And Culture


Writing about art, culture, monuments, palaces, temples, cathedral, mosques gives me immense pleasure. The reason is that they are all connected to one of the most fascinating things in the world- And that’s history!
Long back while watching a Hollywood flick I came across this beautiful dialogue by our protagonist, “You are a walking dead if you don’t know the history of your land“. How true is that!!

Today, we will be looking at the cities, places that are rich in culture, art and tradition. And the same is reflected in form of magnificent structures and buildings. Carved out of long years of hard work and dedication, these buildings and structures symbolize the essence of the place. The travel enthusiasts have a story defined while visiting the places.

Some places that are predominantly known for art and culture!

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul / Image Credit:

I was always mesmerized by Istanbul. Well, I haven’t visited the place yet, but some Hollywood movies as captured the essence of the place like never before. The prayer calling from the giant mosques, the coffee streets and the aroma of the lip-smacking food. But that is not all that makes Istanbul the most lived tourist place. It is the tradition and the culture of the place and the giant monuments that depict the same. The art of the place pav ways to old Roman looks and streets that allow a contemporary art. It is a fine place for art lovers and wanderlust.

Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem / Image Credit:

Another place that grabs a place in my bucket list. Jerusalem has all that I want. A history that dates to the 2nd millennium BC. A place where Jesus Christ was born. A place that has some deep-rooted history on this earth. A place where Judaism and Jewish existed way back then we could imagine. All this above reflects on the architecture, art and traditions of the land. The age-old chapels and cathedral are eye-catchy and breathtakingly mesmerizing. So, when we talk about places well known for art and culture, Jerusalem is a must-visit place.

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Rome, Italy

Rome / Image Credit:

No land is like Rome! If you are a travel enthusiast in love of history, Rome is your dreamland. What could be more fascinating than the history of Rome and the Roman empire? And when it is Rome, you need not talk particularly about art or the splendid architecture. The land itself is absorbed by extraordinary architectural explorations and art that are deeply rooted in its history. The Colosseum is one fine example that requires no special introduction!!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna / Image Credit:

Vienna is a land that gave birth to legends like Mozart, Beethoven and Mahler. The land has some hundred typical odd museums and architectural explorations for a tourist. The place is a hub for art and culture and precariously it is spread across the cities. The magnificent opera house and theaters add subsequently to all the fascinating art and traditions.

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona / Image Credit:

The name itself lures travel enthusiasts to think about visiting the place. Barcelona is full of energy, beauty and art! Without any doubt, Spain is the world’s best. The art that has fascinated millions across the world mostly comes from Spain. If you love the work of Salvador Dali, then you must know how Barcelona captures the soul of art lovers. The architecture of Barcelona stays altogether different. When I say different, imagine the streets absorbed by Antoni Gaudì’s architecture. Now you can assume what I meant!

Athens, Greece

Athens / Image Credit:

Athens is named after Athena, the goddess worshiped for knowledge. Now you know why I am fascinated by this Greek city. This city is of absolute beauty, not only in terms of architectural design but also of the old fables connected to it. Athens can be called the land of God and Goddess. This city is quite serious about theaters and plays. The buildings, museums, theaters all have Neoclassical and Roman architecture. But now you can witness extraordinary modern forms erected on the land of Athens.

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Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan / Image Credit:

India was once and now a land of Rajas and Rani, Emperors and empresses. And as we know this land is a versatile culture and tradition to boast about. We have discussed most of the places in India in our previous articles. However, we will be looking particularly into Rajasthan, which is rich in culture, art and traditions. The massively large palace that stands proudly tells hundreds of stories of heroes and sheroes who fought their fight for freedom and legacy. Rajasthan indeed is the pride of India and will always remain though!

Florence, Italy

Florence / Image Credit:

It won’t be an exaggeration if we call Florence a brilliant Renaissance city. With art marked by the legendary hands of Michelangelo and Gucci. The quite well known are the museums that overlapped the entire collection of antiques and artifacts. They mainly collect the work of medieval artifacts. Each and every museum have a unique preference and beauty of its own.

Also, travel is soul-soothing and to travel across the world to get a glimpse of our world history is no less than magic. For me history and stories connected to my life. My heart lies in the story of how our ancestors lived and left the treasure of knowledge for us. It is our responsibility to visit them, preserve them and protect them! Till you plan your next destination, it a Bon Voyage from me!

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