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Jerusalem – Take a Tour of Holiest City in the World


You have read about how captivating Isreal and its cities are in our previous articles. Be it Tel Aviv – the cultural city or Jaffa – the gorgeous destination of Israel, Masada depicting the Ancient Israel and Jerusalem the Holiest city of Isreal as well of the world. In all the cities of Isreal which left its impressions worldwide through its culture and divine essence and brilliant architecture is Jerusalem!

Let’s cast some light on this holiest City and learn why you must pay a visit to Jerusalem!!

Explore Divinity & Architectural Brillance at Jerusalem

A visit to Jerusalem is a pilgrimage to one of the most sacred sites in the world. It is highly divine for Jews, Christians, and Muslims and possesses tremendous spiritual significance in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem was formerly settled by the Jebusite people, situated in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It has many historic sites remain well preserved, making it one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

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To experience the ancient and divine, head to the walled Old City; for modern architecture, make your way to Downtown Jerusalem. The Mount of Olives, where Jesus is believed to have mounted into heaven, is an especially important site for Christian pilgrims. It also offers spectacular views of Jerusalem. It would take a lifetime to see everything that Jerusalem offers.

Discover what makes this city so unique

Famous Attractions at Jerusalem

Jerusalem is an interesting place for those who love to know more about culture and history. Read on, to know some of the best places to visit in Jerusalem.

Haram Al-Sharif

Visit one of the holiest sanctuaries on earth and a place of deep significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims devotees across the world. It is a spot where Abraham offered his son to God and where Muslims also believe the Prophet Muhammad began his journey to heaven during his early years of preaching Islam.

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It is also known as the Temple Mount and situated in the Old City. When you enter Haram Al-Sharif you will witness with relics of Western Wall which is another site of tourist appeal in Jerusalem. There are Jewish temples on top of the hill, the Bible states, while Muslims believe it is the site of one of the three Holy Mosques. It is, thus, one of the world’s most disputed religious sites.

Western Wall

Western Wall or the Wailing Wall located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. It is an influential religious site of Jewish people. One might see people reciting prayers at the wall. People visit from all over the world, to attain peace.

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People can also write prayers and wishes to place the written wish in the cracks of the wall. Thousands of people come here in the Old City every year to recite prayers. The wall is divided into two sections, one area for males and the other for females. It is one of the major highlights in any tour of the Old City.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Jerusalem’s holiest site for Christian pilgrims is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Located in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem, this site holds special religious and historical significance as it is said that Jesus was crucified and his rebirth happened. Initially, this church was constructed in 335 A.D. but later got destroyed by 1009, and then this magnific church which lures travellers from worldwide is constructed by the 11th century.

Tomb of Jesus inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem / Image Credit:

The interior is a lavishly designed and shows a stunning piece of religious architecture. There are numerous holy artefacts, and numerous Christian sects own the quarters within the church. The main Highlight is the Aedicule/ Tomb of Jesus inside the church which worth your visit.

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Mount of Olives

Loaded with many churches, the Mount of Olives holds special appeal to religious travellers to Jerusalem, but even the non-devout can appreciate the spectacular Old City panoramas from the peak. This sacred hill is believed to be the place where God will begin rising the dead on Judgement Day. Church of the Ascension located on the top of the mount dates back to 1910 and is one of the best sights to behold at Jerusalem.

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The Virgin Mary’s Tomb is really the popular destination on the Mount of Olives. Walking down the slope, glimpse the Church of the Pater Noster. Next move towards the Gardens of Gethsemane and the Church of All Nations. After that, pay a visit to the Church of Dominus Flevit and the Russian Church of Mary Magdalene.

Via Dolorosa Street

For many Christian visitors, the Via Dolorosa is the major highlight to visit Jerusalem. Via Dolorosa is a route through the Old City of Jerusalem that is believed to be the path Jesus walked to his crucifixion. The route goes from Antonia Fortress to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which was established in the 18th century.

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The Via Dolorosa route is identified by the 14 stations of the Cross, many based on accounts of the Gospels and others in tradition. The walk starts in the Old City Muslim Quarter on Via Dolorosa Street and goes west via eight stations before you get to Holy Sepulcher Church, which has its ninth station where its last five stations are located.

Armenian Quarter

A tiny street on the old street, Armenian Quarter is the old city’s most peaceful and quaint corner to explore. Armenians have been part of Jerusalem’s community for centuries, The best place to take rest from the hectic tour as it never gets crowded.

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Within the narrow lanes St. James Cathedral and St. Mark’s Chapel is located. You can visit these churches and have a peaceful time. This is the Old City’s most tranquil corner to explore and a good place to wander if the press of pilgrims gets too much.

Mount Zion

Mount Zion is a hill situated adjacent to the Old City’s Zion Gate and houses many Jewish and Muslim shrines and many churches. This is a highly revered site as here Jesus Christ celebrated his last birthday thus holding cultural and religious importance.

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This place is also considered to be King David’s Tomb. Mount Zion Cemetery is the largest in the world. From the cemetery, you can have a mesmerizing view of the whole city. The Dormition is another highlight of Mount Zion.

Kidron Valley

The Kidron Valley is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Jerusalem between Mount Olives and Mount Zion. For both Muslims and Jews, it’s an incredibly holy place and it is considered that the last verdict is going to take place.

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There are signs of human life dating back 4000 years from archaeologists and historians. It’s a great place for history buffs as well as for religious tourists.

Food & Shopping at Jerusalem

With over 250 vendors selling everything from fruit and vegetables to speciality foods, and clothes to Judaica, the Machane Yehuda Market or Shuk is the largest market in Jerusalem.

Baked Doughnuts for Hanukkah in Mahane Yehuda Market / Image Credit:

The market is Jerusalem’s largest traditional marketplace and must be part of every trip to Jerusalem. Muslim Quarters and the street is another popular spot form shopping at Jerusalem. There you can savour Baked Doughnuts for Hanukka. Moreover, Sabich, Jerusalem mixed grill, Shakshouka, Rugelach, Sufganiyah, Khubz Muluwah, Kanafeh, Falafel, Taboon bread, Pita, Hummus and Turkish Coffee are quite popular foods in Jerusalem.

Besides all these attractions, you can also pay a visit to the Church of Nativity, The Israel Museum which is the world’s leading encyclopedic museums, The Jewish Quarters, City and Tower of David.

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