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Visit Vienna, The City Of Dreams From Austria


Vienna is the capital of Austria, one of the most sought countries in the world. The city is beautiful in an artistic way and different in an intellectual way. And that makes the place our today’s topic.

Let’s check out at India Imagine the prominent reasons that usher you to visit Vienna

A captivating history of the city

Historical city Vienna
Historical city Vienna / Image credit:

The history of Vienna is rich, both culturally and intellectually. The city was ruled by the powerful Roman Emperors who cultivated the land to one of the prominent trading centers of the 11th century. The Roman settlement of Vienna was called Vindobona. The history and culture of the city have left a great impact on the people and the entire cities look and structure.

Places and landmark that signifies the beauty of Viennese culture

Vienna City Hall (Rathaus)

The Vienna City Hall is the center for main political and economical activities. The building occupies an area of 14000 sqm. The building stands tall with a tower that is 98 meters in height.

Vienna City Hall
Vienna City Hall / Image credit:

Tourists visit the place often to get a glimpse of this majestic building and click some fabulous pictures to capture the memories. Inside the hall is a feast of architectural and interior talent by well-known architects of that era.

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Museum of Military History

Before going any further don’t forget to book your entire to one of the proudest landmarks of the city Vienna. The Museum of Military History is a perfect place to learn about the incredible past and history of the country.

Military History Museum Vienna
Military History Museum Vienna / Image credit:

There are remarkable collections of weapons and other items used in war by the military. The building itself is worth a visit, such as architectural design and style. One can easily get into the place as this Museum is one of the well-known landmarks in the city.

Natural History Museum

Come and visit the Natural History Museum along with your family particularly kids. The star of the museum is the giant Dinosaur Hall. The museum exhibits the traces from the origin of human of the prehistoric era.

Natural History Museum Vienna
Natural History Museum Vienna / Image credit:

The Museum is also occupied by a wonderful digital planetarium for the tourist ad the visitors. Still not convinced? The Museum consists of a meteorite that once fell from Mars! Tourists if are willing to stay longer can opt for various fun workshops.

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Hundertwasser, Austria
Hundertwasser, Austria / Image credit:

Hundertwasserhaus is a must-visit place particularly if you are crazy for photography. The buildings are well-known human friendly and a perfect combination of nature and ego friendly. The best part is that the residents of the building are mostly artistic or intellectuals. You can understand why just by looking at the beautifully maintained brightly colored complex.

The Imperial Crypt / The Capuchin Church

The city’s Capuchin Church or read it Kapuzinerkirche is royally popular among the tourists. The vault inside the church is a spectacular one with more than 143 royal members of the Habsburg family. The interior of the place is well carved with sculptures and chambers of that of angels and crowns. Visit the place for sure to learn the exceptional rule of the royal family belonging to Vienna.

The Donauturm

The Donauturm or the double tower of Vienna is undoubtedly the tallest structure in Austria. This 20th-century tower is the main landmark of the city and the most visited place among the wanderlusts. The tower stands 252 meters tall and was a telecommunication tower in the beginning.

Donauturm / Image credit:

Here comes the best part, there is an elevator to take you to the top of the tower. There you can either opt for watching incredibly breathtaking views or dine at the restaurant or do both!

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The Austrian Parliament Building

Austria Parliament Building
Austria Parliament Building / Image credit:

The parliament building here was built in the year 1883. The building is one of the finest architectural epitome with more than 17 famous and well known personal statues carved out of marble. Go outdoor and there is a marvelous statue decorated with a helmet and lance that is seated on the pumping water from the fountain.


Burgtheater / Image credit:

People here are art lovers, with Mozart and Beethoven and Sigmund Freud as a resident of the city in the past, we have no doubt! And if you want to be a part of their art and music visit the Burgtheater, the National theatre if Vienna. Apart from the extraordinary performances, you can also look at the phenomenal exterior and interiors of the building.

Austria is a land of artists, intellectuals, and great leaders who ruled once. Vienna is a great example of that. The very thing is reflected in every nook and corner of the city. But how would you know before you visit? Plan a trip to Vienna and experience the wonder.

Bon Voyage!!

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